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Transcript of Google Hangouts Meet guide - bednarb/capstone/Google-Hangou¢  Hangouts Meet...

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    Quick Guide for Using Google Hangouts Meet

    (For live class sessions, office hours, group meetings, one-to-one conversations, and collaborative work.)

    Use Chrome browser on your laptop/desktop or the app on your phone/tablet:

    Meet • iPhone/iPad • App Store Meet • Android • Google Play Store

    Preparing for your First Hangouts Meet on your Laptop/Desktop

    In your Chrome browser go to If you are not signed in with any account click/tap Sign in at the upper right: with your SU account and signed in with your personal account, click on the icon for your personal account and choose your SU account from the list. If your SU account is not listed, choose Switch account

    Choose Use another account

    Enter in your complete southwestern account/email, click Next and follow the prompts to sign into your SU account.

    Click/tap on the gear icon at the upper right of the Meet window:

    You will be prompted to allow Meet to use your camera and microphone. Click/tap Allow in the prompt that appears at the upper left of your browser.

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    In the Audio tab, Chrome will display the results of what was detected on your computer. In the example below, both a microphone - Internal microphone - and speakers - headphones - were detected. The items found are usually the audio devices for your computer. If the proper item is not displayed, use the drop arrows to the right of the detected items and choose the one you wish to use.

    Start speaking or make some noise and you should see the green dots to the right of the microphone icon change when sound is detected. Note that if you do not see any movement, check the sound settings on your computer to make sure the input volume of your microphone is not low.

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    Click/tap on the Video tab and Chrome will display what it was able to detect. If you typically have a light or some other indicator on your computer that the camera is in use, you should see those same indicators. You should also be able to see movement in the small video window when moving around. If there is more than one camera connected to you computer, use the drop arrow to the right of the detected camera area and choose the one you wish to use.

    When everything is set, click Done at the lower right of the Audio Video window:

    You are now all set to join or create a Hangouts Meet live session!

    Joining a Hangouts Meet

    For Calendar events with a Hangouts Meet setup, click on the calendar event to view the details. Click on the item titled Join Hangouts Meet.

    Or you can open the email you received when you were invited to a Hangouts Meet and click/tap on the link beginning with

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    It is good protocol to mute your microphone before joining a Hangout Meet session. At the bottom of the video of the Ready to join window are two icons to toggle the microphone and camera off and on. In the image below, both the microphone and camera are NOT muted/off. Click/tap on the microphone icon. If the organizer of the event has requested to not have guests share their camera, click/tap once on the camera icon..

    Once the microphone is muted [off]:

    Click/tap Join now

    The Meet live session appears. Note in the image below, the camera is muted/off and the microphone is on, as it would be when you are speaking to the group.

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    Note also that the bar in the top right corner shows your shared screen and contains two other links: one that indicates the other people on the session, and one that opens the Hangouts chat function. If you need to change your mic setting during the session, you can click on the main page or click on the thumbnail of you in the top right corner.

    If this guide doesn’t give you the information you need, please go directly to:

    Google's Cheat Sheet for Hangouts Meet