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Ancillary task

Ancillary task Max Cochrane

What I need to do As well as my final product being a TV drama trailer, I will also need to make two different ancillary tasks which will be:Poster for the seriesMagazine front cover which promotes the series I will be needing to analyze various different posters and magazines of TV dramas to get inspiration and study what they all have in common so I can make my own creations seem more realistic and try follow some conventions of them.

ExaMPLES OF TV posters

Analysis Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and Peaky Blinders all have a main protagonist in their series and only that character is featured on the poster. This signifies that that specific character shown is the key and most important character, he/she will also therefore be the most significant and recognisable for audiences. The difference between this and the Skins poster is that Skins does not actually have a proper protagonist. The series tries to give each character as much importance as the next, so therefore features all characters within the series on its poster. Another common trait in all the posters is the featuring of the shows title in all their significant fonts, they are also rather large and noticeable so it allows people who have not actually seen the select series can easily find out its name.

Examples of magazine front covers promoting a tv series

analysisAll the covers features one or more of the more central main characters of the select series taking up a lot of the page having most focus on them, fans of the series will instantly recognise the character and so be attracted to the magazine and want to read and perhaps purchase it. All of them also feature headlines not related to the character or series in smaller letters and and possibly a different colour to have less attention on them. The headlines related to the series are more blocky and larger so they are more eye catching. The difference between them is again with Skins having so many key characters they have put the three most central and probable fan favorites to get the most attention they can for it, while The Walking Dead simply features its main character who is recognisable enough alone. Breaking Bad has both its main protagonists featured since they are as recognisable as each over and Peaky Blinders has its main character however takes a slightly different route than the others featuring a new character in the series, however the actor is Tom Hardy who is very popular so involving him in the front cover would attract people who havent even seen the series but do know of Tom Hardys work.