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This is the best link wheel service that you can find in the internet.

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2. 2 of 12 3. 3 of 12 4. 4 of 12 5. 5 of 12 6. What You Should Know About Linkwheel?Link wheel and link pyramid were invented years ago and until this day they remains as some of the most effectivelink building methods to get your website to the top of the SERPs. Linkwheel takes advantage of web 2.0 propertiessuch as blogs, online journals, social networks or anything website that allow you to create your own content andadd your own links. The search engines regard unique and relevant content and they also love these 2.0 websitesthat even your spoke sites may rank well on their own. The idea of the wheel is to interlinking all these web 2.0websites into a network and all of them will point to your money site. This way all the link juice from these spoke siteswill focus on your money site and boost its ranking. Link Wheels continue to exist and since then they have beendeveloped, evolved into more advanced version which is many times more complex and powerful.The evolution of link pyramid - link wheelSearch engines was able to detect earlier versions of link wheels because they followed some simple patterns thatwould be easily detected. But soon the veterans find out the solution to avoid getting detected by search enginesby making some changes to the patterns of the Link pyramids and wheel. Now instead of backlinking all the spokesites into a "closed wheel", these spoke sites will be interlinking randomly without any patterns. Also, to make thingsmore complicated, buy blog posts from other blogs and add them into the bunch This makes it impossible for thesearch engines to determine the connection between the spoke sites in the pyramid as well as the wheel and thusthey cannot detect the patterns of these formula. They also improve the randomness of the wheel by randomizingthe amount of text link, add more spoke sites to increase the size of backlink. Of course, the search engines gettingsmarter and smarter by days so that is not enough to keep them at bay for long. New and more advancedstrategies are applied into the wheel to make it even more difficult to detect. As we say: "uniqueness andrandomness is the key to the success of link building".To further increase the randomness and naturalness of these backlinking methods, next step you should utilize thediversity and variety of your spoke sites. By utilizing the power and strength of various web 2.0 sites you can increasethe effectiveness of your linkwheels many times. Just do everything randomly and add more chaos to thepyramid-wheel and everything will be fine. Also, the most important thing is that you should not forget is theuniqueness and relevancy of your content. Many people doomed to fail when they use the same articles for all oftheir spoke sites and as a result the whole system was duplicated leaving a big footprint for the search engines Link Building Service6 of 12 7. That is the whole process of turning your Link Wheel into a ranking machine but do you realize how complicated thatis and how much time it would take for you to manually complete all the tasks? But that is why there are experts outthere who are ready to help you with link building services. If you do not have much time and you do have moreimportant matters to take care of then is the best wheel provider out there that you can count on.With many years of experience in the SEO industry and has been involving with building backlinks since the days of itscreation, we know everything about this wheel link building, how it works and how to make it produces the bestresult. We provide the best link pyramid service in the industry which is unmatched in both price and service quality.Everything about our SEO service will be unique and random. We have spent a lot of time and effort to design asystem where even the newcomers can easily create their own wheels.We have been in the industry long enough so we know just what we can do to satisfy our customers needs andwhat they want with our backlink service. Our Link wheel service provide you with the ability to customize everythingand allow you to create the most unique and natural link text pattern. You can freely choose what kind of pr 5backlinks you want to make whether it would have the wheel system or the pyramid system or both at once, howmany backlinks from each spoke should point to the main site, insert optimized images into the articles or not, whatkind of language the articles should be in, which keyword should go with which URL, etc. Our Linkwheel is quick andsimple even in the order process. Just simply choose a package that you want to purchase, click buy pr backlinksnow, fill out the payment information, download the form and enter the most basic information and then send itback to us. When your payment has been confirmed we will quickly complete your order and send the report to youvia email. We will also help you with the index of your wheel URLs to ensure that your website will receive the most linkjuice from our service. We will even check out your website before working on your order and suggest you on whatkind of on page SEO you should fix to improve our backlinking processes effectiveness to your website. Try our SEOpackages and see for yourself why we are called the best.Premium Backlink Service - Buy Edu, Gov, High PR BacklinksWhat is the use of high pr, edu and gov backlinks? If you have been in the internet marketing and know about SEOyou should know the importance of backlinking. But if you are new and you want to know why these backlinks are sonecessary to your ranking then this article might help you shed light on this issue. We will start with basic knowledgeabout the working mechanism of search engines, how the link building system works and why buy pr links such ashigh pr, gov and edu backlinks are very important to your website ranking. In this article we will also instruct you onhow you can find and search for your own high quality backlink list and finally, a suggestion on the best premiumbacklink service, where you can buy edu backlinks, gov backlinks and high pr backlinks.Search engines has been around for a long time and at first the they depended heavily on the content and theonpage factors such as blog roll of a website to determine a website ranking but they soon realize that thewebmasters took advantage of that to manipulate website ranking. The backlink system was introduced as a way toassess the ranking of websites more accurately and objectively. How this system works? Search engines consider abacklinks from website A to website B as a recommendation from A to B. So if a website B have a lot backlinkscoming from various websites such as A,C,D,E,F ... that means website B might have interesting and useful contentthat attract people to link to their website. That is just the simplified concept of buy text links, in fact there are a lotmore factors to consider when the search engines ranking a website. One of the factors is PR, a system which wasborn by Google itself to assess website trustworthiness. Basically, the higher the PR the higher that website is regardedby Google. Thats also means buy text link from a higher PR website would be more valuable than a backlink from alow PR website. Thus, these premium backlinks have become valuable assets that people are looking for their linkbuilding campaign. The same goes for why people seek to purchase edu and gov links. Backlinks from these kinds ofdomains are generally limited and they are not easy to find, that why so many people are searching for them.But everything is so simple now because just by paying a visit to, you can easily buy educationalbacklinks, governmental backlinks, pr 4 backlinks or buy pr5 backlinks as well as many other types of SEO services.Our service is the best and you will find the complete satisfaction with us here for all your SEO needs.Free RSS Feed Mixer - Create Big RSS Feeds From Your URLQuick and EasyRSS feeds are used to be called web feeds that is utilized by web publisher to publish their content automatically7 of 12 8. and they can be easily viewed by many different RSS reader program. They are also useful to readers who want toquickly access the content of a certain website without having to browse through all other unnecessary content orgo to a website which is swarmed with ads. The feed system saves the reader a lot of time and some RSS feedreader even provide the users with ability to organize and keep track of multiple feeds from multiple sites. RSS hasbecome an important part in the of the website nowadays because every time a visitor check out a website, if hefinds the website interesting then he would first check to see if this website has RSS feature or not so that he cansubscribe and check back the site later to view more.Also, with these feeds you get your website content such as blog posts, articles, news syndicated using the RSS mixerfrom and then you can submit your feeds to many site such as RSS sites, social bookmarking sitesso that the search engines can quickly index your website and thus increase your website online presence. Andwhen submitting yo