Katalog Nobile Kiteboarding 2011

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Katalog Nobile Kiteboarding 2011

Transcript of Katalog Nobile Kiteboarding 2011

  • Since the very beginning Nobilekiteboarding is driven by the pursuit of revolutionary in-novations, highest quality, technical superiority, best performance and onwater fun. Every single one Nobilekiteboarding branded product is the eff ect of our experience in design, con-struction and passion for kiteboarding. Our dedication to provide premium products drive us to search for new and one-of-a-kind approaches. Each year we create unparalleled selection of unique high end products that stand out from any other company in the industry. As a result, in 2010/11 collection you will fi nd not only the range of still unequaled bo-ards with 3D Construction that already proved its superior quality and performance, but also a line of totally new products like our Double Hydro Dynamic, Flying Carpet and extended Skim series. And this is just the beginning of excitement. Have fun and enjoy!

    Nobile Team

  • The idea of pre-stress was probably already known architects in ancient Rome and was used during the construction of the Colosseum. Prestressing means the intentional creation of permanent stresses in a structure for the purpose of improving its performance under various service conditions. Nobile Pre-stress is the technology inspired by our 3D Construction. Now we took this famous solution and, what seemed to be impossible, upgraded it to the next level. Pre-stress allows us to load the board with energy already during the production process. Storing the energy in the board means its even more reactive, responsive and livelier. It also allows us to build thinner (means: lighter!!! ) but yet still more durable than any other boards on the market.

  • Todays riding styles result in heavy im-pacts and with the wider stances currently used, such loading can result in the board inverting and the rocker becoming convex, which nor-mally leads to the tips catching and the rider coming to an unwanted stop. Since 2006, when we introduced the Elliptical Concave, were still improving the technology that combines the advantages of both a fl at-bottomed board and concave. The 3D Construction allows us to cre-ate diff ering fl ex, both longitudinally (along its length) and laterally (across its width), thro-ughout the board. Our unique and yet still unequalled tech-nology allows the board to arch across its width, providing extraordinary comfort on landing. In the same time it maintains stiff ness along boar-d`s length ensuring there is no fl attening of the rocker on impact, thus vastly reducing the chan-ces of the board catching.Reducing the longitu-dinal fl ex has the additional advantage that the rocker line can be made fuller without the resul-ting loss of speed normally associated with this type of change. The deeper rocker eliminates spray and reduces the possibility of nose-diving when riding through chop and waves at speed. Shorter time reaction and less power which we have to use for initiate reaction of board is a re-

    sult of early prestress of material obtained in the press under high pressure. Thanks to these innovations board does not deform, losing its sophisticated features, du-ring normal using. Additionally, during hard lan-dings board works better than great. Traditional construction board may undergo deformation longitudinally loosing speed and overloaded the knees. The 3D Construction in our products makes landing faster and easier without this in-convenience.

  • Nobiles Human Concept is about harmonizing the needs, re-quirements, and sometimes limita-tions of our bodies, with technical advancements in equipment as we strive for the ultimate synergy between rider and material.Neither boards nor kites are able to function alone.. it is the rider that connects everything and its too easy to let the fanatical pursuit of ultimate performance dominate, forgetting that we riders may not always have the necessary physio-logy to make eff ective use of these advances, nor the desire to sacrifi ce other equally important factors, such as comfort and safety.

    Nobiles Human Concept acknowledges that our goal rema-ins ultimate performance through technological and innovative pro-gress, but in COMBINATION with the advantages and limitations our bodies naturally feature, allowing riders to enjoy and appreciate the quality and achieve maximum per-formance from the equipment they are riding.

  • The 50fi fty is the most powerful force for performing new school moves with precision, control and aggression. This board is something for those who desire a pure wakestyle board that provides huge levels of control at speed, still feeling solid aggressive carving and unbelievable POP combined with butter smooth landings in all water conditions.The 50fi fty is designed with Mike The Knife Blomvall for all the new scho-ol enthusiasts looking for the board to launch huge tricks with technical precision.


    - 3-D Construction mould for even more advanced fl ex control- Wide stance options for more stable riding position- Multiple insert spacing for footstraps and conventional wake bindings - Fin Shims for stronger fi n+board connection- Smaller fi ns for looseness and control on landing

    Who is it for?

    Advanced freestyle Riders looking for:- New School style board- Wake Binding compatibility- Aggressive riding- Huge pop- Easy and controlled landings


    139x40 140x41 141x43

  • FLAT AREAIts SUPER FAST allows you to glide as fast as a cheetah! It takes 70% of the boards hydrodynamic profi le, allowing you to push the speed limits ever further.

    OUTSIDE ROCKERThis is a shape that not only gives you supper grip and edge on turns, but also directs the unwanted water sprays away from your face.

    TRANSITION AREAA perfect bridge between the fl at area and the outside rocker just to make sure everything goes as smooth as You have planned.

    POP GROWERIts like pieces of semtex mounted on tip and tail of the board to give you explosive pop, so you can now fl y higher than ever.

    PRE-STRESSThis marvelous technology allows us to load the boards with energy, so they are even more reactive and responsive.

  • is the next step in kiteboarding evolution. 2HD its an exceptio-nal and unrivaled mix of technological advancement with long expe-rience in creating high qualitative products. This project is a synergy of advantages of our best boards in all range. Super speed and explosive pop are the main advantages of this model.

    Taking whats essential in Hydro and Aerodynamic we develo-ped this unique design of double-profi led bottom. This one of a kind shape was created to bring the most performance to advanced riders. The result is the fastest and best performing board in Nobile range. 2HD is even that good, it may easily compete with race boards. Twin Tip fa-ster than a traditional race board? It has to be the 2HD!

    Over 70% of the earths surface is covered by water. 70% is also the amount of 2HDs hydrodynamic base profi le we did fl at. Inside fl at-ter profi le makes the board extremely fast (less water resistance) and increases longitudinal stability. The other 30% of the 2HDs surface is outside deeper rocker. It incre-ases versatility and edge grip. What is more, it also dramatically reduces unwanted spray in choppy water, makes your riding smother, easier and more comfortable.

    DoubleHydroDynamic is also loaded with Nobile Pre-Stress tech-nology. During the production process we freeze and store energy in the board construction. This energy is then for your disposal just when you need it. It benefi ts with more pop, faster reaction, better grip and maneuverability. This technology also allows us to make boards lighter than ever. We also added our explosive Pop Grover tech for sky-high jumps.


    - Extremely fast hi-performance all round board for demanding riders- NEW DoubleHydroDynamic profi le increases versatility, control and speed- Pre-stress technology for improved response - Pop Grower tech for massive jumps - Lightweight construction

    Who is it for?

    Advanced riders looking for:- Best performing board on the market- Maximum versatility- Hi-performance all-round board- Maximum comfort & speed - Controlled and Smoothest landings- Excellent Upwind Performance

    sizes: 131x40 134x42 137x44

  • Since the beginning, the Nobile High Performance (earlier 666) has always been the product of evolution. This model repeatedly win tests in magazines and has always great feedback from riders.

    The NHP is the board of choice for everybody whos looking an exceptional, big air freestyle machine, without compromising on com-fort and upwind performance, making it ideal for everybody who desi-re high power riding, explosive POP and controlled, smooth landings.


    - 3-D Construction mould allows for even more advanced fl ex control- Hydrodynamic Rocker Line dramatically reduces spray in choppy water- Dynamic Asymmetrical Shape increases versatility and comfort- Wide stance options for more stable riding position- Fin Shimms for stronger fi n+board connection

    Who is it for?

    Freestyle and Advanced riders looking for:- Unlimited performance- Maximum versatility- Big air freestyle- Comfort and speed - Controlled, smooth landings- Great Upwind Abilities


    125x38 128x39 131x40 134x42 137x44

  • Girls edition was designed with our team rider, PKRA pro-to-ur winner Asia Litwin especially for girls riding style. All the mens model advantages packed in the way girls like it. This is not just the standard version packed in diff erent colours. The NHP WMN is all ad-justed to meet womens needs and demands. More fl ex and narrow stance options than in mens version makes it a great all-round wo-mans board.

    The NHP 3D is th