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by Ralph Cajucom

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  • 1. Serious Games by Ralph Cajucom

2. What are Serious Games? 3. What are Serious Games? Serious games are about taking resources of the (video) games industry and applying them outside of entertainment,". This means creating games that play roles in areas such as education, health, public policy, science, government and corporate training. - Ben Sawyer, co-founder of Digitalmill Inc 4. What do Serious Games bring and why are they so important? -Collaborative experiences. -New modes of learning and training. -Encourage exploration -Challenge us. -Develop our skills. -Engages with our emotions. -Blending virtual and real experiences. (eg mixed reality) You have gained a new Level! XP: +9001 5. Examples of Serious Games Americas Army America's Army is one of the most successful serious game released, which gives players insight into army training and recruitment as a tool for the U.S. Army, as well as an entertaining game for both PC and console players. -Robert Brown Vice president of Business and Legal Affairs for Pragmatic Solutions 6. Examples of Serious Games Americas Army Americas Army: Operations, was released on July 4th 2002.-More than 7 million registered users. -Total of 160 million players game hours since its debut.On average, players complete more than 120,000 hours exploring the Army in Americas Army each day. 7. Examples of Serious Games Virtual Heroes+ = U.S. Department of Homeland Security 8. Examples of Serious Games Zero Hour: Americas Medic 9. Examples of Serious Games Zero Hour: Americas Medic 10. Serious Games Market A serious games market will also require game developers to shift from the traditional business-to-consumer model to a business-to-business one. - Senior Writer for Innovation & Design on Phail? 11. Why is Web 2.0 is a major factor to serious games? We are living through one of the most disruptive periods in history with technological development, we are moving from a society which is has always been based on consuming information and knowledge into a society which has the tools now which enables anyone to be a publisher and producer of media. -David WortleyDirector of the Serious Games Institute 12. Serious Games 13. Reference &Sources http:// Serious Games on the Move, International Conference, Cambridge, 23-24 June 2008