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  • 1. NME Magazine Published by IPC Media

2. IPC Media is a Subsidiary company of Time Inc. That began in the 1950s The company focuses on magazine and online publishing. IPC Media has 3 publishing divisions. The division that publishes NME is Inspire, whose magazines are targeted at men, most likely between 20-30. This shows that NME is mostly aimed at men, however its likely that many females also read it. 3. The Inspire division also publishes magazines such as Amateur Photographer, Nuts, and Horse & Hound. NME is the only dedicated music magazine published by this division, but a music and film magazine is published by them named Uncut. The division sells a wide variety of magazines from different genres. 4. NME The NME magazine contains rock music related articles, such as interviews with musicians, reviews of CDs, tours and charts of the music genre. There is often free posters with the magazine. It was started in 1952 and has a circulation of around 23000.