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Link Building

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  • HOW TO BUILD BACKLINKS IN 2015 (That Actually Work)


    Nathan Gotch

    Provided as an educational service by Gotch SEO, LLC

    The First ROI-Driven SEO Company in St. Louis

  • About GotchThe first thing I want to say is thank you! I really appreciate you taking the time to download this eBook. I know youre going to find a ton of value and many actionable tips in it.

    To keep things short, my name is Nathan (most people call me Gotch), and Im the founder / CEO of Gotch SEO. Gotch SEO is an inbound marketing company based in St. Louis.

    Why Should You Trust Me?You should trust me because I have the results to back what Im saying. I'm not big on bragging, but I will tell you that I built my business from zero dollars to well over six figures (soon to be seven figures) in less than a year.

    And the coolest part is that I did it all through search engine optimization.

    I'm not telling you this to brag or make it seem like I'm cool...

    I'm telling you because I want you to know that I live and breath what I'm teaching you. I'm not throwing out some bogus guru advice or theory. Everything you'll ever see from Gotch SEO will be something you can take, implement, and start seeing results.

    But unlike many other internet marketers, I want you to know that my success didn't happen over night... In fact, I went well over a year without making any substantial money from SEO.

    About a year ago, I was working a normal job and doing SEO in every possible open minute I had. I literally woke up at 4:30 AM everyday, got to the Starbucks near my work around 6AM, worked on my SEO from 6AM 10AM, went into my normal job at 10AM (brainstorming and thinking about SEO the whole time), worked on SEO during my one hour lunch break, and then got off around 6:30 PM and worked on SEO up until 10PM that night.

    I'm telling you this because I want you to know that you should never give up. I was close many times, but I kept pushing. My success in SEO isn't some God-given ability. I'm a completely average guy (2.5 GPA in college) and I succeeded because I never gave up, and I have never stopped testing and refining my techniques.

    You have to immerse yourself in SEO, but at the same time, there is no better way to learn than trying things yourself. Trust me, I have failed with many websites of my own, but that's because I wasn't afraid to test. Don't ever stop testing.

  • THE GOOD NEWS: I'm going to give you all of the link building techniques I'm using successfully in 2015. This means, you won't have to put in that time that I did. I'm literally putting you in a time capsule and fast forwarding your SEO knowledge. What is This Ebook About?This be eBook is going to show you every type of backlink that works in 2015. Some are super easy to get and others are more challenging. In addition to showing you the different types of links, Im also going to give you an excel document showing you the exact websites where you can go out and get these links. Im practically spoon feeding you, so you better take advantage of this stuff!

    A Quick IntroLets face it, SEO isnt what is used to be. Back in the day, you could blast your website with pretty much any type of link and rank well. As you know, Google's Penguin update took care of this little exploit in addition to many other tricky link building techniques. In 2015, link building requires planning, strategy, and simply going back to the basics. This guide is designed to help you build high-quality links that WILL improve your rankings in 2015. There isnt going to be a bunch of fluff in this guide. Im going to show you the exact links I use to rank clients across the United States and even on the national level. Sound good? Lets start (told you it would be a quick intro).

  • The Foundation (On-Page SEO)If you read my blog, you know that I have said several times, building links to a website that hasnt taken the necessary on-page optimization steps, is like building a house on a poorly built foundation. The house might stay afloat for quite sometime, but sooner or later, the poorly built foundation will be exposed and send your house crashing down. In SEO terms: you may be able to get away with poor on-page SEO and questionable link building strategies, but the question is how long? Until the next update? This isnt how I operate. Good SEO and link building is all about creating a solid foundation for tomorrow, but most importantly, for the future. So, how do you go about doing this? It starts with on-page SEO. Since this is a link building guide, I highly recommend you go and read my on-page SEO guide. It details the many on-page SEO mistakes I find with every client I work with and also how you can fix these problems without too much crazy effort. After your on-page SEO is solid, you need to develop a content strategy. Content is the fuel of your website and business. Eventually, your content will be the primary link building mechanism because people will naturally link to it. But guess what if people cant find your website in the first place, theyll never be able to link to it! Once again, I could write an entire guide about content development, but you came here for link building.

  • Basics of Quality Content Development Focus on solving problems read Discover Your Audiences Problems and Become a True Authority

    Create unparalleled value (by your industry standards) dont kill yourself writing 4,000 word articles if your competition doesnt even know what the Internet is. Just provide superior value based on what your industry is doing.

    Have a voice this is absolutely critical. Your blog will never be successful if you sound corporate or robotic. Be YOU, be the EXPERT. Have an opinion. Dont feel like you need to be like the best person in your industry. There isnt another you, so take advantage of that fact and differentiate yourself.

    Focus on quality over quantity one extremely valuable piece of content per month is better than 30 average posts per month. In-depth articles attract the most attention through links, social shares, and discussion.

    Diversify your content delivery - articles, infographics, videos, PDFs, podcasts, webinars. This will keep your readers engaged.

    Provide incredible value the #1 goal of your content is to provide unparalleled value and educate your audience. Youre the expert and teacher. Once your audience trusts you, you will have an army of followers who will promote you and have your back for life. It all begins with providing insane amounts of value. Dont ever stop giving.

  • How to Building Links in 2015 (Like a Boss)Before I show you where to build links, its important for me to talk about anchor text. Your links are only as good as your anchor text. To learn more in-depth information about anchor text diversification, then read The Epic Guide to Anchor Text. Here are the basics:

    50% Brand Anchors Brand anchors are Gotch SEO or Gotch SEO, LLC. These anchors will are critical because it will establish your website as a BRAND. 25% Naked LinksNaked links are the most natural way to link to a site:,, 20% GenericGeneric anchors include click here, go here, or check this out. Youll want to use the co-citation trick I discussed in my anchor text post for these. 1-5% LSI, Partial Match AnchorsKeyword variations are exactly what you think: variation of your exact match anchor or primary keyword. If puppy chew toys is your main keyword, then some of your variations might include: the best puppy chew toys, chew toys for puppies, puppy chew toys for a good price, etc. Less Than 1% Exact Match AnchorsI want to show you a little anchor text trick that I didnt share on my blog, but I use on all my campaigns (its insanely powerful).

    Since you should only use exact match anchors about 1% or less of the time, you need to

  • know how to use them strategically. So, to show Google that your links are natural and youre not using excessive amounts of commercial anchor text, youre going to cycle your exact match anchors. In essence, youll use your exact match anchor, cycle throughvariations, and then come back and use the exact again.

    Take a look at the image to the right. The image is on the small scale because youll have many more linksin-between, but the concept should become pretty apparent. Its simplythe process of diluting your anchor text, but by using many differentanchors before going back to the exact match, youre making it looknatural. The moral of the story is to avoid using your exact match anchor twolinks in a row. Important note: make sure you use your exact match anchors on theabsolute best links you can get. Do not waste them. If you're still confused about anchor text, please make sure you readmy anchor text post:

  • Easy LinksIm not going to list all the directories, business listing sites, etc on this ebook, but there is a separate excel document on this page. It is a list I have compiled of all the sites you can get links from. The excel document will also include search strings for finding link opportunities mentioned below. Quality DirectoriesUtilizing high-quality, well-moderated directories is an excellent way to build trust for your website and send a nice flow of authority. You should only focus on paid directories and free directories with strong moderation. Press ReleasesSince Google laid down the law regarding press releases, many SEOs have been afraid to use them. Thats because many people who do SEO are very one-track minded and they dont understand general marketing and traffic generation. Their mindset is LINKS, LINKS, LINKS, and ANCHOR TEXT, ANCHOR TEXT. Obviously ranking well is a goal for SE