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Transcript of The Glenville · PDF fileThe Glenville Mercury l'ol .\XXI.\ Nov. 7 ... cessful tour than m...

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    The Glenville Mercury l'ol .\XXI.\ Nov. 7

    "And now, my dear Baron ... ". says Ken Coleman as be portrays tbe President m the " Madwoman of Cbatllot" . Mtke Ireland., Broker . G:uy Farnsworth, Prospector. Al Rauch, Baron. look on.

    Annual Sadie Hawkins Day Observed Here Next Week

    By Dani el Gooding Hey, y'all, they's a-comin' back again ' 1 Them Skragges

    and Yokems and the whole dumed Dog-Patch gang is a-headin' our way. I heared tell that they's arrivin ' on Fnday the seven-teenth or November and is plannin' to stay for the hole blamed weekend.

    His ma1esrie. the mayor or Dog Patch. bas decl aired in an O-rric1al proCilmation that Saturday afternoJn Nov. eighteenth will be observed as open season on men folk fn these here parts.

    Yes s~tee . the anual man-chase is a-gonna be held on the Verona Mapel L awn commencin at 1.30 p.m .. and all gals nustrated or otherwise, 1s urged to come on up and run 'em down a man. Mamn' Sam (Emil Hoffman) will be on hand to hitch ya' up legal and proper l ike. Then yo' kin break an egg over his hai d to seal the bargin an' you'll g1t an O-fficial Dog-patch marrige l iscense too!

    oak Recital

    Slated For November12

    Karen Yoak, a mus1c maJor at GlenVJlle State College, will present her sentor vo1ce recital '" the Adrum strauon Bulldmg Audltonum at 8 00 on the even-mg of Sunday, Nov. 12

    Miss Yoak 1s a member or Theta Xi Chapter of Delta Zeta Soront.y, the GSC Chapter of the Music Educator's National Con-ference, the Glenville State tounng and concert chon s, the Ptoneer Marchmg Band, the CSC tounn~: and concert bands, the

    What's more, they's agonna be mJre'n weddm's go1n' on. Fer such a restive occas1on they 's been planned all sorts of excnmeent...a tobacco spltt-m ' con test, a greased ptg chase, a tum1p eatm' contest, a greas-ed pole climb, a c1gar smoktn' contest, an apple bob, wheel borrow and three l egged races, a tug-o-war, an' the opportunity to thro a p1e at a Theta X1 .

    Pertm'eer the hole population or Dog Patch 1s a cummm '. The three Scragg brothers (John Lough, J1m Sprague, and Micky Hartley) ' II be thar roll ered by Tmy T1m (Jerry Trembush). Eagle Eye Fleegle (John Hays); Mammy'n Pappy Yokum (John and Clona Cox); Hoperul (Betty James); Hauless Joe (Dave 'Grub" Stephens}, Lonesome Polecat ( Tom Harold) , The three Skunk Holler boys (Joe Badgley. Greg Boso, Charles Wentz). Edd1e R1cketyback ( Bob Cooper) and Bull Moose (Dan Kell1son).

    L l ' l Abner 'n Daisy Mae are a-gonna be selected in a campus wide election. The votin ' will be a-takin ' place In the Student Uni on at a penny a vote, an' everybody in these hya: parts is urged to get out and uphold thei r candi dates.

    F'nday ni te rrom 9 to 12 Dog Patch M1x is a-gonna be held 10 the Pioneer Center Ballroom an' ull g1t y 'all 111 the mood for tha giL- together Saturday.

    Instrumental Group Forms Aud1t10ns for the 45-piece

    Wind Ensemble w1ll begm on Monday, Nov. 13, in the music department . Th1s group is the oCic1al tounng organizatton for the college's mstrumental en sembles.

    "Plans ror this year's tour are sttll incomplete, but all mdica-uons po1nt to an even more suc-cessful tour than m previous years," says director Ronal d Ross. ''You m1y recall that the Wind Ensemble was on tour dunng the March 6 Oood and was forced to abandon ship a couple of times."

    Tour dates tb1s year are T hurs-day , F'nday, and Sawrday, Feb. 29-March 2. There are a few vacancies tn the assignments for Wtnd Ensemble. Any student

    Wednesday. November 8. 1967

    'Mad Woman' Cast Sets Presentation

    "No, no, nol Let's go over that part one more time," de mands Mr. Stewart Beach .

    Sue Steen, freshman, w1ll ap-pear as Madame Constance. Mtss Steen is also from Wil-

    of liamstown. Mr. Beach, mstructor

    speech, IS the director of Lhe Madwoman Ga~rieUe will be Clenv1lle State College produc- portrayed by Betsy McCoy, tton or the "Madwoman of Chail sophomore from B n nsville, who ~~~ 'ac~~1 e1 s r:~:e~~le~o~~d~o~~ graduated from Buckhannon-Up-IS, 16, 17 m the Auditorium at shur Hi gh School.

    8 00 p.m. Wntten by Jean Caaudoux, the

    play 1s a saure or the var1ous elements of our soc1ety, pnmari l y the b1g Lusmess corruptmg the litt le people.

    K athryn Cas to, a sophomore from Ravenswood, will appear as the Madwoman of Cbaillot, Countess Aurelia. Miss Cas to was in t be All -St ate Dramn Cast two consecutive years in high school , and was a member of t he Thespians , a dramatics soci ety. Thi s is ber first part in college dramatics.

    Other Madwomen, Josephine, Constance, and Cabnlle, will be portrayed by Sally Nelson, Sue Steen, and Betsy McCoy, re specttvely.

    Joesphme w1ll be portrayed by Sally Nelson, senior, Sally has paruc1pated m many college producuons here, and also partiCipated in the In ter-Colle-giate Speech and Drama Festi val. Mtss Nelson 1s from W1l-l1amstown.

    on campus, whether presently 10 the band or not, is eligible to audition for one of the chairs. The college can provide instru-ments 10 many cases, but in-terested persons should check with Mr. Ross immediately. Wind Ensemble directors are Mr. Ross and Mr. Edward Vineyard.

    Kenneth Coleman , sophomore, will play the Prestdent tn the play. Ken IS a graduate of Wil ltamstown 1-llgh School. He ap-peared last year as the Young Monk tn the CSC production of B ecket.

    Appeanng as the Prospector will be Cary Farnsworth, JUnior. Farnsworth 19 uom Parkersburg. He appeared last year in the the role or Becket.

    Mr. AI Rauch, i nstructor of English , wlll play the part of the Baron. Mr. Rauch bas appeared tn the Fan tast1cks and Becket, presented last year.

    The Ragpicker will be por-trayed by rreshman Tra va Vogel. Trava played several roles 10 plays at St. Marys High School , from which she graduated.

    Other members or the cast in-c lude Waitress, Mary Wolfe; L i tUe Man, L a!ie L ynn Marks ; Tl:i,erese, Kathy Roten; Sreet Singer, Mary Stone; F lower Gi rJ, T wila Cline Whi te; Paul -ett e, P at sy Herol d; Dea f-Mute, Gary Hollandsworth ; Irma, Sharon E rwi n ; Shoelace Pedd-ler, Fran P erko; Broker , Mike ireland; Cl own, Chris Carlson; Dr. Jadin, Bill L ewi s; Dootman, Charles Jeffries; Policeman, Dave L ough; P ierre, R ichard Dawson; Sergeant, John Ditlow; Sewer M1n , Bill Bl aine.

    (Con t mued on Page Three) Arter the smoke's cl eared from

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    Page Two

    'Bridge, Anyone?' Dear Ed1 tor

    With a. great deal of fear m my heart, I would like to under take the the task of cntlCJzing a recent l etter that appeared m the Mercury , " Monk Defends Ltbrary".

    F~rst , I would like to day that I am sure we have a very eff1cen t English department From the looks of Monk 's letter, ItS no wonder Dr. Miller has troubl e With umnterested s tudents m reqmred English courses. I am refernng to the sentence fragments that appeared in thi s c rJtlClsm. not to menuon the misspelling of "crannys" for "crannies." I too have spellmg problems, but dJ CtJonaries are punt ed for thiS purpose. Monk should vastted the Ltbrary 1

    .Second, Mr. Carls on does deserve a great deal or credi t for the trans formation that h as taken place in the library, but what o f Mr. Shaffer? I t seems, H I remember right , t hat he was respon s ible for the initia l plans and for securing the initial money for the new li-brary.

    Next. I would ltke to pomt out ano th er 1nconststency wllhtn our library. Some say that 1f you know certa1n peopl e employed there , you can have matenal xeroxed for nothmg. I wonder tf tht s 1s true? If It ts, I must not know the nght people. Now, I must agree that the library t s modern and comfortable and a good place to swdy when you can fmd r ecent penodtca ls to use. and that a qu1et atomosphere pre va1ls.

    Once when we were in the old library, I saw a girl take a maga-zine from the library with the knowledge of the person then on duty . This surely would not be happening i n the new library -would it? Maybe it would not be such a bad idea to h ave a policeman stand by the door to search us when we leave; at leas t we might be able to have mat erial to work with when we need it. Maybe we could use him in th e nooks and "crannies " to supervise our personal conduct, too, But I doubt that one would be enough to control t he " passion pit.'.

    To complete my cntlc1sm, I thmk that a set or rules should be posted. along wtth a list or fmes charged, and that all persons should ab1de by them I mtstakenly took a reference book from the library to study, thmk1ng that all that was requaed was that I have 1 t back wtthm two hours. I was wrong. as well as bemg two mtnu tes late 10 r eturmng tt (who could tell what time It was lhe way the clocks were?) and I was fm ed 25 or 30 cents. The fm e was nothmg, but I was embarrassed by the bluntness or those who worked at the c1rculauon desk.

    I tlunk that any student has the ngh t to complam when h1s grades are withhel d due to the m1 stake of someone el se, espectally when he has done all w1thm h1s power tocorrect h1s error

    Finally , let me say that our books are poorly shelved, or, per-haps, poorly reshel ved. Do we not have enough employees in our new building to do something about this? Or are they busy doi ng somethin g el se? Err---B ridge anyone?

    W M O'Dell Second F1eld L1 brary Sc1ence

    P S May I al so say that I feel tha t the student body has been "had" 1n reference to our yearbooks. Perhaps I was miSJOformed or unm-formed, but I was under the 1mpresston that when w e voted to pay for the yearbooks m our reg1strat10n fee that thiS mcluded our p1ct ure also. Well , I was sadly m1sta.ken. I d1d not have the two dollars to pay for my picture at that ume so I guess I will have to hand copi es out to all students rece1vmg