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  • Collina Del Tiglio produces boutique wine in Piedmont, Italy.

    A union of tradition, work-ethic and soul.

  • Geography &Vineyards

  • For lovers of wine, Piedmont represents the very best of Italian winemaking.

    Piemontese wine tradition goes back to antiquity. This was the location of the royal vineyards as well as those of the aristocracy. Unlike the hot italian south, Piemonte is not about bright colour. Rather, its about elegance, style and harmony.

    This is the region that produces the world famous Barolo and Barbaresco styles.

  • Monferrato is often called the heart of Piedmont. This region is in the south of Piedmont, between the Tanaro river and the Ligurian border.

    Its hot summers and damp winters, as well as the composition and structure of its terroir create beneficial conditions for the winemaking which is a central pillar of the local economy and a cultural symbol for the region.

  • Our vineyards are located among the medieval towns and castles of Alto Monferrato.

    They are well situated on the south and southwest sides of the Apenine hills.

    The vineyards comprise 10.18 hectares. Red grapes - Dolcetto, Barbera and Cabernet Franc.White grapes - Chardonnay and Cortese.

  • Some of our vines are more than 50 years old. The vineyards are located on a rich terroir that is responsible for the wines bright aroma and flavor


    The grapes have the high sugar content, balanced acidity and tannins necessary for long maturation of wine.


  • Collina del Tiglio was founded in 2007 by Yuri Mostovoy.

    After a successful career on Wall Street, Yuri had the opportunity to immerse himself directly into the process that had fascinated him for many years. Having moved with his family to a 10

    hectare vineyard in Piedmont, he dedicated himself to winemaking with the same passion and work-ethic that hed had in his life thus-far.

    He assembled a wonderful group of Italian professionals with in depth knowledge of the subtleties of winemaking. Previously, the vineyard belonged to count Guelfi Camajani, and had brought him many awards. Since then it has been converted to modern agronomic technology,

    keeping organic principles in mind during the process. Our goal is to harvest grapes with a concentrated flavour.

  • The effort put into the improvement and development of the farm was judged worthy by the European Fund for Agricultural Development (EAFRD). Collina del Tiglio was granted funds for a

    new technical building. The structure has a degustation hall with panoramic windows and a terrace looking out on the hills and vineyards.

    All our wines are categorized D.O.C. confirmed by the Italian Government. D.O.C. determines the grape varietals, yields, vineyard orientation and method of production.

  • Collina del Tiglio follows the principle of minimal interference with the natural Piemontese weather patterns and eco-systems. We are more interested in the richness

    than the quantity of the harvest.

    Our agronomist believes that the vine needs to struggle in order for the juice in the fruit to be of quality.

  • This belief finds form in the following processes of our wine culture:

    We fertilize only once a year using organic fertilizer;

    When tilling the earth between rows on an annual basis, we skip rows in this way, the earth is only tilled once every two years;

    We keep a balance between the leaves and fruit, to provide the correct amount of sunshine and shade;

    We practice green harvesting pruning some fruit green in order to devote the resources of the whole plant to the remaining grapes for concentrated flavor;

    Instead of herbicide we practice the expensive mechanical process of mowing the grass between vine-trunks;

    The grapes are harvested and sorted into categories by hand.

  • The white wine is produced with the cold soak method the grapes are pressed and then refrigerated together with the skins for 24 hours this improves the colour and flavor of the resultant wine.

    The Red wine is produced using a time consuming fermentation process to achieve the best flavor and aroma possible.

    The premium red wine is stored in French oak barriques. Every varietal is stored separately. The assembly (mixing of varietals) is accomplished at the end of the maturation process based on the specific needs of the wine.



  • Collina del Tiglio can be translated as Linden Tree Hill. The family villa is surrounded by 15 linden trees that provide a magical aroma. A set of swings, built by Yuri for his children and grandchildren, hangs from their branches, with a view of the surrounding vineyards and hills.

    Sitting on these swings, taking in the panorama below, one feels an inner stillness and freedom. This is the reason we fell in love with this corner of the world. The set of swings became a symbol

    of the company.

  • The silhouettes of people on swings that appear on our labels are designed to convey the openness and joy one would want to share with a close friend. This is the

    feeling we try to instill in our wine and we hope is contained in every glass.

    The red wine has a female silhouette, and the white male. They can stand on their own, but side by side they complete each other.

  • The harvest is done by hand in September.

    olour deep straw yellow with highlights.Smell peach, pear with hints of almonds and honey. Flavor fresh, soft and full with a pleasant peach aftertaste.

    A great wine with an aperitif, fish or poultry.

    Chardonnay 50% Cortese 50%

    Alcohol by volume: Total acidity:pH:Planting density: Yield:Yield per plant:Plant spacing:Year of plantation:Soil type:

    13,55,02 g/l.3,31 5,000 vines per hectare8,000 kg/ha 1.6 kg 2.50 x 0.801980Calcareous/Tufaceous/Clay

  • The harvest is done by hand in September

    Barbera 40% Cabernet 30% Dolcetto 30%

    Colour deep red-purple flowing into ruby Smell red berries, vanilla, spices Flavor bright, intense with well balanced tannins.

    Great with any meat based appetizers, ravioli and braised meats.

    Alcohol by volume: Total acidity:pH:Planting density: Yield:Yield per plant:Plant spacing:Year of plantation:

    13,55,4 g/l.3,5 5,000 vines per hectare8,000 kg/ha 1.6 kg 2.50 x 0.801950 -1990

  • Matured for 2 years in French Oak barrels.

    The colorThe smell The flavor

    deep Ruby vanilla tobacco, blueberry, blackberry with a light hint of licorice.intense, ripe, with a wonderful balance of tannins and acidity which makes it a great wine for storage and further maturation.

    Great with prime cuts of red meat, mature cheese or game.

    Barbera 40% Cabernet 30% Dolcetto 30%

    The harvest is done by hand in September

    13,55,6 g/l.3,31 5,000 vines per hectare8,000 kg/ha 1.6 kg 2.50 x 0.801950 -1990

    Alcohol by volume: Total acidity:pH:Planting density: Yield:Yield per plant:Plant spacing:Year of plantation:

  • By putting ones individual mark on the blank canvas of the label, one can become our co-creator and partner. The bottle of boutique wine becomes, in the hands of the buyer, a totally unique and un-repeatable creation.

    A simple signature, time and date of impressions shared, a heartfelt wish, a drawing or collage - anything the imagination suggests can be used for an original gift or pleasant memory.

    Monferrato Rosso 2010 is a premium wine due to its flavor characteristics and unique design, a bold avant-garde concept. The labels minimalistic design draws attention, making the wine stand out. A statement in itself, every label can be completed by the one who buys it.

  • Some labels created by our artist friends



  • Yuri Mostovoy The owner and motor of the Collina del Tiglio team, successfully combining worldwide business interests with a heartfelt passion for the winemaking process.

    Umberto Lucarno Winemaker. After completing two graduate degrees went on to work with world renowned oenologist Donato Lanati - creator of the Enosis research centre.

    Administrator. Winemaking is her passion in life. Lauras wines have won multiple awards. She also owns wine shops in Novi Ligure and Arquata Scrivia.

    Laura Valditerra

  • Alessandro Marruchi Consultant. Alessandro has 30 years of experience in the most prestigious wine concerns of Italy.

    Noemi Barisone Manager. A great sense of humour, style, and fluency in English as well as her ability to direct a company of men made Noemi the heart of Collina del Tiglio.

    Yuris daughter has inherited a talent for business organization. Born in America, having studied in London (completing a degree at Central St. Martins), she is now actively participating in branding and promotion.

    Masha Mostovoy

  • Fedor Sokolov Marketing Director. Mashas husband traveled the world as the administrator of the AKHE theatre group of St. Petersburg. Hes well acquainted with the interests and needs of creative youth, and has a marketing degree from Google.

    Maxi Shilov Art director. Maxi is a graphic and brand designer with experience working with brands like Audi, Aurora Fashion Week, British Council, Demetra Art Hotel, Heineken, Hermitage Museum, Kuryokhin Modern Art Centre, Nike, Perfetti Van Melle, Puma, Russian Museum.

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