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  • Investor PresentationNovember 2016

  • We are a production and creative development company, focused on developing books, owned and published by SPMs sister company Studio Digital, into full-production podcasts, theater, television, and film.

    Growing stories into premier productions


  • 02.traction plan

    Over 250,000 downloads

    Ranked in top 1% of all podcasts

    This is Rage PodcastTarnished Notes Movie Acquired distribution deal

    with Petri Entertainment Revenue anticipated

    Q2 2017 Little Did I Know Podcast First ever broadway-level

    musical podcast

    Other Current Projects

    Owns rights to 120+ books, 1/3 of which areon bestseller lists.

    Critically acclaimed novels Ready for exploitation 12+ already in production


    SPM Properties SPM team has created

    productions grossing a combined total of $1B

    Lou Aronica - Publisher and New York Times best selling author.

    Mitchell Maxwell -Tony Award Winning Producer & Pulitzer Prize Winner.

    Team Success

    SPM is poised to grow its existing and future properties into lucrative premiere productions.

  • problem: solution03.Problem #1 Solution #1 Authors lack resources to navigate production pipeline.

    Story Plant Media provides expertise to grow stories to productions.

    No defined production pipeline of distribution for taking a book to media.

    Pipeline requires industry knowledge & resources.

    SPM has a team of publishing and production experts.

    Ample experience navigating the production pipeline successfully.

    SPM will fund and produce the initial production of each property.

    1 322

  • problem: solution04. 1 32Problem #2 Solution #2 There is an increased demand for original, rich content.

    SPM owns 120+ properties, including bestsellers, awaiting production.

    Evidenced by the success of Netflix, HBO, and others.

    Personal stories yield virality and top hits in social media traffic, emphasizing the trend.

    Only a small number of companies determine what content is produced.

    Continuous built-in catalogue of properties, customized to the chosen media outlet.

    Continually acquires rights to books to expand its catalogue.

    Implements turn-key solution to take original content to premiere productions.


  • problem: solution05.Problem #3 Solution #3 Traditional production channels require high-risk investments.

    Proof-of-concept model determines traction before high risk investment in property.

    Production companies often invest large sums of money into projects without knowing whether or not they are going to be successful.

    Majority of projects tested through audio drama podcasts.

    Low-budget model determines success before translating to higher budget production.

    Models are also revenue generating.

    1 322

  • model: Podcast

    Podcast Market Opportunity





    Podcasts Serve as profit center from ads and sponsorship Determine traction with mass audience Act as test-the-waters campaign Inexpensive to produce over $100M invested in podcast sponsorship

    17% Over 46M people listened to podcasts in 2015,

    audience increase

    between 14-15

    61% make purchase resulting from ad on podcast

    of podcast listeners

    88% podcast audience is affluent, educated, and engaged.listen to every


  • model: Theater Projects are uniquely analyzed for best go-to-market strategy Revenue generating proof-of-concept phase before full sale production SPM team has immense industry knowledge as theater owners & producers

    Podcastmost often used

    Stage Reading

    One Man Show

    Bookif successful

    Full Scale Premiere Production Market Opportunity





  • vs model: Film/TV

    37%3rd largest global market in the USFILM-GOING


    from over 5,8000 cinemas.

    $38Bprojected to reach $50B by 2020.FILM




    Though the film industry can be incredibly lucrative, it is often high risk. SPM business model minimizes risk through creating revenue generating proof-of-concept phase. Similar monetization can also apply to third party streaming services or television.

    Film Market Opportunity

    Independent Film Industry

    over $3B invested average of 750k per film only 2% of investments returned

    SPM Decreases Risk proven, revenue generating model assess traction appeal to mass audience monopolize on gap in industry

    far higher likelihood of ROI

  • model: Licensing

    Case Study of SPM Property:

    Analyze the best go-to-market strategy. Map for media adaptation.

    NovelOwned property

    SPM will seek to license the performance rights, especially if a high budget production is essential.

    Licensing includes both up-front payment and participation on the back end. Wherever possible, SPM will seek a role as Executive Producer, giving the

    company a 1% share of the overall budget for the project.

    LicensingThere are some cases where seeking licensing might be in the best interest of SPM

    Proof-of-conceptTypically Podcasts

    Determine if a story has traction before bringing it into full-scale production.

    Full Production

    Distribution & Licensing

    Create distribution channels or seek to license performance rights

    Seek additional outside funding to develop full production effectively.

  • 10.current projectsTells the story ofan elevator pitch gone horribly wrong, leading to murder, kidnapping, and social revolt. It is also thebehind-the-scenesstory(told by a true insider).

    Strong sales in 2013 Top ten B&N Best Seller List

    Book publishedAdapted to 4hr podcast Total of 9 episodes Recorded first 3 episodes

    Podcast AdaptationReleased in August 2016 Deployed Advertising Partner 250,000+ Downloads

    Podcast Launch

    Complete 6 remaining episodes Extend to TV, film, or licensing model.

    Execute Best GTM Strategy

    This is Rage - Case Study

    A local music pastor and his wife findthemselvessexually obsessed with the same manonly a matter of time before the tension becomes explosiveand deadly.

    $400KEntire Budget

    Q2 2017Expected Revenue

    Tarnished Notes

    Group of recent college graduatesspendssummer bringing theater back to life before transitioning into the real world.

    Little Did I Know

    -Adapted to 2.5hr musical -Demo created to raise funds -Release Q1 2017

    First fully-produced Broadway-level musical in podcast form.

  • Competitive Advantage

    11.competitive landscape Digital Media Company/Podcast Network Hollywood Podcast Advertising Network

    Producing high quality narrative podcasts Trying to become The HBO of Podcasting Founded in August 2014 by NPR producer, Alex Blumberg & Matthew Lieber

    Generates revenue for podcasts Created proprietary portal. Address foremost problem advertisers face withpodcast: ability to accurately track analytics/metrics Potential Partner

    4.5MActive Listeners


    Underwent round of seed funding and employed series Title III equity raise to achieve valuation.

    $2MAnticipated in Ads

    200companies in



    Howl listening app combines photos and community elements for each podcast.

    Howl app

    1. SPM creates, produces,and distributes content. 2. Other studios must license pricey content after traction, SPM already has 120+ properties. 3. Podcasts are only the first step in revenue generating proof-of-concept model; growth thereafter is built in to SPMs business model

  • 12. Properties are ready for exploitation in other media, many of which

    have already proven valuable through book sales or critical acclaim.All properties further vetted through our proof of concept approach.


    Featured Placement on iTunes

    Publicity to book and Podcast Media

    Targeted Advertising


    SPM has a deal in place to acquire performance rights to the entire Studio Digital catalog, including all titles that Studio Digital signs in the future.

    Sales/Performance Rights

    Growing Library

    sales and marketing

    Marketing Plan

    SPM has relationships with iTunes

    Weekly Social media updates/ behind-the-scenes

    Via advertising Agency& Project-based partner

  • 13.the teamNY TIMES BEST-SELLING AUTHOR LouAronica has thirty-six years of high-level experience in the book business. Publisher of two of the industrys largest imprints: Avon Books and Berkley Books, and Deputy Publisher of a third, Bantam Books. As a writer, he is the author of twenty-four books, includingNew York Timesand National Best Sellers.

    Lou Aronica, Chief Executive Officer

    TONY & PULITZER AWARD WINNING PRODUCER Mitchell Maxwell has built five entertainment companies and has owned and operated three off-Broadway theaters. A forty-year veteran of the entertainment industry, he has produced seven Broadway shows (including the smash hits Stomp and Damn Yankees), more than thirty off-Broadway and regional productions, four national tours, three West End productions, and six major motion pictures.

    Mitchell Maxwell, President

    Art House Digital MarketingSheer Venture Solutions


    SPM uses a range of top-level profession