Mobile Serious Games

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Caspian Learning case studies for mobile simulation and immersive training in 2011. See case studies for Nato, Fiat, Us Army and UK MOD on Android and IOS. Download for full notes.

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  • 1. Simulation at the point of need

2. Low cost device High usability Portable Always on Increasing powerSimulation at the point of need 3. Easy, lets get started then 4. Rapid Development Flexibility No Programming Reusability Publish anywhere Open Platform Enabling Simulation at the Point of Need 5. VBSWorlds Authoring platform for developing Immersive Training Made for Designers No Programming Required Rapid Development - Create interactive content via drag and drop interface Flexible Visual storyboarding to create / edit complex scenarios Reusability Import VBS2 terrains, objects, characters, animations, PLUS any other 3D libraries & Flash, movies & 2DDistribute just like eLearning Internet (Java), SCORM, Mobile: iDevices & Android 6. ContentDevelop Training PublishVBS2 integration 7. Drag and DropVisual Storyboarding ScriptingPartner3rd Party3rd Party 3rd PartyRapid Development 8. Technical Training Maintenance Training Cultural Awareness Tactics Techniques & Procedures Familiarization Lessons Learned Scenarios Mission Preparation Problem Solving ScenariosUse Cases 9. Case Studies 10. Induction Familiarisation Evacuation ProceduresUK Navy 11. Lessons learned speed of update Simulation required Location dependent Mobile learnersUS Army 12. Mobile learners Boarding scenarios Rapid update Flexible Nato - Borders Ahoy! 13. Pre-course and postcourse trainingIncident response &evacuation web and mobileUS Army 14. Assembly line Maintenance Training at point ofneedCar manufacturer 15. Level 2 AppsLevel 1 Apps Device functionality Replicate Sims Cross platformGPS, gyroscope, cam Time and locationera, compass, multibenefittouch, proximity Current State 16. Simulation at the point of need