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Neumann University Technology Showcase

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  • 1. Google Hangouts for Education Author: Tom Matys Presenters: Scott Beadenkopf, Natascha Thomson, and Tom Matys Date: Wednesday, March 11th, 2014 Neumann University Technology Showcase

2. Why use Google Hangouts? Convenience Cooperate Collaborate Conference Connect Converse Contact 3. Pros Small effort initially has payback. Network with students, faculty colleagues, or other university groups, or communities. You do not need an AV staff to set up for you. Can be imbedded within BlackBoard Learn. Prevent delays for group decision making. Mandatory Google+ memberships keeps all of those within a circle in touch and notified. It is real-time. Has competitive advantage 4. Cons Google+ account needed Cant connect with those who do not have account Learning curve some extra time initially Small expenseheadset, mic, and/or webcam 5. Google+ Google+ and YouTube 6. Google Hangouts for Education QUESTIONS?