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  • 1. FlegaNeder-Over-Heembeek20 juni 2013
  • 2. Current state of SeriousGames in FlandersFLEGA presentsby Nico Verplancke (iMinds/FLEGA co-chair)
  • 3. But first, what is FLEGA? Official Flemish Games Association Founded on June 29th 2012 by 6 Flemish gamedevelopers and HOWEST with support from iMinds
  • 4. What does FLEGA do? FLEGA supports the Flemish games industry as awhole by creating a beneficial political, economic andcultural climate for videogames FLEGA groups all Flemish organizations andindividuals active in or connected to the Flemish gamesindustry Developers, service providers, educationalinstitutions, researchers, resellers, freelancers, localpublishers
  • 5. What does FLEGA do? FLEGA defends and proactively promotes the interestsof its members FLEGA advises its members and encourages them toshare info and knowhow FLEGA represents its members in communicationwith government, non-gaming businesses, internationalorganizations
  • 6. FLEGA Members47 member organizations 23 member users For all companies and freelancersboasting official company number(BTW nr) Right to vote at statutory assembly Additional services such as Free access to FLEGA events Free consultancy eg. forsubsidy filings For all students, enthousiastswithout official company number No right to vote Services: Newsletter Event invites ...
  • 7. Todays topics1. The Flemish gamer2. The Flemish games industry3. Serious Games in Flanders
  • 8. The Flemish gamer
  • 9. Source: Digimeter 5 Aug-Sep 2012 (vs 2011)
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  • 13. The Flemishgames industry
  • 14. Source: Antwerp Business School & FDC study creative industry
  • 15. Issues Small no. of companies Eg. 330 companies in The Netherlands Human capital fleeing abroad Flemish devs unknown to other industries Not enough collaboration Limited knowledge about government initiatives No tax shelter High salary costs > freelancers Small Flemish market > international focus
  • 16. And now... The good newsIncubators!
  • 17. Support VAF- GamefondsGames 2012-2013 goedgekeurd afgewezen onontvankelijktotaalI. Leerplicht-onderwijs 6 5 1 12II. Andere SeriousGames8 14 1 23III. EntertainmentGames9 20 0 29TOTAAL I+II+III 23 39 2 64
  • 18. New SupportOrganisations
  • 19. Serious gamesin Flanders
  • 20. Serious games in Flanders Not much research available for our region Most research focusses on educational games iMinds - MICT (UGent) is conducting new research on theeffectiveness of educational games, first results expectedend of 2013 (G@S project together with Larian, DieKeure and Grin)
  • 21. Toyota Forklift Simulator
  • 22. Toyota Forklift Simulator Developed by GriN, based in Antwerp Initially for a buyers fair in Germany Big success Toyota ordered additional units for training purposes Version 2.0: instructor can design environments andlessons himself using an editor Next? Stereo 3D, force feedback
  • 23. Fundels
  • 24. Fundels Developed by PlayLane, based in Ghent First for pc, as of 2011 also on iOS mobile and tablet Picture books Interactive childrens books (kids aged 3 to 7) Available in more than 130 libraries AVI-leesboeken Digital reading tools (kids aged 6 to 10) Used in Flemish classrooms
  • 25. CM Ben de Bever
  • 26. CM Ben de Bever Developed by Bazookas, based in Brugge For kids aged 10 to 12 Research by UGent in 2011 learns that Kids not only like Ben, they believe what he preaches Almost all kids (97,5%) like playing the games 95% of kids want to play again 62% of kids recognize the goal of the game: Learn howto best brush your teeth Games are a great tools in class, especially whencombined with the more traditional approach
  • 27. The Future Impressive pipeline (in part due to Game Fund) ofgames in development Support network present... New gaming companies...