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Online Feed back FormsInternational Kiteboarding Organization: This guide has been designed to help clarify the use of Online Feedback forms. History : Originally the IKO would collect instructor feedback using paper forms which were mailed back to the IKO and logged in our database. Paper feed back forms are still accepted until they run out. No more paper feed back forms will be printed going forward. Instructor progress will now be logged using online feedback forms. Why the change? Paper feedback forms were awkward to manage and the system was being abused by some instructors. When instructors buy IKO cards to certify their students they will be provided with Online Feedback form credits. Each time instructors certify students with a IKO card they are to request feedback from that student using online feedback forms.

Online Feed back FormsHow does it work?2. At the end of your lesson, instead of filling out the paper feedback form, collect your students' names and email addresses, record the lesson length, and the IKO level that each student reached. Log into "My Profile" on the IKO website You will see a button that says "Request Feedback Click the button and fill in the details you recorded and the click the "Send Request" button. After you have clicked the button, the student is emailed with a request to give feedback on the lesson, when the student has done so, the feedback is complete This feedback is then automatically logged in the IKO database and is reflected in the instructor profile and online ratings.

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Online Feed back FormsLog on

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Online Feed back FormsRequest feed backIn your instructor profile two new buttons have been added Request Feedback and Manage Feedback Click Request Feedback to fill out the student details.

* It is important that you remind your students feed back is required and its anonymous! The email is sent from the IKO not you as the instructor.

Online Feed back FormsRequest feed back1. Make sure you have feedback form credits 2. Enter the students information 3. Choose the language the student would want to see the email in. 4. Click send feedback request at the bottom of the form

Instructors that are using school purchased feedback forms can select the school, and enter the school provided credit code.

Online Feed back FormsWhat the student will see:Important to remember its from the IKO not the instructor thus keeping it unbiased and universal.

Students receive an email with a link asking them to please provide feed back.

A personal message from the instructor

Online Feed back FormsWhat the student see:

Student have a two steps to complete. Additional questions appear if its an IKO centre (see above). Feedback is automatically and anonymously added to the IKO database once they submit.

Online Feed back FormsFeedback Request Management?The feedback request management button allows you the instructors to see the status of an email feedback forms sent. It provides a summary of the number of remaining credits, total credits purchased and credits used. If students have not given feed back in a reasonable amount of time under the action column there is a link that allows you to cancel the request and have that feedback credit put back in you account.

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