Q1: Evaluation of ancillary tasks

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Q1: Evaluation of ancillary tasks

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  • 1. Dark, mysterious imageThe layout is conventional as it uses the hotspot areas, and follows conventional layouts of posters, therefore leaving an organised poster with the necessary items on the page. Low angle shot showing the characters dominance and showing hes overpowering the other character giving a sense of tension and dangerContrasting text with the background to make it stand out and look eye catchingConventional costume showing one of the characters in a suit which compliments the shot type emphasising his power and dominance Also using conventional props, such as a gun, which is conventional of the genre.Using a muggy setting giving an eerie feel to the poster therefore setting a conventional theme to the film overall.Using correct representations Showing the protagonist as week and an antagonist as powerful, creating tension and mystery.Having the image shot take place in an everyday location, which looks conventional anyway, but also gives hints towards the film, showing that the setting of the full film is within everyday society.Use of a bold font that stands out to show power and dominance giving a sense of danger Contrasting text with the background to make it stand out and look eye catching

2. Including an image that relates to the genreIncluding the protagonists actors nameIncluding the film title Including the film sloganIncluding release informationIncluding a blocking bill 3. Overall, my film poster is conventional of the psychological thriller genre as it contains all the conventions of the form, such as including an image that relates to the genre, for example, mine shows the protagonist being overpowered by an antagonist. Not only this but Ive included the film title, a slogan, a blocking bill, release information and also the leading actors name, all of which is conventional of the form as well as the genre. The fonts used are bold and large, as well as contrasting with the background, which shows a strong and bold representation of the film, portraying mystery and aggression, which are all conventional traits of the genre. 4. Contrasting colours with the background, in order to make them stand out, which creates a more visual and bold mood, therefore being conventional.Including an image that relates to the genre Showing the antagonist is a strong posture, in amongst a dark background to show the mystery and tension that surrounds his character.Using a black background makes it looks more mysterious, as if the antagonist is standing within the unknown, and standing strong, showing hes powerful and it conveys a mysterious tone.Including dark lighting to represent the dark psychological thriller genre, and conveying the mystery that surrounds it. 5. Including other films featured within the magazineIncluding a large masthead Including captions Layout- The layout is conventional, as it isnt cluttered, yet it is still full of content, which appeals to the target audience, and therefore, and it also follows the route of the eye, whilst placing interesting contrasting colours within the hotspots to gain attention.Including other films featured within the magazine And information thats catchy and sets up what is in the magazineIncluding the issue number, date and price Including a large image, relating to the featured article. Including other films featured within the magazineIncluding the featured article, and making it the biggest item on the page after the masthead Including a bar code and distribution company logo 6. Overall my magazine cover is conventional, as it includes all the vital elements that a magazine cover in general includes. As well as including contrasting colours to make the information stand out, especially by using red and black, which connote danger and mystery, in contrast with the yellow and white. Its conventional because the image used is a typical shot and it shows the antagonist as looking bold and fearless, which is a conventional representation of any antagonist within this genre. So overall my magazine cover meets the conventions.