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  • 1. Bauer Media is a multimedia company which functions in morethan 10 countries of the world. Its headquarters are located inHamburg, Germany. It was founded in 1875 and was managedby the Bauer family for 5 generations.Originally a small printing house in Germany, Bauer MediaGroup entered the UK with the launch of Bella magazine in1987 and, under the name of H Bauer Publishing becameBritain's third largest publisher. Bauer further expanded in theUK with the purchase of Emap Consumer Media and EmapRadio in 2008. And Bauer Media also owns Australias biggestmagazine publisher, ACP MagazinesvBauer Media Company produces magazines with bothmainstream and niche audiences. Few of the mainstreammagazines are Kerrang!, Empire and Q, which target youngaudiences. Some of the examples for the niche magazines arethose of with topics of fishing and sports like golf which may beinteresting for an older audience. Bauer Media is a veryreliable company with more than 19 million consumers perweek, which can be explained by the diverse audience it has.

2. Time Inc. UK is a consumer magazine and digitalpublisher based in the UK which was founded in the1950s. The magazines they create are bothmainstream and niche with the genre of music,photography, sports, women, television and etc.Examples of these are NME, which is one of theleading music magazines in the UK, Womens Weekly,one of the most popular women magazine aimed forolder women.The target audience of the company is over 26 millionof UK residents with almost 2/3 of the UK women and42% male audiences. Time Inc. UK is committed toworking in partnership with its consumers, advertisers,business partners and employees to deliver exceptionalvalue, service, innovation and creativity. Time Inc. UK isone of the branches of an American-based multinationalmedia corporation, called Time Warner Company. 3. Immediate Media Company is a recent combined publishinghouses founded in November 2011. The headquarters of thecompany are located in London and Bristol, UK.The magazines produced by the company is a mixture of bothmainstream and niche audiences. Music magazines such asTop of the Pops is a very mainstream magazine aimed atteenagers and a food channel Good Food is also mainstream.The company has over 60+ consumer titles with nationwidespread of 8.2 million magazines per annum and a worldwidespread of 27 million digital publications per month. ImmediateMedia Company produces Radio Times, Top Gear, BBC GoodFood, Gardeners' World and a host of other much-lovedconsumer magazine brands linked to BBC programming. 4. Out of all these magazine publishing companies I presented above, Iwould probably go for Bauer Media. Because it is more widespreadinternationally and owns one of the biggest publishing companies in othercountries. So this will make my magazine more popular around the worldand can increase the amount of readers/target audience and profit I canget.