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    --- Reseller Program ---

  • Reseller Program

    Note: The discount rate is 10% when you first join our Reseller program. It will increase to 20% when your total spending on SmartOSC's extensions reaches $1,500. You may enjoy the discount rate up to 50% once your accumulated revenue hits $10,000. In case you do not reach a minimum revenue commitment, your partner account will be downgraded to the lower level. Please note that if a product is already on a promotion program, partners will benefit from the higher discount rate only.

    Applied extensions:

    + X-POS web and app version

    + X-Barcode/RMA

    + X-B2B

    + X-Multi-Warehouse

    SmartOSCs reseller program is aimed to bring agencies worldwide a successful cooperation with premier extensions for the Magento platform.

    By joining SmartOSCs reseller program, not only can you save time and money, but also ensure your clients a better service and thereby satisfaction when using our Magento extensions. To make it suitable to different demands, we introduce a reseller program that automatically adjust to different levels according to your accumulated sales.

    The benefits for each level of reseller program are listed here:


    RateAmount Spent(Accumulated)

    Mininum RevenueCommitment

    Own demo site






    10% discount

    20% discount

    30% discount

    40% discount

    50% discount











    US$500 / 6 months

    US$750 / 6 months

    US$1,500 / 6 months

    US$2,500 / 6 months

    US$5,000 / 6 months

  • w Simple and quick point-of-sale solution

    w Keep all your inventory and sales handling in one system

    w Use your existing or default POS devices


    l Customizable, user-friendly interface - all in one page

    l Offline functionality

    l Barcodes scanning for quick search

    l Print for different sized receipts

    l Tablet support

    l Credit cards swiper functionality

    l Multi-Warehouse integration



  • w Fastest POS for creating an order in the market

    w One inventory system - syncronized with your iPad

    w Payments handled securely


    l Synchronize products, customers and orders

    between Magento and iPad

    l Swipe function for credit card with PayPal Here

    l Search and Scan products

    l Browse per category

    l Edit Price and Discounts for Products

    l Edit Tax and Discount per Order

    l Configure Till and Cashier

    X-POS iPad app


  • w Many warehouses - one system

    w Mass update of inventory

    w Let customers buy from nearby locations


    l Create multiple locations for your items

    l Edit inventory for each warehouse

    l Import/Export stock in bulk for products in one or many warehouses

    l Keep track of inventory in each location

    l Set Shipping costs for each warehouse

    l Move inventory between locations

    X-Multi-Warehousew Many warehouses - one systemw Mass update of inventoryw Let customers buy from nearby locations


    Warehouse 1

    Warehouse 2

    Warehouse 5

    Warehouse 3

    Warehouse 4 Warehouse 6



    54 6

  • Features:

    l Generate barcodes from various attributes

    l Create labels and hangtags for your products

    l Manage inventory and orders by barcodes

    l Handle return merchandise authorization

    l Quickly update orders in bulk by scanning order ids

    l Print invoices, packingslips and pick packing lists that

    include barcodes

    w Control the full product life cycle

    w Quick handling of backend operations for packing and shipping

    w Go mobile with our iOS app


    Product shipment


    Prepare product

    Update inventory

    Fulfill orders

    Return merchandize

  • w Build B2B relationships with special features tailored for wholesalers

    w Track history of client requests and sales quotations

    w Give your customers what they need, when they need it!


    l Stock view: product display with current stock level for simple and

    configurable products.

    l Bulk ordering: The B2B customer can instantly add a large quantity of

    products to cart, right from the listing page.

    l Quick ordering: lets the customer use his preferred way of ordering - scan

    the items from your catalogue, upload a order file, or just add by quick

    search to his basket.

    l One-click checkout: Place orders with default address and payment


    l Quotations: Request a quotation directly from your basket, and get

    quoted through the website.

    l Chat system: Communicate on the spot with online sales persons. No need to use separate communication systems.


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    VN:+84 43-5149-883 - US:+1 714 594 -