Getting Started with Google+ and Google Hangouts

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Want to know more about the features and functionalities of Google+ and Google Hangouts? Then this is the presentation for you. Find out useful information, set-up procedures, best practices, and other tips for making Google+ work for you. Google+ is a helpful social media tool for personal and professional connections. Google Hangouts allows for quick, real time, video interactions that will personalize meetings and provide clearer and more direct communication.

Transcript of Getting Started with Google+ and Google Hangouts


2. If Facebook and Twitter had a baby It would look a little like Google+ But a little bit better. 3. Facebook Allows you to create full status updates, create events, have groups, and maintain privacy. Twitter allows you to follow people of interest who are not necessarily people you know or know you. Google+ allows you to create status updates, events, and other common functions of Facebook, But also allows you to follow people, and be followed by people outside of your circles. The added benefit to Google+ is the privacy you can maintain, and the communications tools built Into the platform. 4. GETTING STARTED 5. GETTING STARTED 6. GETTING STARTED 7. GETTING STARTED 8. GOOGLE CHAT & HANGOUTS 9. GOOGLE HANGOUTS 10. USING GOOGLE HANGOUTS 11. 1 2 3 GOOGLE HANGOUTS- GETTING STARTED 12. 1 2 STARTING A VIDEO CALL 13. VIDEO CALL BASICS SETTINGS AND OPTIONS 14. Notice both accounts. If a user has multiple accounts, be sure to invite the correct account to the Hangout. One way to assure this is to create circles with accounts that you have verified as being work appropriate accounts. INVITING PEOPLE TO A VIDEO CALL 15. When you start a video call, you might notice that the video call is restricted to people in your organization. You can still add people outside your organization if you explicitly invite them, or if they are part of a circle that you invite. People within your organization can join the video call if they are invited or have the URL. When you invite people outside your organization, youll see a warning and will need to verify that you want to do this. Then during the video call, participants will see a notice that external people have been invited and can join. This serves as a reminder to be careful about what you discuss. Before your meeting make sure you have an agenda outlining what you can discuss with people outside your organization. If uninvited people outside your organization get the URL to a restricted video call, they wont be able to join. In addition, people outside your organization wont be able to extend invitations to other participants (but other people in your organization can do so). If you select Public when you invite people to the video call, the video call will no longer be restricted to your organization and people you explicitly invite. For a Public Hangout, anyone who has the URL will be able to join, as long as the video call isnt already full. INVITING NON MAGNET 360 EMPLOYEES TO A VIDEO CALL 16. CALL A TELEPHONE Using Call a telephone allows you to place person to person calls via Hangouts. Since we already have a dedicated phone system for voice, please use this only when you are not on our local network. Keep in mind that If you choose to use Hangouts to make calls, call quality cannot be guaranteed. 17. SHARE YOUR SCREEN When you choose to share your screen, Hangouts gives you the option to share any particular item you currently have open or share your entire screen. 18. BEST PRACTICES When to use Google Hangouts /// For internal office meetings /// Any non-client meeting that is not using sensitive or non-public materials /// To connect with your teams who are working remotely