Welcome .- High School-Musicians! The Glenville .- High School-Musicians! . The Glenville Mercury...

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Transcript of Welcome .- High School-Musicians! The Glenville .- High School-Musicians! . The Glenville Mercury...

  • Welcome .- High School- Musicians! .

    The Glenville Mercury Student Newspaper GLENVILLE STATE COLLEGE Published Weeklll

    Volume XXIII. No. 21. Glen,iIIe College, Glenville. W. Va., Wednesday, April 2:1, 1952 Ten Cents Copy

    Eugene Hall 'Is Latest Council Prexie Nominee

    New List Of Candidates Is * Announced; Four Decline Presidential Nomination

    Ten Bands to Compete In Regional Festival 'Spr.ongCnncert* 500 HIGH SCHOOL MUSICIANS TO BE

    By ~lARLENE DOTSON Joe Rlddel , junior t ram Grants-

    ville. and Eugene Hall , junior (rom Parkersburg are Ute new selection5 ot the student councU nominating COmmtttee and the ::.tudent body a.:i candldat~ (or president of next


    year's studen t council. Other latest :,elections include:

    Vice-president., Carlton Gandee and Hobart. Childers; secretary, Loretta pOling, Ruby Cromwell, and Clarence Maze: trea:,urer . Nancy HarriS, Marvin Stewart, Wilham Waldeck, and Lonnie Miller; ser-eeant-at-arms, Bob Huftman and Robert Milligan.

    Is Presented IBy Local MENC

    College Band, Orchestra, Choir, Quartet, Solos Are Program's Features

    By WINONA HALL "A Concert for Spring" was pre-

    sented by M. E. N. C. St.udent Chapter 284 of Glenville State col-

    I lge Wednesday. APril. 9, 8: 15 p. m In the college audit.onum.

    I Numbers rendered. by the COlieg."

    committee members include: Oori:. President Harry 8. Heflin band were Semper FldeUs, Pav-

    ~:~:~. ~Ct>,:r~LIIl~O!~i~e. pr~;:;~ ------------, ~~~epa~~o~y of Spam, and Amen-

    These nOminations were an-nounced by the nominating com-mittee appointed by student coun-cil president, Brent A_ Cool. The

    Qor Stanley Hall, ~tudent cowlcil merCUr11 I Prof. Bertha E. Olsen played the adviser. ., I usan solos Jesu-Joy of Man's De-

    Others who were nominated fa: ::,inng, Easter Morning on Mt.. Rudl-president, but declined.. were; Bill mUslnqs ~oux, and par'aphr:ase on the Ea:>t-Hanlin , Carlton Gandee, Frank I er Hymn "St. Kevm". Fultineer, and William Boram. Bv BILL BORAl\t The orchestra pre~ented March

    Election for student council of- of the Meisten>mger~, Romeo and ricers will be held in the student President Harry B. Heflin was one Juhet, and Show Boat. union Tu~ay. AprU 29. from 1 to of four local re!>idents who attend- Vocal selections by prof.. Harold

    ~O~Otr~~ ~. ~nl~ :~~eSday. April ed a meeting of the Little Kanawha ~'li~:en~~~~m:~e i:ee H:::~u~e~~ Whiting, Arbuckle Attend Musicals in N. Y. During Easter

    Durmg the Ea~ter rece:os Prof Hunter Whiting and Earnest Lee Arbuckle motored to New York to t-ee the opera THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO by Mozart. They saw the latest musical. THE KING AND I by Hammen;tein and Rodgers and T. S. Eliot's MURDER IN THE CATHEDRAL.

    They saw SlI' Laurence Olivier and Wife Lady Vivien Leigh in AN-THONY AND CLEOPATRA by Shakespeare and CAESAR AND CLEOPATRA by George Bernard Shaw. Sir Oltvier i~ well remember-ed in the leading role In Shake-speare's HAMLE.7. Lady Leigh wa:::; .the leading lady ill GONE WITJ{ THE WIND . She has Just received an award (or bemg the be:::;t actress on the stage. Prore~or Whiting and Mr. Ar-

    buckle also saw the play VENUS OBSERVED by Christopher Fri. rhe leading roles were again tak-en by a man and wl(e team, Llll Palmer and Rex Harrison.

    They .':i1LW the Fin.t Drama Quar-tet from GeOrge Bernard Shaw's play MAN AND SUPERMAN. This !;Ict is never given when giving DON JUAN IN HELL bccau~e Is take:::; more th;ln two hoUrs to give it.. The >CBst included Charles Boyer, Charles Laughton, Sir Cedric Hard-wicke, and Agnes Moorehead. The players sat on Moois and read trom ~C tipt.s. There was no acting In the !enUre play.

    ----Scholarship" Awarded to State Contest Winners

    Four-year tuition bcholarships 0. W8 rded to wumers of the high school American Legion Oratori-cal contests in each o( the state's twelve districts have been given to -beveral area high school 5eniors, Tht~ group Includes Anna Lee

    l.a.",', S~lem; Suzanne SUclc.man, Clarksburg; Maree Flemillg, Ra-venswood; Allan Gel"m'Uln, Par-kersburg; Silvia Waggoner, Graf-Iton; and June Shimer. Elk.ins.

    These schola~hips are awarded .by the Mate \:v)ard of ... -ducation :And may be taken at any West Virginia .state colleit.

    Council on Conservation In Par- Song, and Rolling Down to Rio. ken-burg la.':it week. Of !"pedal im- The choir san~ Emltte Splritum 'Portanc.e was the diSCUSSion at the ,t-uum, Ye Watchers and Y~ Holy mecting concerning the construc- One.!., The Night Has a Thousand tion of a !>tate park in this area. Eyes, Oh, No John, Cos!>ack, and President Heflin reports that the Thc Peasant and His Oxen. commission has the tunds but A f.pecial feature of the concert, .:,ultable land is nceded. A state not secheduled on the program, wa::. 'park near here would do much to the appearance of the men's Quar-alleviate pre:>ent POOl" recreational let which ~ com~ed of Myron facillties that exht In thU:i area. Mason, first tenor; Don Arbogast,

    From comments made by severaJ former Glenville State :,tudents who have returned to visit the campus this year we have tound lhat one feature that plea:>es them mOst is the new arrangement of lacllitie.s at the Club Pioneer, col-lege student union-Another com-pliment for manager Robert MoL-'tlce and the student- coun-;i1

    .':iecond tenor; Joe Arboga~t., ba~: and Charles Dottrill, baritone.

    Pre~ent. among the spectators were the parents of Joe Arbogas f, from Hershey, Pennsylvania, and the parent::. o( Don Arbogast from Junior.

    The concert was well accepted as evidence by the numerous encore::> performed_ The band played one ~ncore, the choir One, and the

    Ronnie "Scoop" Rolllns, former m~~~e~~~r~~O:n~h~r::~rormance Mercury ,~ports editor, m.ade were approximately $120. which Will straight A s for the tlrst sem~tcr, be used by the student chapter of accordmg to underground reports mUSIc educator::; to assist and de-from the MarShall. COlleg. e graduate I 'CIO. a music program in the col-school. Rolilns, that "man o( m::my I P a~Jectlves," IS doms: hiS graduate ege work m English

  • Page Two THE GJ.ENVILLE )IERCURY Wednesday, April 23, 195

    ---~~~~-----~======~~~~----~~~. T~:~!!.~m~~:;"~ ~"~:,: ,:;,: "" ,,, ,~, il A~o!!~'!~~[.' I ; Ticklers . 8y- George e~pha~ized again and again by a.ffering ~t in allother'~ word~'1 By GE:-:ELDA HAROW.\ Y F or this reason we quote The Dad:: Ath'iic:U'Ur'!1;

    "An editor ml1~t have thp couru'{e of hi..:. convictitln5 and Another week, another deadline express his opinions on oontroversial issues . No matter what to make, and more news on the

    si?e on '~'~ich the editor may .choos~ to s~and, ~he ot~er hO~~e~e:.:hear the word "appeal: will unfa!llllgly hurl charges or IH-l.rtlsanshlp agamst him. WE" think of Sally Waggoner Bill} Rather than wa~ting their time in abusing the editor, ,the Doon Hanlin has signed his "X" oppos,jtion w?ul~ be wiser ~o write, a letter to the editor ,ex- to E~e;e~~tGo~e~~;n!~:~~ to like C

  • r ~ednesday , April 23. 1952 THE GLENVILLE MERCURY Page Three

    Wave Drops Fitst Games To Salem and Marietta

    Five Colleges Represented

    Baseball Team Will Play Two Away Games This 'Week

    Inexperienced Pioneers Ge( Off (0 Slow Start; Kos(~k Is Batting Star * UNKSME-N W-IL-L AG~em~!~ren~~! Pioneers Will Meet Salem And Fairmont ; New Fares Will be in Wave Line-up


    GSC THINCLADS START PRACTICE By )Ia uriee Buck 11 a r i e t t a spoiled Glenville's

    opemng game by pinning a 12-0 defent on the locals in "The Bat-(it of the P ioneers" Marietta's up:rior pitching, bating, and ex-

    ~~I'l~nce exerted itself from the (.opening inning when the lead-off man walked and the seeond man tripled him home to make it a-o. As far as Glenville was concerned this would have been enough. How-ner, the veteran Marietta club continued to pour in the runs on a 'Ci)mbinaUon of walks, hits, and errors.

    The 1:oiggest blows in this attack were home runs b~' Jim Ballentine and 'Sonny" Hanlon, Glenville was held to two singles by three Mari -

    I .etta pitchers one by Ervin Hull ! and one by Don Merrtman. The ! Collir bright spot in this gloomy

    picture was Dick Barretts' spar-kling flelding. One of his cat.ches set up a double-play. balem Trips Wal'e

    Glenville lost its second game in two days by faUlng before the powerful Salem Tigers 15-1. In the early innings it was a pitchers duel bet ..... een Cecil Johnson and Goorge .Bragg of Salem ... Then Tre-mont. Salem catcher, led. off the t. th inning with a home run over the center field fence.

    Salem went ahead 3-0 in this inning. Glenville fought gamely until a 7-run 8th inning ~uried the Inexperienced P ioneers. Glen-

    ... ille lookea much better than 2.gamst Marietta but tailed to hit With men on base, in all leaving 11 ;Pioneers stranded on base. The Iielding was sUlI nightmarish as Glenville committed eight errors on the rough infield. Bill L illy and Pete Kostyk were the leading hit-lers for the Pioneers, Lilly got "-triple and a smglc while Kostyk :..mackPd a dou'Jle and a sIngle, De-spite thiS loss the P ioneers !)fern to be improving and it seems that when Coach Jo.

  • Page Four

    A mple Opportullities f oJ' D egrees A r e Offered by College M usic D epartment ,

    By WA:\DA L. T.\YLOR The musIc department of Glen-

    ~iI1e State college now providc3 ample opportunity for degrees in mU"ical education. Mu:.ically gifted students may major in music, Quali-fying the student to teach musIc in the public ~hools.

    Tho5e who are not talened but 'Ure music lovers may take clas.ses in mU~lc appreciation. Most of the musIc classes are open to aU stu-denLs with the exception of the ap