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  • AppsBuilder Reseller Program

    Getting started with AppsBuilder white-label platform

  • AppsBuilder Reseller Program


    Table of Contents

    Introduction 3

    1 - Getting Started 4

    1.1 - Access page 4

    1.2 - Dashboard/App List 5

    1.3 - Initial personalisation 7

    1.4 - Hosting parameter and CNAME configuration of DNS 8

    2 - Features 10

    2.1 - Branding and personalisation 11

    2.2 - App List 18

    2.3 - Authorization management 20

    3 - FAQ/Troubleshooting 29

    4 - Contacts 33

  • AppsBuilder Reseller Program



    Dear Client,

    Welcome aboard! As you already know, the White Label solution

    was designed to meet the needs of our most demanding clients by

    offering specific functionalities that will allow your business to

    grow as quickly as possible in the App world.

    This manual will get you off the ground in a few simple steps,

    making the most of all of AppsBuilder White Label platform


    The system has a lot in common with AppsBuilder standard, and

    so the App creation process, for the most part, is one that you'll

    already be familiar with. The Apps that you've already made have

    not been lost! The transition process is automatic and transparent,

    everything will be exactly how you left it. And besides, even if your

    site cannot be reached, all apps are available at www.apps- which can be accessed with your username and


    All feedback is greatly appreciated, so for any questions, quries or

    comments, reach out to us at our Support Forum.

  • AppsBuilder Reseller Program


    1. Getting Started

    The AppsBuilder White Label platform comes from the backbone of

    the sytem that you already know and as a result many operations

    will be largely similar and familiar to what you've done to date.

    Nevertheless, there are some important changes that you'll want

    to keep in mind:

    1. Access is automatic. The platform will open in place of the

    AppsBuilder site even if you type in the address www.apps-

    2. Your AppsBuilder account is the platform's "super admin"

    giving you total control of it. Choose a safe password!

    3. You can create an unlimited number of apps as well as


    4. The White Label product only includes the app

    management platform. Client support and payment systems

    are not included.

    1.1 Access Page

    Your White Label platform's URL will be temporarily hosted on

    AppsBuilder at the address chosen by you during the sign up stage

    with the following format:


  • AppsBuilder Reseller Program


    From the moment you start your 30 day trial period, you can open

    your access page simply by typing in the following address

    []. This is what you'll see:

    Insert your username and password (the same ones that you

    normally use on AppsBuilder) and click login. You can select your

    preferred Language from the top right corner of the menu bar.

    1.2 - Dashboard/App List

    This is the main screen of the White Label platform: It's very similar

    to the one that you're already familiar with, the main differences

    being that there are no references of any kind to AppsBuilder

    and a few buttons have been added.

    For now, what you need to know is:

  • AppsBuilder Reseller Program


     the red/orange box shows the number of days left until

    your next renewal

     clicking on your username right above will open the

    AppsBuilder site*

     clicking on Upgrade CMS will take you straight to the

    activation/renewal page of your White Label plan

     clicking on Options on the left allows you to manage all

    the technical aspects of the platform.

    To proceed, click on Options.

    *every link or reference to AppsBuilder is visible only to super admin and not to the

    platforms other users.

  • AppsBuilder Reseller Program


    1.3 Initial personalisation

    This panel allows you to manage all the main options of your

    White Label platform. Except for the main host (in grey), you can

    change any of the other settings any time you want.

    The following entries are displayed (the most important ones are

    in bold):

     Host: This is the address that was chosen by you and is

    your emergency access to the White Label platform

    should you be unable to access you site for whatever

    reason. It cannot be changed.

  • AppsBuilder Reseller Program


     Hosting: This is where you insert the address that you

    want to access the platform from, the same one that

    you've already configured in the CNAME parametres of

    your DNS (more information on that in section 1.4)

     Hosting 2: For now, leave this space empty. It only

    needs to be set up if you have Beta access.

     CMS Title: This is the name that you've chosen for your

    service and that will appear on your homepage.

     Powered by: You can use your imagination here,

    although usually it's just the company name.

     Email: This is the address that sends out all official

    information to the platform's subscribers

    (subscriptions, lost passwords, etc)

    Once you click the Save button, your CMS will be ready to be

    opened at the address chosen by you in the Hosting box, just like

    it was a part of your actual website.

    1.4 Hosting parameter and CNAME

    configuration of DNS

    By configuring a CNAME type record on the DNS, you can access

    the White Label platform directly from your firm's website.

    A CNAME records simply redirects the visitor from one URL to

    another in a way that's both automatic and transparent.

  • AppsBuilder Reseller Program


    So if your site is [], with a Record CNAME

    configuration redirecting from the address to the

    AppsBuilder site, you can provide access to the White Label

    platform directly from the [] address

    without being displayed anywhere.

    This is the process that you need to follow:

    1. Open your site's DNS control panel

    2. Add a CNAME record with your chosen name*

    3. Set the redirect to

    The end result will look like this:

    In some cases (depending on panel configuration), you only need

    to insert the desired key word, for example “cms” to get

    “”. In other cases, you’ll have to type it in full

    “” Don’t forget the full stop at the end.

    *It’s fundamental that the CNAME address is the same one that was written in the

    Hosting box from step 1.3, otherwise AppsBuilder will not recognize your password

    and will not give access to the platform.

  • AppsBuilder Reseller Program


    2. Features

    The AppsBuilder White Label platform has many characteristics in

    common with the standard version such as:

     A single process for your app development

     Native apps creation, ready to be sent to the app store

     Automatic and instantaneous sending of all updates

    to all devices that have the app installed

     A simplified interface that doesn’t require any

    programming skills for app creation

     Management of technological evolutions by

    AppsBuilder (New platforms, new devices)

    As well as all of this, the AppsBuilder White Label platform offers

    specifically tailored instruments for business, specifically:

     Branding and stylistic platform personalisation

     A page with a list of the apps created with your account

    (called App List)

     User management and authorisation

  • AppsBuilder Reseller Program


    2.1 Branding and Personalization

    By clicking on the Options menu on your Dashboard, you get to

    the personalization menu, following on from what