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Free Phone Calls and SMS service Client apps for iOS, MacOS and Android devices.

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  • If you want to get SUCCESS - Use FREE CALLS and do your BEST!
  • CallsFreeCalls PROBLEM: Landlines, cellular, long-distance and local calls are expensive, especially for mobile customers. International SMS messages are expensive. Digital content cost expensive and push people to become pirates MARKETS WHERE WE ARE: 1. Mobile Ad Market: Revenue (Millions of Dollars) 2013 / 11,420.0 2014 / 13,530.0 2016 / 24,560.1 2. SMS Market Revenue (in USD Billion) 2013 / 230.0 2014 / 236.8 2015 / 239.7 4. International calls market Infonetics Research revealed that the global VoIP market is expected to rise from $63 billion in 2012 to $82.7 billion by 2017. 5. Digital content market (under development) Digital Cinema Screen market to grow at a CAGR of 11.45 percent over the period 2012-2016. Digital entertainment revenue including social driven is expected to grow 10.06% CAGR reaching US$ 850 billion by 2018.
  • CallsFreeCalls SOLUTION CallsFreeCalls client apps for iOS, Mac OS X and Android devices Calls and messages between mobile devices Free of charge long-distance and international calls and SMS messages Rivals - we have a few direct rivals in this market segment, substantially indirect competitors: FriendCaller, Tap4Call Our advantages: Support for CPA more than 15 advertising programs (unique) Low net cost for calls and SMS messages Very user friendly and intuitive applications design Tablets native application Fast and easy users registration process Own development unique technology to deliver voice and SMS, company owner is developer of the project. Some special marketing strategies.
  • CallsFreeCalls Brief stats from CallsFreeCalls for the period of April 2012 September 2013 (the initial 18 months since the service launch): 713,610 users in total, 353,101 active users in the recent month 2,758,768 calls made by our customers 3,243,891 minutes of customers calls 371,614 text messages (SMS) sent Client applications for iOS, Android and Mac OS X are available Contracts with the largest advertizing CPA networks: AARKI, Tapjoy, Flurry, SponsorPay, RadiumOne, YuMe, Vungle, AdColony, SuperRewards Average monthly income is $14,000 The company invests own funds in growth and development
  • 5 Attractive applications designs: CallsFreeCalls Android iOS (iPhones/iPads) iTunesConnect Download stats: -new users for the recent months Our customers love us. Mac OS X
  • CallsFreeCalls Our goal for the coming year (where to invest money): to launch our own complete stack of audio-video calls, including P2P and conferencing; to elaborate, test in the network and prepare libraries and final solution, including softswitch to deliver HD audio and video for further sale, following the SPIRIT DSP model,; to release and test our own algorithm of adaptive audio and video transmission, supportive for all the existing networks; to become an independent player on CPA market; to launch digital content sales . This way our company will realize a complex solution that is going to be used in the B2C business branch and sold by the B2B branch. Taking into account our 12-year experience in the development of telephony applications we can confidently claim that reaching this goal is within our power.
  • CallsFreeCalls The exit strategy: Our team has built a system that can be easily zoomed and adapted for quick customer growth. We are planning on dominating in the market segment, offering users services for advertisement (CPA model). We offer the following two exit strategies for our potential partners: The sale to one of the key players in the sector of the Internet or Telecom market. A route to the IPO market. A recent takeover of system has defined the user's price at the moment of sale 7$. The similar profitability (and considerably lower profit) per user allows estimating the sum of 7$ per user of CallsFreeCalls. These calculations will provide potential profit of 50% from investments already in the 1st year of development, according to estimation and the company's profit.
  • CallsFreeCalls Oleksii Vynogradov Owner of since 1998 Owner of a wholesale telecom company since 2005 (IXC Global Inc.) Programmer who has written the entire code Phone: +38.067.487.87.17 Email: Skype: oleksiivinogradov Dmitry Kuplevatsky Experience in telecom business, programming, management and online marketing. IT banking technician since 1998 Skilled IT project manager since 2000 SEO specialist since 2006 A few successful online marketing projects in portfolio Phone: +38.050.487.90.02 Email: Skype: kuplevatsky Our team:
  • CallsFreeCalls Oh, and one more thing Smile:
  • CallsFreeCalls Oh, and one more thing Smile: