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Pitch Deck for prospective investors in Boomeon's first seed round.

Transcript of Boomeon Investor Pitch Deck

  • 1. Baby Boomers are looking for a social network and communitythats by, for and about them. Boomeon is that place.

2. About BoomeonBoomeon connects Baby Boomers with each other in atargeted social network.Users can create their own public and private groups, blog,start discussions, and comment on anyone elses content.Users can also join groups to follow content in that group, andpeer other users to follow their content.Boomeon also publishes original content on topics of interest toBaby Boomers across various topics in the Health & Beauty,Relationships, Lifestyle and Money verticals. 3. Boomeons VisionWe believe that Baby Boomers deserve their own specialsocial network and online community. We have workedhard to make Boomeon that place. 4. TractionBoomeon launched January 2014.Currently 10,000+ members (September 2014).Since February 2014 visits have grown from 7300 monthlyto almost 17,000 for July 2014.Boomeon has earned media coverage in television, printand digital media. 5. Market OpportunityThere are approximately 65 million Baby Boomers in the UnitedStates, and many more internationally.Baby Boomers spend $400 Billion USD annually, more than all othercohorts combined, making them an attractive target for onlineadvertisers and for Boomeon as we expand into the Boomer datingsubscription arena.Approximately 10,000 Boomers retire every day, with that numberexpected to remain constant over the next 20 years. The BabyBoomer divorce rate has risen 40% over the last 20 years.Opportunities thus exist in both the retirement community directoryand Baby Boomer dating spaces, in addition to the networking space. 6. The ProblemBaby Boomers need a high-quality, targeted social network / onlinecommunity of their own.Current SolutionsFacebook and others are large social networks, but are not targetedand provide no original content.The AARP has its own online community but it is of low quality andcomes with the baggage of AARPs political agenda. 7. Products / ServicesBaby Boomers share the experience of having lived through some ofthe most dramatic societal changes America has ever seen. Theyshare a strong generational identity.Boomeon gives Boomers the location and the tools to revel in thatidentity and with each other.A retirement community directory in development will provide avaluable service for the 10,000 Boomers retiring every day.A planned Boomer dating area will be a draw for the increasing poolof divorced and single Boomers. 8. Revenue Stream Online AdvertisingThe in-place revenue model is based on online advertising, withtargeted price points at $15 - $18 CPM (dollars per 1000impressions).Most pages have inventory for four ads, generating $60 - $72 perpage CPM and thus $43,000+ in revenue from this stream atprojected 2015 traffic levels.This stream curves up over time; as impressions increase the CPMwe charge can also be increased. 9. Revenue Stream Retirement Community DirectoryRevenue from the directory will come from paid featured placementin the directory on the part of communities and from lead sales ofcaptured RFIs.Converting some of the 100,000+ retirement and active adultcommunities in the United States into featured placements in thedirectory at a 5% conversion rate will generate $600,000 annually at$120 / year for a featured placement.Selling RFI leads contributes revenue to this stream. 500,000 pageviews / year converting 1% into leads sold at $25 / lead contributes$125,000 / year to this revenue stream. 10. Revenue Stream Subscription Dating FeaturesThe Baby Boomer divorce rate has grown 40%over the last 20 years, in contrast to the decreasein all other cohorts.Baby boomer dating related key phrases are amongst ourleading search terms for organic traffic.Planned dating area will have three subscription membershiptiers with a projected 80% of users selecting a middle-tier,$9.99/month level. 11. Marketing & Growth StrategyFacebook ads have been a high-converting,low-acquisition-cost source of new memberssince launch.Organic traffic to our content is strong and will continueto increase as we continue to publish original content.We are not aware of any large-scale competitormarketing. We believe we can own the advertisingin this space. 12. Management TeamWilliam Murphy is the Founder and President of Boomeon, and BabyBoomer extraordinaire. He has owned, led and exited several successfulbusinesses, including Esquire Chemical Company, OBF Technologies, andBottom Line Marketing Group.David Dewhirst has 9 years of software engineering and marketingexperience in the online world. He was a software developer, and as co-founder and CEO of ThreeTwelve Creative hasworked on many projects and helped to grow many successful onlinebusinesses.Natalie Dewhirst has been designing, developing and marketing for the websince the early 2000s. She was Creative Director for and hadalso worked in many marketing departments before co-founding ThreeTwelveCreative, where she has had a direct, positive impact on the growth of manyonline businesses. 13. Financials2015 Financial ProjectionsRevenue: $120,000Expenditure: $300,000Profit: ($180,000)2016 Financial ProjectionsRevenue: $420,000Expenditure: $300,000Profit: $120,0002017 Financial ProjectionsRevenue: $1,005,000Expenditure: $400,000Profit: $605,000Projec'onsarebasedonourcurrentgrowthrateanduseracquisi'oncostsandalsoincludeprojectedrevenuefromthere'rementcommunitydirectoryandsubscrip'onda'ngareasofBoomeon. 14. CompetitionWe obviously contend with social networking giants like Facebook.We are much more agile than larger social networks, and can bemore responsive to users and to markets.Unlike other social networks, we are targeted at a specificdemographic.Unlike other social networks, we offer a blend of original contentand social networking.The AARP blends some original content with networking but theircommunity comprises outdated technology and design. Further,many Boomers do not agree with the ideology of the AARP. 15. InvestmentWe are seeking a $600,000 seed round in exchange for 20% equityin Boomeon based on a valuation of $2,400,000.This valuation is based on projected 2017 earnings of approximately$600,000 with a 4x multiplier, which is conservatively below historicalindustry multipliers.Anticipated proportional expenditure as % of total raise: 25% existing staff salaries 10% new hires 50% sales and marketing 10% new product development 5% infrastructure and overhead 16. Thanks & Contact This pitch deck was built following a template propagated byChance Barnett, CEO of thanks, Chance. We know your time is valuable. Wed like you to know how muchwe appreciate the fact that you spent some of it reviewing thispitch deck. Wed love to hear from you, in any capacity.Please dont hesitate to shoot a quick email toWilliam Murphy at,David Dewhirst at, orNatalie Dewhirst at natalie@boomeon.comif you have any questions or comments.