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  1. 1. Photos for Ancillary Tasks Justine Mason
  2. 2. I positioned the models like this as I liked the different levels created with Adam sitting on the chair and Josh standing behind. To keep to the folk theme of nature, I experimented by covering the chair legs with straw. I also asked Adam to hold the mandolin, which links to the music video, as we used this instrument in it. I positioned the lighting equipment just off centre, to the right of the models. This created a subtle shadow behind them and made the left side of their faces slightly shadowed also. This lighting is used in the Noah and the Whale album cover image which I am basing my photos on. I took the photo from a slight low angle which allows the models to have the higher status showing they are the focus, as they represent the band.
  3. 3. I experimented with different angles and moved the camera further to the right of the models. I also asked my models to change their eye line to see which one looked best. I didnt want them directly looking at the camera, as the band do not use a direct mode of address in the Noah and the Whale image. Taking inspiration from the Noah and the Whale image, I asked my models to maintain a neutral, motionless expression throughout the photo shoot. I believe this makes the images look more natural and less posed.
  4. 4. I took away the chair and positioned my models in a more natural pose, still including the mandolin to show the folk/bluegrass genre. This is my favourite image and I plan to use this for my digipak cover. I prefer the bright, natural-looking lighting rather than having shadows and I believe this will be more effective when I merge this image with the landscape/grass one.
  5. 5. Experimenting with different positions, I had the models sit opposite each other and then back-to-back. I wanted the mandolin to still be featured in the image as I like its obvious reference to the folk genre.
  6. 6. Further experimenting with different positions, I asked my models to sit back to back and focused the camera on Joshua, as he is posing as the lead artist from the band.
  7. 7. This photo is another favourite of mine as I love how the models are positioned and I think the lighting is clear and just bright enough with a hint of shadow on the left hand side of the models.
  8. 8. As the Noah and the Whale image I had taken inspiration from featured no direct mode of address, I also wanted to incorporate this into the images and asked them to look away from the camera at different angles.
  9. 9. I liked this image, due to the bright colours of the houses in the distance and the tall grass. I feel this photo would look perfect layered with one of the other images I have taken of the band.
  10. 10. I like the angle of this image and how the grass fades into the right hand side of the photo. I feel this would be good to use in digipak, perhaps with text layered on top.
  11. 11. I really love the sunset in the background of these images and how the grass creates interesting shapes as a silhouette against the clouds and sky. I want to experiment with layering this over one of the photos of the band.
  12. 12. I like the rustic colours of these photos; the brown tones of the grass and the blue of the sky. I feel they work well with the folk genre.
  13. 13. I really like this image and the bright blue of the sky. I like the shape of the grass and I think this image would work well on my digipak.