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Transcript of How to get started on Google Hangouts - DISCIPLESHIP 21 · PDF file How to get started on...

  • How to get started on Google Hangouts For group chats & video calls

    “You can chat with up to 150 people on a variety of

    devices, or hold a video call with up to 25 participants in

    your organization (the 10 most active participants are

    shown at the bottom of the screen).”

    1. Go to

    Note: You do need to have a Google Account to use

    Google Hangouts to start chat groups & video calls.

    Even if you don’t have a Gmail address, you can

    obtain a Google account. You simply need to sign

    up for a Google account using the e-mail you use for

    parish/ministry business. Here is the link to help


    2. Click on “VIDEO CALL”

    3. A new window will open where you can enter the

    emails or contacts (if you already have them saved as a

    Contact) to invite to your Hangout.

    4. Click “INVITE” or you can select “COPY LINK TO

    SHARE” and send that link to your invitees via email or

    text message.

  • Meanwhile…

    Your invitees will receive your invite. This is what they’ll look like

    either as the link, on their Gmail account (if they have one; invitees

    do not need a Gmail account to use Hangouts), or on the Hangouts



    If your invitees will be using a smart phone to join in

    your video chat, they will need to download the

    “Hangouts” app (developer Google LLC).

  • Once they click on “ANSWER” they will be

    connected to your video call and you’ll be

    able to see them!

    Your invitees will have the ability to mute

    their microphone or turn off/on their

    camera on their device. If you can’t hear

    or see them, make sure they have their

    microphone and/or camera on.

    If you’re having issues or any other questions regarding Google

    Hangouts, check out their support pages here:

    How to start a Google Hangout CHAT group:


    How to start a VIDEO call


    Google Hangout Help Center

    Microphone Camera

    End Call

    Oh behalf of the San Gabriel Pastoral Region and Bishop David O’Connell - we are happy

    to offer assistance as you try to virtually connect and pray with one another. If you

    need help: Please e-mail Damaris:

    or Katie: