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2. Page 2Instant messaging, teleconferencing, podcasts, and other such internet-based innovations have all revolutionized the process of communication. They have collectively made sending, receiving, and conversing with others easier, clearer, and more efficient, even from as far as a continent away.All of these innovations have their own specific benefits and advantages for using them, just as they also have drawbacks. Some only come with an audio component and some only text. Some have both audio and video components, but only come as recordings. Those who choose one particular mode over another do so obviously because it serves their needs. However, its no secret that many wish their chosen mode of communication could do much more.Google, being the largest search engine, with the widest reach on the planet, has taken upon itself to provide a viable, comprehensive solution that addresses most of these concerns in one cost-effective, efficient, andStart here now - 3. Page 3innovative solution. Its called Google + Hangouts.With Hangouts, Googleliterally allows anyone anywhere in the entire world to chat, to collaborate, to share, to learn, and do business.It is no wonder, then, that such a versatile solution can be maneuvered to make a profit for those savvy enough to understand how and where it is best used. Considering the massive potential for such a solution, its to be expected that there could be a multitude of other ways to profit that may not be present on this list. However, those included here are fast becoming popular, and may already have some exposure.Google + Hangouts is an excellent venue for any and all types of promotion. Youre afforded a number of tools and a virtual presence that makes the presentation of your promotion effective, highly engaging, and informative.Statistically, the best promotions are those that maximize on audio and visualStart here now - 4. Page 4engagement. Promoting on Hangouts is decidedly better because of the added appeal of a live person doing the actual pitch, instead of an impersonal prerecorded message that pitches the same call to action repeatedly throughout the presentation. Coming with a number of very useful tools from Google, a promotion done on Hangouts is dynamic and entertaining, and is sure to drive the message home. Recall is a sure thing, especially when memorable elements are added. Those who promote on Google + Hangouts craft their presentations in such a way that the promotion itself is seamlessly integrated with information delivery.Although a Google + Hangout is typically limited to a connection with 10 other people, theres the feature of Google + Hangouts On Air that actually saves the session and uploads it to YouTube, allowing it to be seen by any number of people on the internet. YouTube, already a phenomenal tool used by marketers, is the perfect venue to share any sessions done on Google + Hangouts because it can also be effortlessly shared with other social media sites, (Facebook and Twitter), further enhancing the exposure. But dont let that limitation of the 10 other people being personally on a Hangout with you intimidate you one little bit, because the viewing of your actual LIVE session can be by 1,000s, 1,000,000s of people.Start here now - 5. Page 5The best part about a Hangout session also being on YouTube is that the sharing that happens there is highly organic, done by real people, with very little need to push or further promote, all for free. Anything deemed interesting or of use is almost sure to get a multitude of shares. This exposure creates forward motion for whatever message, promotion, or information is already in the Hangout session, propelling it everywhere, even into highly relevant groups or areas that would otherwise require much greater effort and expense. In many cases, other types of promotions or information sharing, such as posts or articles, typically need the added help of paid pushes to allow it to reach further and farther. Not so with a Google + Hangout sessions that happens to be on YouTube. It allows you to capitalize on the incomparable reach of the video sharing network without having to spend a phenomenal amount of money.Start here now - 6. Page 6During the bleaker days of Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization, getting any kind of lead or traffic required either paid research or a survey to source them out, and then another payment for certain parties to funnel them to you or your site. In many cases, they were only general leads, with a disappointing number turning out to be anything of actual quality.This is not the case with a session done on Google + Hangouts. To begin with, one would not bother to sign up and join a Hangout session if one was not already interested in the discussion featured in that session. The people who join have either received an invitation they were interested in or may have actually searched for the session themselves by looking for promotions. Whichever the case, these attendees are already interested, which covers step one of getting quality leads that later turn into real conversions.On top of it all, these are leads that the Host of the Hangout session can actually engage in real time conversation with, further improving chances of turning someone who is simply interested into someone who wants to spend their money. Start here now - 7. Page 7The great thing about the internet is that you can market to just about everyone on the face of the Earth. The bad thing about it is that, because of the relative anonymity, trust does not come easily. Don't expect people to immediately buy from you if they don't know who you are, how reliable your product or service is, or where you come from. Even face-to-face sales people have this problem. The most effective way to get over the issue of trust is by conversing with people at length and engaging with them.Google + Hangouts is an excellent platform for this, because you can present yourself in a "no frills, no hidden agenda, here-I-am-right-in-front-of-you" manner. You get to talk to the people attending your Hangout session directly, giving it a personal touch. Nothing allows us to connect to others more than putting humanity into our communication. You get to encourage them to ask any questions they may have about you or your business, which goes a long way to showing (1) transparency, which is always a good thing, and (2) Start here now - 8. Page 8authority on your subject, which gives them confidence in you. These two things are the best ways to earn the trust of consumers, which you can further bolster by creating open communication via the Hangout session. One of the most common complaints people have with businesses and services is that their customer care is difficult to talk to and even harder to connect with. A well conducted Hangout session creates the impression that you are already providing them with valuable customer care, even before they actually make a purchase or a commitment to you, which further increases the chances of a conversion.A fantastic feature of Google + Hangouts On Air is that you immediately get a recording on your YouTube channel. This is an excellent way to cross promote your session, and allows anyone not present during the session to see it. This is, by far, a much better option than having to pay for recordings of a video conference or seminar, or to set up a recording of it yourself.Even better is the fact that, because it is on YouTube, views and shares are almost guaranteed. Since YouTube is inextricably connected to social media giants Facebook and Twitter, shares across social media platforms are not justStart here now - 9. Page 9a possibility, but a certainty. These recordings may also be given out as tokens to entice people to sign up, or teaser videos for marketing so that more people seek out your video sessions.Unless theyre the kind found on YouTube that were previously recorded, Google + Hangouts are essentially done live, in real time. This means everything done, seen, and heard during the session appears natural and unrehearsed, unlike a pre-recorded video. This gives the host the golden opportunity to "smuggle" in some marketing in the form of a short clip, an image, or even a verbal cue, such as when you make an example of a brand or business.Because of the fact that these sessions are active and dynamic, there is greater retention of all things seen, heard, and discussed. Meaning, any amount of promotion, marketing, or advertising done here, however small, has a much greater chance of being retained by the participants. This is far better than the traditional marketing attemptsStart here now - 10. Page 10at retention done through repetitive exposure and plugging, hoping to bank on rote memory. Because the participants are active and engaged in the discussion, brand association with whatever they learned and experienced is exponentially greater. This means that if you talk about a brand, participants at the session may be able to enumerate the features or benefits you discussed by heart, making them living, breathing vehicles of marketing who can spread the message with conviction instead of as a paid spokesperson.Networking is one of the most essential ways to create a presence in the business industry. Apart from allowing you to find like-minded individuals and similar businesses, it also allows you to create a working relationship with potential partners or even other companies. Quality networking, however,Start here now - 11. Page 11requires that you first work your way into certain groups before you win the confidence of your would-be network partners.Google + Hangouts, apart from just helping you seek out potential business or sales leads and eventual conversions, also allows you to create a viable venue to meet and greet other business people. Not only does this save time, money, and effort as compared to actually going out and meeting people who may or may not agree to network with you, but it also shows potential partners how savvy you are when it comes to online communications and business. A Hangout session to make introductions to one another is a tactful move, as it provides just enough of a presence to allow everyone appropriate introductions and preliminary communications. It also affords everyone the luxury of getting a "feel" for each other without it being overtly seen. This paves the way for smoother talks later on.For people who like to hear others talk to get a better understanding of their character, a Hangout session is ideal. It allows the next best thing to a face-toface without having to be in the same room with someone you may or may not agree to network with.Start here now - 12. Page 12When you give instructional talks, mini-seminars, or training at your Google + Hangout sessions, they can be made into the best premium takeaways you can ever give out to your subscribers. The recording feature found in Google + Hangouts On Air can be used to record the entire event, which you can later edit, cut, or re-purpose into whatever you may need, such as teaser clips to show prospective participants what they stand to gain if they sign up with you, step-bystep lessons for attendees who would like to go over the session once more to fully digest all that you talked about, or simply compile all the sessions you made into a comprehensive library for future use.Instead of creating a separate video for these purposes, the recording of the actual Hangout session could prove to be much better, since there is already an active dialogue going on where participants may have asked pertinent questions that other viewers may also want to know. This is, without a doubt, the most cost-efficient takeaway you can offer your subscribers, as you have a ready-to-view, customizable video recording.Start here now - 13. Page 13Video is the undisputed preference for media that is most effective in delivering any kind of message to participants. This is because video engages multiple senses simultaneously, creating a better chance that you have a captive audience, as compared to plain audio recordings or reading materials that your prospective audience could just set aside. Google + Hangouts is an excellent opportunity to capitalize on the power of video to sustain the attention of the viewers.The beneficial effects of video for business or monetary purposes are quite simple, but very effective: watching videos = sustained attention, sustained attention = excellent retention, excellent retention = conversion/sales/realized marketing. Google + Hangouts not only let you maximize on the influential power of video, but it is, perhaps, the most effective engagement tool to date, because all the participants of a Hangout session are, as the name implies, participating in it in one way or another, not just idle viewers.Start here now - 14. Page 14Google + Hangouts is an excellent tool for training or seminars. Apart from being an effective venue because of the audio and video components, Google + Hangouts can save a company quite a hefty sum. To ensure employees get the best training possible, many companies seek out and hire professional trainers and speakers. In cases where there are several satellite offices, some even being abroad, the total expense to facilitate such training can be astronomical.Using Google + Hangouts saves the company a great amount by not having to fly the resource person to the employees to be trained. In trainings where it is imperative that the ones being trained receive clear instruction and they really learn what is being taught, the Hangout session is the next best thing to being physically in a classroom, as direct conversation is easy.Conversely, for those who make a business out of training and seminars, using Google + Hangouts for training purposes allows them a much greater reach and scope than when they have to conduct the session in a conference room or auditorium, where the sheer number of attendees doesn't always provide the best atmosphere for an effective learning experience. Even better, the Google + Hangouts On Air version allows recordings, which can also be later used as training material in instances where a Hangout session is not viable.Start here now - 15. Page 15The choice here is very clear. We all make decision, especially nowadays, based on costs of products we use in our business. Most of the time, we think that cost is not a big issue because of the money we earn from our business activities. However, we are all looking for ways to cut costs because this results in savings to us month after month, year after year.When comparing the costs of Google + Hangouts to GoToWebinar, it becomes obviously clear the CLEAR WINNER is Google + Hangouts. Not only in cost, but also in functionality and what this can do for our business day after day, month after month and year after year.Lets consider a breakdown of the facts in an illustration. Only then will you see everything more clearly and know what is best for YOU and your BUSINESS. After all, we are in this business world to make money for our hard work as business entrepreneurs. True?Start here now - 16. Page 16Start here now - 17. Page 17Get Google + Hangouts knowledge today. All the knowledge you will ever need to run your Hangouts like a Pro is right here, professionally created videos taking you by the hand, step-by-step. You can start running your very first Hangout the very first day.Get it today for only $17.00, COMPLETE. There is a BONUS waiting for you when you order today! Click the link below and get started: here now - 18. Start here now -