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  • What is the Nuance Reseller Loyalty Program?The Nuance Reseller Loyalty Program is designed to support reseller efforts. Resellers that are in the program receive a wide range of services and incentives from Nu-ance Master Partners and Nuance. In return, the reseller must effectively apply an array of specific business initia-tives. The programs goal is to strengthen the Nuance Master Partner reseller channel by expanding the resellers marketing activities, developing their staffs competencies, and supporting their local sales endeavors.

    What do program members receive?By joining the Nuance Loyalty Program, the reseller will receive access to the following services: Access to Nuance University, on-line eLearning tool for all Nuance Imaging products Access to NFR licenses for internal use of Nuance software and for showrooms Pre-Sales Services at remote and/or on-site if needed Free sales training /minimum 2 days per year NuancePrintManagement,DistributedCaptureand Desktop Imaging seminar package Nuance incentives stimulating salespeople to promote Nuance products Access to Nuance Promotional Materials

    The Nuance Reseller Loyalty Pro-gram aids Nuance Master Partners in acquiring and retaining a network of Nuance Expert or Authorized chan-nel partners by developing compe-tences, sales activities and laying the groundwork for dynamic growth.

    What do program members have to do?By joining the Nuance Loyalty Program, the reseller is obligated to: Develop a written business plan Expert or Authorized Assign technical resources for technical training on site or online certification (via web) Assign showroom server and equipment for Nuance Software installation as per Nuance recommendation Update website with Nuance Software informa- tion as per Nuance recommendation Arrange local sales training for sales reps two times per year Arrange minimum one local end-user event/ seminar where Nuance or Master Partner is invited to present Nuance Software To receive the Nuance Loyalty Bonus, the reseller must achieve the goals set for purchases of Nuance software, including minimum quotas for capture or desktop imaging solutions.

    Where can I learn more? Brochure:NuancePartnerProgram Catalogsheets:Businessplan,Nuance University, Nuance Seminars and Promotional materials.

    The Nuance Reseller Loyalty Program

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