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  • Games are good for more than just pure entertainment
  • Serious Games:Games whose primary goal is beyond entertainment


  • Training designed to put a person in a specific scenario and allow him or her to gain comfort or mastery
  • Health Games Train people to perform health related tasks or to be healthier
  • Social Commentary Games Game as a means to get a point across


  • Advergames Games created for the primary purpose of advertisement
  • Educational Games training games usually to target school age children in subject specific content
  • Social Awareness Games put players in incredibly uncomfortable situations to increase awareness


  • To educate
  • To persuade
  • To present a personal belief
  • To make a difference in the world
  • To avoid consumerism


  • Create a concept for a serious game based on a real life serious newsworthy event (911, Katrina, etc.) that would not normally be a subject for the purposes of educating, training, making a social statement, or increasing awareness
    • Research the event
    • Find the core the one thing the game is about, the reason it is being made
    • Create the deliverable