259818038 Ancillary Task How Effective is Combination of Video and Ancillary Task

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Transcript of 259818038 Ancillary Task How Effective is Combination of Video and Ancillary Task

I created both my digipak and digipak magazine ad after my music video because of the character development which allowed me to create a digipak that corresponded to my artists persona. For my first idea I wanted to artist to come across as a dangerous, female Byronic, Femme fatal character to create sex appeal in a less explicit way and in a more aspirational way-to make my target audience want to be independent. In order to do this successfully I used a drawn female figure to create a male gaze through the curves of the drawn figure to show how my artist has power of her own physique. For my inside cover, in both idea 1 and idea 2 of my digipak, I decided to use an image of the heart necklace that was given as a gift to my main artist from her ex-boyfriend in the Marvins Room music video. I used this as a background image to accompany the intimate message of my artist explaining what her albums about and how that relates to the songs and title Marvins Room. I did this in order to create a more personal attachment to my artists so my target audience can relate and sympathise with her. For my second idea, on the other hand, I used an image from the time lapse scene within my music video as it was distorted, relating to the feelings my artist had during my music video and hence throughout the album. It had my artists figure in a dark shape which reinforced this idea of mystery as well as the femme fatal identity. It also has a mixture of lights which relates to the idea of urban settings and my genre being associated with urban spaces such as cities. I began experimenting with this particular image through tools on Photoshop such as Vibrance to make the background colour stand out so my artists figure also stands out. I then began experimenting with the filter on Photoshop by using tools such as blur to create images such as the image on the left. Because I thought this was to drastic and worried that my audience may not interpret it in the way I hoped it would be I decided to keep the image as it was and just change the hue and the threshold. Although I was happy with the second image of my second idea I still continued experimenting with filters on Photoshop to see different ideas. I was inspired primarily by my target audience as when I asked them for ideas many said they liked odd images and one member specified that they liked distorted images. I was then inspired by city images that had been distorted.

Colour Scheme:My colour scheme was inspired by my artists persona. The black within both my video and digipak connotes the darkness both my artist and her ex are consumed by which is essentially lust and jealousy. The pink represents the good nature of my artist and her strength that she contains by being able to overcome the pain of heart break. It also shows how delicate she is as this colour was used during the flash back scene when she was at her most vulnerable. White was used as the colour of my artists name in both the music video and digipak as it stands out from the black background and it also signifies purity and infinity. These colours are visible right at the start of my music video as it opens with the title of the song and my artists name.

Typography:I began designing my font on paper before pursuing it on Photoshop. I knew I wanted a bold font that stood out as my artist is both bold and independent making her stick out from the crowd. Both my colour scheme and typography was inspired by Beyoncs Beyonc album. This is mostly because her persona throughout her album comes across as strong, independent, and deadly but also a hint of vulnerability which is a clich for an R&B artist to come across as.

To ensure that my target audience was happy with my favoured option I created various ideas so my target audience have options when choosing so the decision is less biased. The majority of my target audience preferred the simple black and pink bold font because it is simple and attractive and it also catches the eye. A member of my target audience managed to identify my idea to Beyoncs album because of how recognised and established she is.

I decided not to have an image of my artist because my artist is established enough amongst my target audience for her to get the same recognition without having an image of her. This is my unique selling point as it is conventional for cd albums to have images of their artist. The fact that my album has no image ads to the mystery of Marvins Room and who Marvin is, which is what the album is about; finding out who Marvin is and how he affects my artists story. For my first idea I wanted to have a drawn female body because it looks more artistic and so that my artist (me) wouldnt be over sexualised as I personally dont feel comfortable posing in a manner that would fit into the category of the Male Gaze.

For my poster I realised that the conventional thing to do would be to create a poster that correlated with my Digipak. Therefore I created a poster with the front cover of both my albums. I added reviews from established magazines that my target audience read such as The Source and Billboard to show how well known my artist are. The colour scheme through out my both my magazine advert and Digipak aligned so everything was more structured. I also added available on iTunes and Available on Google play as most music is purchased on app stores; especially in my target audiences case.