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  1. 1. Publishing Housesresearch
  2. 2. History and development: The formerly known International Publishing Company was founded in the year 1963 thiswas due to the merging of the UKs three leading publishing companies merging. These companies were named GeorgeNewnes, Odhams Press and Fleetway Publications. All three of these then joined with the Mirror Group to then form theinternational publishing company. Time warner then acquired IPC in 2001 and renamed it TimeIncUk in 2014.Brand identity/ Target audience: The company TimeIncUk is a reality/living type brand. Producing magazines thatentail categories such as homes, hobbies, fashion and music.The target audience for this printing company seems to be an older generation with some of their publishing's being anexception for example the magazine NME would be for a younger audienceCompany size: Over 60 iconic media brands, Engage with 26 million UK adults almost two thirds of this being women with only 40% being males, Award winning portfolio of websites reaches over 25 million users every monthLocations: New york London Hong Kong and so on.More information: ofmagazines:
  3. 3. NME is a weekly publication from thecompany TimeIncUk. It costs around theprice of 2.50. Listing this weekly meansthat they can get more music news out ata faster rate than they could if it was justpublished monthly. This means they willhave a wide audience of people wantingto hear the latest story about theirfavourite bands. The plus side to thismeans that they will be able to sell moreamounts of magazines than they would ifthey just focused on monthly publishing.This magazine doesnt have a specificgenre that I can tell of meaning it hasntcornered itself in the information that itcan put out. This means they have anenormous audience that they can basethere magazines towards.The magazine uncut on the other hand is amonthly publication costing 4.80. Thismagazine focuses on an older type of musicsome examples of the artists they havefeatured include, Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton,Jonny Cash, T.Rex and so on. This couldmean that they are focusing on this one agerange so that they have a loyal group ofbuyers that will continually buy the issueevery month. The problem with this is theymay start to lose interest in the magazineand eventually not want to buy it anymore.Although with this focus they could give verydetailed information on the artists which theychoose to cover on there issue giving thebuyer the best value for money.
  4. 4. ExamplesofmagazinesHistory and development: Future publishing is an international media group was foundedin 1985 publishing only one magazine named Amstrad action. These were the first company to offer freesoftware on the front of magazine covers.Brand identity/Target audience: The future publishing company are a strong to mediawith the genre of magazines that they sell. They also sell automotive magazines, video game magazines andmuch more.The audience that Future PLC seem to have is mostly male with there percentages of most of theremagazines being high in the favor of male buyers/ readers. The average mean range varies from around 21 to44. although some publishing's will have different reader stats towards age and gender.Company size: 52 million online users 13million printed copies sold in 2013 UK no.1 digital editionsLocation:Bath, United KingdomOther information: 2009profits fall from9.5 million to3.1 million, aloss of 61%
  5. 5. Magazineexamples:History and development: The Bauer media group is one of Europe's leadingmedia companies. They have been publishing for 138 years. The date that it all started isJanuary 2 1875, when lithographer Ludolph Bauer founded a printing house for businesscards. The business was passed down and developed through the ages leading to thecompany that we have now being lead by the 5th generation of there family.Brand identity/Target Audience Bauer media group is a big publishinghouse having a large amount of magazines to choose from raging from music, to hobbies,sport and so on.The audience that this publisher seems to be focusing on is an older audience withmagazines such as Bird watching, Country Walking and Zoo. Although some magazinescould pull in the younger teenage audience for example Kerrang and Match.Company size: 300 magazines in 15 countries as well as online, TV and radiostations. The company employ around 6,400 people.Location:Headquarters: Hamburg, GermanyOffices in: Germany, UK, USA, Spain, France, Austria and so onMore information:
  6. 6. Kerrang much like NME is also amusic magazine that publishesweekly. This means that the magazineis cheaper than a monthly publicationwould be costing only 2.20. Thesmaller price tag may bring in morecustomers than a monthly magazinethat cost say double the price. Themagazine Kerrang offer news on rockbands weekly which are shown on thecover for example one week it couldbe Royal blood and the next it couldbe Paramore this allows a diverseamount of information to be given outto the public at a steady rate. Alongside the cover bands there will also besmaller articles filling up the weeklyrock news.The magazine Q is Bauer mediagroups monthly publication. This isthe leading monthly music magazine.The cover price for this issue is3.99. the plus side to having themonthly publication means that theywill be able to fit more information into this one magazine rather thancutting the information up over 4separate weeks. This magazineseems to focus on the bigger namedartists that people will have heard ofsome examples being, Adele,Eminem, Muse, Jay Z and Lana DelRay. These artists are often a bigname in music meaning themagazine will draw in a lot ofcustomers who wouldnt normally