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  1. 1. Temirlan Kusmanov 0316608Bektur Kenzhaev 0311530Neville Geoffrey Somi 0317780Mbarak Twahir 0313352Yaashdev Sasidharan 0312132Rifai Nusair 0316507SEREMBAN SEAFOODVILLAGE & KUANG HUAEnglish 2 report Summary
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONFor this assignment, we were assigned into groups to go andconduct an interview on two businesses in the same field, sowe targeted two seafood restaurants for our interview theywere, Seremban Seafood Village located in Jalan TuankuMunawir 3720-3724, in Seremban, and Kuang Hua located inTeluk Gong, in Klang Valley. We got informationregarding the restaurants history, their operations, and theirexperiences in the business as abiding by the criteria of theassignment. We then used the information and compiled thenecessary details we needed to produce our report.
  3. 3. Seremban Seafood Village Owner - Kung Zhoy Sole Proprietor Has authority over allthe businessesoperations Has unlimited liability The restaurant businesswas founded over 30years ago in the year1984
  4. 4. Seremban Seafood Village SSV Only branchexisting Serves a range ofseafood items fromseafood tofu, bakedcrabs, do Re.. MEE!, friedfish with tomato sauce,grilled crabs, dried chilimantis prawn (KungPou) and Kam HeongLala. Generatesapproximately 2 millionringgit annual revenue
  5. 5. Seremban Seafood Village 30 employees Serves around 200customers on a busyday Baked crab is thespecialty amongcustomers Has no competitors Kung Zhoy cares tothink that they andother restaurantsaround mind their ownbusiness
  6. 6. PROS Good promotional strategies in place i.e. banners andinternet reviews Serves a variety of seafood offering customers morechoice Prices customers according to what is fair
  7. 7. CONS High customer expectation Kung Zhoy finds difficult tokeep up with the high demands of his clientele High staff turnover Kung Zhoy says its difficult to findthe right people to handle the seafood may lead to alack of consistency in maintaining quality of the seafood.
  8. 8. Kuang Hua Partnership A partnershipconstitutes of at leasttwo or more peoplecoming togetherqualified with variousbusiness skills, agreeingto help each other byworking together toachieve a commonbusiness goal - gainingprofit Kuang Hua Partnersinclude: by Mr. Sha, TinaWong and San L Jessica
  9. 9. Kuang Hua The restaurant businesswas founded 10 yearsago in the year 2004 byMr. Shahs grandfather Motive was in order toinherit the familybusiness Has 2 restaurantbranches in operationand a total of 15employees Some items on theirmenu include seafood,noodles, and dai chao
  10. 10. PROS 2 franchises in operation likely to attract morecustomers and generate more revenue Business operations are more easier to handle havingthree partners in control as opposed to a sole proprietori.e. just one person in control Being a franchise, the potential to grow and expand itsbusiness is easily attainable as opposed to a soleproprietorship
  11. 11. CONS Has no official website i.e. for promotional purposes.Losing out on potential customers Lacks product variety. Failing to offer customers morechoice could have them likely move their custiomelsewhere
  12. 12. COMPARATIVE BUSINESS ANALYSISSeremban Seafood Village Kuang Hua
  13. 13. RECOMMENDATIONSSeremban Seafood Village Invest time, money and effort to meet customers needs couldbenefit in the long run Offer staff monthly incentives e.g. fringe benefits to motivate themto maintain their employment in the restaurant reduce staffturnoverKuang Hua Has no official website i.e. for promotional purposes. Losing out onmore potential customers Lacks product variety. Failing to offer customers more choice couldhave them likely move their custom elsewhere
  14. 14. REFERENCES Accessed 1st November 2014 Elmer G. Wiens (2007). . [ONLINE]Available at: Accessed 2nd December 2014