Ancillary Tasks: CD Digipak

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Transcript of Ancillary Tasks: CD Digipak

  • 1. ANCILLARY TASKS CD COVER First of all I started out by finding the dimensions of a CD cover and drawing an outline of the CD cover to go on. I then inserted my edited image of Holly into the right square for the front cover. I then added in the album title PROFESSIONAL which is also the song title of my music video I changed the colour of the font to the same colour as the lips in the image of holly to create a house-style. I added a square border around this so I could add it as an aspect to the house-style of the CD Digipak and Magazine Advert; this also makes the eye draw to the text inside the box making it easier for the audience to read. After this I added in the artist name TheSeduction; a band name related to the conventions of R&B music in the aspect to sex and romance. This name appeals to my target audience, both males and females of 17 - 25, young enough to go through sexual relationships themselves; giving them something to relate to. The name can also relate to the music at the fact that the music could be so calming and relaxing to an individual that it could essentially seduce them. I used a font I found on Google to match the same font as TheWeeknds logo which is called Velvitica I then pasted this into a Paint document and saved it as a JPEG file so I was able to save the logo and use it again. I then went onto the internet and found a Parental Advisory label which is found on most CD cover particularly for the age group that I am targeting. Swearing is a common thing in young adults which is why the artist that I am making up would have swearing in the songs. As well as my music video incorporating aspects of nudity and the illusion of a female selling her body for money.

2. ANCILLARY TASKS After this I started on the back of the cover which is what would be on the left hand side as the case was opened. I added in a black blank square keeping to the house- style colours again. I then used the same boarder lines as I used to outline my album name to outline the inside of this black box; this draws the audience into the writing in the middle. This writing is from the s line of the lyrics in my music video, these were the most interesting and intriguing to read through, thought provoking enough so it keeps the audience occupied. I then framed these in the shape of a female silhouette and then I fitted two curved lines to accentuate the outline of the shape and body of the woman. After moving everything around to where I wanted it to go I finally found a structure and fit I was happy with and this is the final result. 3. ANCILLARY TASKS For this I used the same measurements to make another outline which was the same size. I then placed a black background on to this for to keep to the same theme (house-style). I then added in the same album title to the title of the booklet in the same red colour to keep to the same font style. I then added in a load of images which i had taken from the concert I went to in November of The Weeknd, this adds personality to the audience and would make it interesting for them as this is the first time they are able to see what the artist actually looks like. I then added in small print at the bottom included who did the costume, make up, producer, publisher, singer and more even though most of the name were my own it still adds an interesting detail for the audience to read about. For example if they liked the make up or outfits in the music video they would be able to just look up who designed or dressed the characters. On the left hand page I used a 9 set of lips which I also edited on Pic Monkey to vibrate different colours I then saved it as a JPEG from a Paint Document and added them in. It gives the whole inside a lot more colour as well as a different aspect/feature to the inside making it interesting for the audience to look at. To finish the page off I placed the same white boarder as I used on the front cover page and the album title to boarder the whole page and give it a professional and ordered feeling. This is also a feature I am using commonly to fit into the house-style of the CD Digipak. INSIDE CD COVER (BOOKLET) 4. ANCILLARY TASKS After moving everything around to make it look professional I stuck to what I was happy with and this is it completed. 5. ANCILLARY TASKS BACK OF CD CASE I used the same size square as I used for the front cover and then added a small strip of colour next to it to create the sleeve part of the CD case. I then added in the white boarder as I had done for the previous aspects of the CD case, this draws the eye to the wording in the middle of the page. I used the lips image of the lip biting I have already described in my Pic Monkey edit description and placed that in the centre of the page, connecting to the theme as well as making sure it is an image which connects the cover image, genre and music video together in the red colour and the seducing pose. I then stuck to the house style and made up different name of tracks I could place on the album, I contrasted all the colours together by making the numbers white and the song titles red which all stand out on the black background. I placed these at the top and bottom of the page so I could place an image in the middle. Down the sleeve of the CD I added the artist name and the name of the album in the same font and colour to make sure that if someone was to buy the album they are able to find it in a stack of CDs. The font and colours also stick to the house-style of the whole CD pack. I finish moved everything around to where I thought it looked the best and then I also added a barcode which I thought would look perfect on top of the lips. This relates to the music video of the female character selling her body for money as though the barcode is for the price tag of a kiss or a chance to use the womans lips. Overall this is my final back case. 6. ANCILLARY TASKS Again I used the same measurements of the square of the front cover, I then added an extra space on for the other part for the inside part of the sleeve. I outlined the inside of the CD back cover with the same boarder square that I had been using throughout the Digipak, I then outlined the inside of that with a circle outline where the CD would fit into on the back ground so I knew where to place everything. After this I added in the letters XO to the inside of the side sleeve to represent to record label which it behind this artist as well as promoting their own record label which they produced themselves (the original The Weeknd band). I then used the same shape to produce the CD next to it. Adding a small black circle where the circle hole of the CD would be. INSIDE CD COVER (CD PART RIGHT) 7. ANCILLARY TASKS I then added in the dark red lips which was the same shape lips I used for the multi- coloured set however in this part of the CD pack I only used the deep red ones. As I explained in a Pic Monkey Edit part of the Ancillary Tasks, I then placed one of these lips on the CD as well as one behind where the CD would go in the case. This sticks to the theme of the colours, lips and the name of The Seduction. After this I added a huge P which would be the initial of the Album Name, I added a dark red and black shadow effect to this to keep to the house-style and make the back of where the CD would go a little more interesting than that CD itself. After I juggled everything around to where it needed to go; I finally finished the back of the case and this is the final result.