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  1. 1. By Sofia Baluch Music Institutions
  2. 2. Introduction As part of my research into music videos I decided to have look at the major music institutions to gain a basic understanding about the foundations of the music industry. I will be looking at the four major music institution in the world which are: Universal Music Group Sony Music Warner Music Group EMI Music Publishing
  3. 3. Universal Music Group Founded in 1934 as Decca Records, the music institution now known as Universal Music Group (UMG)is now the largest in the world with a revenue of $6.552 billion (2013) and employing over 6,000 people globally. UMG is highly successful music institution with some of the worlds highest grossing artists signed to them, as well having as vast array of music labels Not only is there Universal Music Group Publishing which Not only does UMG focus on producing highly acclaimed artist but also has been involved in modern music consumption today. UMGs partnership with Sony Music Entertainment created VEVO which is a music video platform with which has over 100,000 music video in HD and attracts over 5.5 billion monthly views globally.
  4. 4. Universal Music Group Labels Records Republic Records Big Machine Records The Verve Music Group
  5. 5. Artists of Universal Music Group Taylor Swift U2 Mariah Carey Madonna Elton John Adele Kanye West Kaiser Chiefs
  6. 6. Sony Music Entertainment ( SME) Sony Music Entertainment which is the second largest record company in the world, is a conglomerate of the Sony Corporation. Sony music was first founded in1929 as American Record Corporation (ARC)and was continually renamed after several purchases of the company its eventual purchase by Sony in 1991, thus creating Sony Music Entertainment.
  7. 7. Sony Music Labels Columbia Records RCA Records Epic Records Arista Nashville Masterworks Legacy Recordings
  8. 8. Sony Music Artists Britney Spears Michael Jackson One Direction Calvin Harris John Legend Alicia Keys Whitney Houston George Michael
  9. 9. Warner Music Group Originally founded as Warner Bros. Records in 1958 the Warner music group is now the third largest music empires in the world, and employees 3,5000 people in 50 countries in the world. Its music publishing is also one of the main players in the music publishing business globally and is a key element in their goal to redefine the music industry.
  10. 10. Warner Music Group Labels Atlantic Records Warner Bros. Records Parlophone Warner Music Nashville Rhino Entertainment
  11. 11. Warner Music Group Artist Prince Kylie Minogue Bruno Mars Coldplay Cher Ed Sheeran Lily Allen Michael Buble David Guetta Jason Derulo
  12. 12. EMI Music Publishing EMI Group Limited was a British music recording and publishing company. And was formed a Electric Music Industries Ltd in 1931. It was one of the fourth largest record label in the world until its break-up in 2012 when it was forced into it acquisition from Citigroup, after the label had accumulated over $4 billion in debt. During its time however, EMI was with the big four music labels in the world and had many successful artists signed to its name.
  13. 13. EMI Music Publishing Lables
  14. 14. EMI Music Publishing Artists Paul McCartney Avicci Norah Jones Usher Cliff Richard Snoop Dogg Robbie Williams Jared Leto John Lennon Kate Bush