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description Blog post with video on Privacy settings for your videos created with Google Hangouts on Air.

Transcript of Privacy for google hangouts

  • 1. PRIVACY SETTINGS IN GOOGLE HANGOUTS How can I make my recordings private?

2. 3TIPS Can I set the default to Private? How to set individual videos to private? Deleting notice on Google + 3. YOUTUBE DASHBOARD Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 4. CHANGE DEFAULT Only changes for uploads. Google hangout videos will still be public. 5. 3OPTIONS 1. Public 2. Private 3. Unlisted Anyone can search for and view Can only be seen by you and users you select by adding their prole or email address. Need a google account to view it Only people who have a link to the video can view it. Google account is not needed to view. 6. CHANGE INDIVIDUALVIDEOS Public Edit 7. Private 8. DELETE NOTICE FROM GOOGLE+ PROFILE 9. THANKYOU FOR WATCHING