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  • 1. Evaluation Question One:In what ways does your media productuse, develop or challenge forms andconventions of real media products?Siobhan FoxI am going to look into the conventions Iused, developed and challenged from myAncillary Tasks

2. Now I am going to look into theconventions I used, developed andchallenged from myDigipakQuestion One 3. Question OneThe main conventions which I took for creating my front cover forthe Digipak are the bright colours and block letters for the bandname OMG as I felt that these looked aesthetically pleasing andwill attract the target audience.Bright coloursBlock letters 4. Question OneThe conventions I established from Katy Perrys insert in her digipakare that it is very bright which will attract the target audience andthis is a convention I wanted to use on my insert because I felt like itwill appeal to the target audience as I discovered from myquestionnaire their favourite colour is pink.Katy Perrys digipak insert My digipak insert 5. Question OneA convention which I took from Little Mixs front cover of their Digipak is the split screeneffect, however I developed this to positioning the performers in the way they are in themusic video without the lines down the middle as this makes it feel as if they are more of agroup.Split screen 6. Question OneA convention I wanted to challenge on my insert of my digipak was having animage on every side, as I felt like it was a bit over powering for the targetaudience, therefore on my insert I wrote the song lyrics and added images fromour music video and other sides of the digipak.Cher Lloyds digipak insert My digipak insert 7. Question OneWhen looking into the conventions of a digipak I decided to try and challengethem to make my front cover more unique, I done this by making the backgroundmore complicates and having a larger image.More complicated andinteresting backgroundLargerimage 8. Question OneA convention I wanted to challenge when making my insert for the digipak ismaking it less formal and sophisticated as I feel that the target audience are morelikely to be attracted to the bright colours rather than a lot of write and dullcolours. The band name and song name are put around the edge of the digipak toremind the audience and attract them.Katy Perrys digipak insert My digipak insert 9. Question OneSummary of DIGIPAKFrom researching into the conventions ofdigipaks on already existing products in the POPgenre I wanted to use some of them as theywould make it look professional and like a realdigipak, however I wanted to make it uniqueand original so developed and challenged someof the conventions. 10. Question OneI am now going to look into theconventions I used, developed andchallenged from myPoster 11. Question OneThe conventions I wanted to use from the POP genre posters are the directaddress, block colour behind the writing and how colourful it is. I chose thesequalities because the direct address makes it seem more personal to theaudience, the block colour makes it seem professional and the colours appealto the audience. I feel that these conventions worked well on my poster.Direct addressBlock colourColourful 12. Question OneThe conventions I feel like I have developed on my posterfrom real ones from the POP genre is having the CD on theposter and using in a different position and writing about itdrawing the audience in, as well as the poses as I felt thatthey were too provocative for my target audiences age. 13. Question OneThe convention I wanted to challenge whenmaking my poster was the type of shot used, ason most POP posters they use a close up or midshot however I wanted to use a long shot to giveit a feeling of being more of a group. 14. Question OneSummary of POSTERThere are many different conventions Iresearched into when creating my poster to tryand make it seem like a real, professional posterhowever there were quite a few differentconventions I wanted to develop and challengeto make it original and suit our group and targetaudience.