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1. My InstitutionResearchNancy Goldstraw 2. IPC MediaIPC is one of the largest magazine distributor in the UK. It publishesNME one of the most common magazines at this present time in theUK 2014.IPC publishes a wide range of magazines for example; Now, Look,Nuts and even Gardening magazines. They only publish two musicmagazines; NME and Uncut, suggesting that IPC have there owndemographic for there own specialist music magazines this impliesthey have loads of experience in attracting a specific target audiencefor music lovers. 3. NMENME is a music magazine published by IPC media, they have a targetaudience aged from 16- 24 year olds. They focus on specific typesof music known as Indie music often featured in the UK top 40. if mymagazine fitted the same genre of indie music then IPC wouldalready have experience in this field of music however Im addingmore competition too the media and my magazine could struggleagainst such well known magazines that are currently out their.My target audience is of a similar age to me, 16-21 ear olds which isvery similar to NME, but because IPC sell a large number ofmagazine that focus on women specifically, like Marie Claire andNow, it obviously means they have wider knowledge of representingmore female based magazines. 4. Bauer MediaBauer Media is Europe's Largest publishing group, worldwide empirewith over 300 magazines in so many different countries.The difference between IPC and Bauer Media is that IPC only focuseson magazines where as the Bauer Media has an extensive varietyfrom radio to television networks. Where as IPC only distributeswomen specific magazines, like Marie Claire and Now, the Baueralso produces magazines for car lovers; women's lifestyle, bikes,and gardening enthusiasts. There most commonly knownmagazines are Q and KERRANG, which shows there versatility. 5. KERRANGKERRANG is a rock magazine aimed at 15-24 year olds similar to thatof NME. This is the only magazine Bauer published which is aimedat a younger audience, this will work in my advantage as thecompetition wont be as high. By publishing my magazine theircompany is more likely to be apart of a larger market in media.Kerrang readers are mostly men, if I aim my magazine at women, theBauer would enter completely different market as they would neverhad produced a 16-24 year olds female magazine. It will createmore competition and hopefully bring in more profit for th companyas it will be more beneficial. 6. Publishing Similar MagazinesBy using a distributor that doesnt already produce a similar type ofmagazine to the one I would like to create will make it easier for me.This is because the company are more likely to take my magazineon as they wont have any competition and have nothing to loose, inthe long run if my magazine became a success they could bemaking more profit and becoming a more well known magazine. 7. Which company would be best forme?Overall I believe that Bauer Media has the edge over IPC for my choicein which distributor would help me most. IPC doesnt fit in with thegenre of music I would like to focus on but it does target the agerange I would like to target my magazine at.The Bauer is highly skilled at multi plat forming and we see this throughthem not just focussing on magazines by the Bauer Media having anextensive variety from radio to television networks. Where as IPConly distributes women specific magazines, like Marie Claire andNow, the Bauer also produces magazines for car lovers; women'slifestyle, bikes, and gardening enthusiasts.