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  • March 3, 2015

    Link Building Bootcamp

    Debra Mastaler

    Link Building Trainer



    @DebraMastaler #SMX #12D

    The Agenda



    Link Popularity

    Unnatural Links

    Penalties &


    Link Building Tactics

    Insights For 2015


    @DebraMastaler #SMX #12D

    Algorithms &

    Link Popularity



    Link Popularity


    @DebraMastaler #SMX #12D

    Which Engine Is Used The Most? Google dominates in USA


    @DebraMastaler #SMX #12D

    North America 87%

    Brazil 98%

    Europe 94%





    South America Brazil (Google 98%)

    Australia 93%

    Europe England (89%),France (95%), Germany (93%)Spain (96%), Italy (95%)

    Asia China (Baidu) Russia (Yandex), Japan (Yahoo!) India (Google 97%), Thailand (Google 99%)

    North America

    Canada (Google 88%) USA (Google 78%) Mexico (Google 95%)

    Google Used World-Wide We live in a Google centric universe.


    @DebraMastaler #SMX #12D

    How Are Pages Ranked?

    Page Level Links

    Page Level (Title, tags, content)

    Social Media Metrics

    Location Personalization

    Mobile Ready



    Domain Level Links Query Data (long clicks, short clicks)

    Over 200+ factors contribute


    @DebraMastaler #SMX #12D

    Link Popularity

    Link popularity measures the quality and quantity of links pointing to a webpage. Considered an off-page factor. Engines weigh off-page factors more heavily than on-page. Slang: Link Juice, Link Love, Link Pop, Link Equity

    There are four components of link popularity


    @DebraMastaler #SMX #12D

    Link Popularity

    Quantity Quality

    Relevance Anchor


    Four components and a lot of moving parts


    @DebraMastaler #SMX #12D

    The number of links pointing to a webpage from different websites/pages.

    Link Quantity

    Your site


    @DebraMastaler #SMX #12D


    X C


    A X


    My Website

    Link Quality Determined by the authority of the host sites and the sites linking to them

    B X

    X X


    @DebraMastaler #SMX #12D

    Link Quality All three engines have a formula to measure and compute quality





    @DebraMastaler #SMX #12D

    The power of PageRank

    What Makes A Quality Page

    Quality pages have unique characteristics, they show

    expertise | authority | trust

    Latest changes to Google algorithm focuses on rewarding

    quality links

    quality authorship

    quality content

    Not updating


    @DebraMastaler #SMX #12D

    Relevance Establishes your topical and/or geographic dominance





    Costa Rica





    @DebraMastaler #SMX #12D

    Relevance Linking out and being linked to establishes connections

    From GoogleIn the same way Google trusts sites less when they link to spammy sitesparts of our system encourage links to good sites. .

    Link to sites that are good and relevant


    @DebraMastaler #SMX #12D

    Anchor text is the clickable part of the link you see

    My daughter and my money go to The University of Virginia

    My son spends a lot of money buying college text books.

    Visit us at for more information.

    Anchor text is a query ranking factor

    From Google: anchor text influences the queries your website ranks for in the search results.

    From Bing: anchor text helps define the theme of a linked page.

    An endorsement of what is to come Anchor Text


    @DebraMastaler #SMX #12D

    Partial Match 15%

    Change up your anchors, use variations

    Anchor Text

    Related Terms/ Long Tail Keywords 5%

    Brand/Company Name 55%

    URL 15%

    Generic 5%

    Exact Match Phrase 5%

    Mastaler Book Store

    KW: college text books


    @DebraMastaler #SMX #12D

    Anchor Text It is best to

    Make your anchor

    text part of the



    @DebraMastaler #SMX #12D

    Your Goal When Building Links:

    Thematically (and/or good!) related pages

    Appropriate anchors on

    Quality pages using

    Secure a lot of links from



    Anchor Text



    @DebraMastaler #SMX #12D

    Links That Rain On Your Parade

    Unnatural Links


    @DebraMastaler #SMX #12D

    And now its not. It Was So, So Easy


    @DebraMastaler #SMX #12D

    Google would like you to avoid

    Unnatural Links

    X X X X X X X

    Paid Links.

    Low quality

    directories and

    bookmarking sites.

    Footer links and links

    embedded in


    Reciprocal linking on

    a large scale.

    Press releases using

    optimized anchor


    Keyword rich anchors

    embedded in widgets

    and badges.

    Forum links using

    optimized anchors

    Large scale guest

    posting using

    keyword rich anchor

    text links.


    @DebraMastaler #SMX #12D

    Unnatural Links Avoid these flags and footprints

    Do not acquire a lot of the same links quickly

    Avoid using same anchors over and over

    Avoid linking with low quality pages

    Avoid placing links in navigation and sponsored areas

    Avoid pages/sites hosting excessive reciprocals and template links

    Avoid sites with excessive Adsense

    Dont make directory links a large part of your portfolio

    Avoid sites with no Contact or About Us info


    @DebraMastaler #SMX #12D

    Think Before You Link Questions to ask

    1. Is the page hosting your link in the index?

    2. Been cached lately?

    3. Do they use nofollow attributes?

    4. Does the website participate in social media?

    5. Does the webpage rank for relevant keywords

    6. Is the website tied to a network?

    7. Is the content relevant to my site?

    8. Search complaint + URL?


    @DebraMastaler #SMX #12D

    You are

    Outta Here! (sometimes)

    Penalties &



    @DebraMastaler #SMX #12D

    Google Penalty Or Algorithm Update?

    Image courtesy @kikolani

    If your site

    isnt appearing


    has slipped quite a bit

    you either have a manual penalty


    have been affected by

    changes to an algorithm


    Not hard to figure out but bad either way


    @DebraMastaler #SMX #12D

    Manual Action Notice Google love notes in your WMT not so sweet.

    *WMT = Google Webmaster Tools


    @DebraMastaler #SMX #12D

    Manual Actions Two Types, site-wide and partial

    Unnatural links pointing to your site

    Hacked site

    User generated spam in your blog/forum

    Thin content with no value

    Cloaking/spammy redirects

    Hidden text/keyword stuffing


    @DebraMastaler #SMX #12D

    Reconsideration For Manual Penalty

    A good reconsideration request does three things:

    1. Explains the exact quality issue on your site.

    2. Describes the steps youve taken to fix the issue.

    3. Documents the outcome of your efforts.

    Asking Google to review your site after manual penalty (also called request review)


    @DebraMastaler #SMX #12D

    How do you determine which search engine update affected you?

    Google Algorithm Updates History

    Check Google Analytics

    Rankings Drop Due To Change In Algorithm


    @DebraMastaler #SMX #12D

    Rankings Drop Due To Algorithm or Manual Penalty Bottom line?

    Can you fix it?

    Yes you can!

    Should you fix it?


    Analyze your websites backlinks and identify what caused your

    rankings drop.

    Once you identify the links, try to remove them, and disavow the ones

    you cannot delete.

    Be proactive

    Dont wait for a slap down.

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