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  • 1. Textual analysisStephWebb

2. Film posters 3. The VowWithin this romance film poster, we can clearly see a main image that covers the entire space ofthe poster. The image that is shown within this space is of two people - whore seen to beconnected through the use of touching. The denotation of this image is two people of the oppositesex whore expressing themselves through the use of touch. The connotation that we take fromthis is that theyre in love. We take this idea from the image because of the way theyre looking ateach other and how theyre touching one another. Although it Is just two people touching, weinterpret it differently. Within the background of the image, we see a window of some sort andsome grass. The light colours of the background allows for the two characters to stand out on theposter. The colours used within this film poster are natural and have been used to enhance theoverall appearance of the film poster. The lighting allows for the attention of the audience to beput straight onto the two characters within the poster. By using dark clothing for the characterswaistline, the audience is able to see he writing more clearly and is therefore effective. The textthat is present can be seen within different areas of the poster. The biggest text size that we see isthat of the title of the film. This is classed as the masthead of the poster. The words The Vow canbe seen in the bottom third of the poster. Underneath the title is a smaller type of text. It readsinspired by true events. This allows for the audience to understand that the film has been createdbased on real life experiences so is easily relatable. This could also be classed as a selling point at itstands out for the audience and is relatable to real life so is more encouraging for the audience towant to see it. At the bottom of the poster in small writing, we have the companies that areresponsible for all types of industries such as production and distribution companies. This is knownas the billing block. To the bottom left of the screen we have a yellow box that reads check theclassification. This tells the viewer that they have to check the classification of age in order to goand watch this film. We also can see company logos at the very bottom of the screen which informthe audience which companies are associated with the film. At the very top of the screen, we seetwo names and they are automatically associated with the two people that can be seen on screen.The two names Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum are displayed in a yellow coloured font toallow for the audience to see who is in the chosen film. This is therefore model credit as it indicatesto the audience who is in the main image and therefore who is playing the main roles within thefilm. The text can be seen within the top third and bottom third of the screen. This is where youreyes are automatically drawn too. This poster uses composition well in order to allow for the twomain characters to share the space with the text that can be seen. 4. Safe HavenMuch like The Vow poster, the main image within this poster is of the two main characters whoreseen to be touching one another in order to show their affection for one another. The image allowsfor the audience to see clearly how the two characters feel about each other and therefore informsthem that the two characters are in love. In order to make the text stand out within the poster, thetext is white and a light blue compared to the darker colours that are seen on the characters clothing(a darker blue and a green). In order to make a contrast between the text and image, the creator hasdesigned the poster using light text colours which stand out against the image. The biggest text thatwe see appears both in the middle and bottom third of the poster. This text informs the reader whatthe film as called. This is due to the fact that the masthead of the film has been made biggest sopeople can see it as soon as they look at the poster. The next biggest text that appears on the posteris the names of the two characters who play the main roles in the film. The names Josh Duhamel andJullianne Hough are positioned in the middle third of the poster. This can be called as model creditbecause theyre the two seen within the main image. In the top third, we see the text which saysFrom the author of The Notebook and the director of Dear John. By writing this on the poster whereit is visible, it encourages the reader to go and watch the film due to the fact that both TheNotebook and Dear John were huge films and were very successful in romance film genre. This istherefore the selling line that can be seen on the poster. Underneath the film masthead, there issmall sized text that says you know it when you find it. This has been put in the bottom third of theposter as it is the slogan that comes after the title. Underneath the slogan in smaller and thinner text,we see the names of media companies who were involved in the process of creating the film. This iscalled the billing block. At the very bottom of the poster in the same size font as the slogan, we readthe words opens Thursday, February 14 valentines day. By putting this on the poster, the eye isdrawn to it because its bigger than the text above it. The fact that they have put valentines day on itencourages people to go and see it because its a romance genre film and is the perfect film to watchon valentines day. Releasing it on this day would therefore encourage the audience to go and watchthe film if they see the dateline on the poster. Within the background of the image, we are able tosee what appears to be a beach due to the sand and sea. This gives the audience an idea that thefilm is set in a seaside setting or near a beach. 5. The Fault In Our StarsThis poster for the romance film The Fault In Our Stars isnt quite the same as the two film postersthat I have analysed. This film poster is quite simple but uses bold colours and contrasts to inform thereaders. The biggest similarity between this poster and the previous two are that the two maincharacters cover the majority of the space. The main image that we see within this poster is the twocharacters laying on the grass. The female character is seen on the left-hand side of the postercompared to the male character who is seen to be on the right-side. The two main character arelaying in different positions but their heads about in line with one another. Their heads arepositioned within the top and middle thirds of the poster. The colours used within this image aresharp and consist of both dark and light colours. The female wears a light covered t-shirt and a blackleather jacket compared to the male who wears a grey coloured t-shirt and a brown leather jacket.Theyre both laying on the grass which is a dark green in order for the main characters to stand out interms of skin, face and hair. The composition of the film masthead is within the bottom third of theposter. The masthead has been placed in front of the females body in which the text thereforecontrasts against the black leather jacket. Underneath the title in smaller font size, there is a piece oftext that reads one sick love story. The use of the word sick can create a double meaning for thefilm. The fact that we can see the female characters tube which connects to her nose allows for thereader to tell that she is not well. The use of the word sick is a denotation as we see it as simple justa word, but the connotation that could be interrupted from the word is that she has an illness and isnot well so therefore sick could be referring to her illness rather than meaning good. Underneaththe slogan at the bottom is the date in which the film is released (June 6). This is classed as thedateline. At the very top of the poster, there is small text that says based on the New York Times #1bestseller. This is called the selling line which is the one line that encourages the target audience togo and watch the film. The text within the poster uses two different colours white and blue (whichis the two colours associated with the book). In tiny writing in the bottom left hand corner, there is asmall image and next to it there is text that says #TFIOS. In the top right hand corner there is awebsite address that can be accessed by the public. 6. Magazine covers 7. GlamourWhen you look at this Glamour magazine cover, straight away you are able to tell that there is a colour scheme. The textis seen to be only two colours black and pink. These two colours have been used to stand out against the whitebackground. The pink has also been used as it is commonly associated with being girly and feminine and thereforeenhances the femininity of the magazine. By using a feminine colour, it makes it easier to distinguish the target audience.The main image that we see in the centre of the magazine is of celebrity Cheryl Cole. Using a famous female celebritylike Cheryl encourages people to buy it including her fans. We can see Cheryl holding a yellow camera in her hands thatare positioned to the right of her face. The composition of the masthead is in the top third of the cover. It readsGlamour which indicates to the audience what the magazine is about. Above the title in smaller font it says Britain'sno1 womens magazine. This is a selling line and has been put above the title as you are more likely to look at it. Byputting this on the magazine, it encourages women to buy it because its been so successful. By also having that textwritten on their magazine cover, it ensures that theyre linked to the popularity that they have. Underneath themasthead to the left, you can see really small text that gives the audience the website that is related to the magazine.Underneath the title to the right is the dateline. This text is seen to be in capital letters and is small. This informs thereader when the magazine was published. When you look at the magazine, you can see that the