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  • Volume 5 Issue 1 Le Chevalier July 2019 p.1

    St. Bernadette Council 12164 480-905-0221

    Grand Knight’s Message WGK Martin Perez

    My dear Brothers:

    Let me begin by stating how

    humbled and honored I am to

    have been selected to serve

    our St. Bernadette Council as

    Grand Knight for Columbian

    year 2019-2020. I look

    forward to building upon our

    past successes as we work

    together to serve and grow

    with our parish community.

    We all have many

    opportunities to make a

    difference in our parish

    community by engaging and

    supporting our Faith in Action

    programs. I would strongly

    encourage each knight to take

    an active role in one of the

    programs (Faith, Family,

    Community and Life) for

    which you have a passion.

    Each of you brings unique

    skills and experiences, which

    make a positive contribution

    to our community. There are

    many ways to contribute, so

    please consider volunteering

    to be a Program chairman,

    Director, or an active

    participant. I can speak from experience when I say that

    you truly get back more than you contribute. It should

    be a goal of each member to attend a minimum of one

    meeting per quarter (all would be great) and to

    participate in at least one program this year. Proudly

    wear your badge to mass each week.

    While the Knights of Columbus do some fundraising,

    we are first and foremost a Catholic service organization

    that Pope St. John Paul II referred to famously as “the

    strong right arm of the Church.” Our members and their

    families are active in numerous liturgical ministries and

    other groups within the St. Bernadette community. It

    should be our goal to have every man in our Parish

    community become a member of the Knights of

    Columbus. We owe it to them to explain the benefits

    and joy they are missing out on by not becoming a

    member of our wonderful Council. I would ask each of

    you to make an effort to recruit a Catholic gentleman to

    join our great organization.

    We recently embarked upon a journey to revamp our

    Knights of Columbus communication vehicles. We are

    finishing work on a new website, which will be easier to

    use and will better reflect the many activities in which

    we are engaged. We hope that it will attract new

    members and provide them with a vehicle to educate

    themselves about our council and its many programs. It

    will be a multiphase rollout, which will add capabilities

    we have not been able to add in the past. The first

    (continued on Page 8)

    St. Bernadette

    Council 12164


    Scottsdale, AZ

    Inside this issue:

    Grand Knights’ Report 1

    Knight of the Month 2

    Birthdays 2

    New Officers 2

    Saint of the Month 3

    Food for the Poor 4

    Pictures 5-6

    Bishop takes action 9

    Illinois Abortion Law 10

    No body parts for

    research 12

    Calendars 16

    Good of the Order

    Prayer List 17

    Contacts 17

    Our Lady of Mt. Carmel


    Safe Environment 19

    Le Chevalier

  • Volume 5 Issue 1 Le Chevalier July 2019 p.2

    St. Bernadette Council 12164 480-905-0221

    July 2019 Bruce Anderson Larry Bramanti Dan Conway Angelo De Nitto Oscar Gerardo Ted Hinderman Thomas Horst Glenn Imber August Locallo Peter Milota Jr. Timothy Pizzitola J Richard Stravolo Timothy White

    SK William Torresala

    Knight of the Month

    June 2019

  • Volume 5 Issue 1 Le Chevalier July 2019 p.3

    St. Bernadette Council 12164 480-905-0221

    Saint of the Month St. Gertrude the Great (1256 AD – 1302 AD) Saint Gertrude’s Story

    Gertrude, a Benedictine nun in Helfta, Saxony, was one of the great mystics of the 13th century. Together with her friend and teacher St. Mechtild, she practiced a spirituality called "nuptial mysticism," that is, she came to see herself as the bride of Christ. Her spiritual life was a deeply personal union with Jesus and his Sacred Heart, leading her into the very life of the Trinity.

    She was raised in the Cistercian abbey of Helfta from age five. She was known to be very intelligent and gentle in nature. When she became too fond of her studies in philosophy, she received a vision of Christ which converted her to study the bible and the works of the Church Fathers. Her writings were greatly praised by St. Teresa and St. Francis de Sales and continue to be read today. St. Gertrude had a special devotion to the Sacred Heart and encouraged others in this practice.

    But this was no individualistic piety. Gertrude lived the rhythm of the liturgy, where she found Christ. In the liturgy and in Scripture, she found the themes and images to enrich and express her piety. There was no clash between her personal prayer life and the liturgy.

    Comment: Gertrude's life is another reminder that the heart of the Christian life is prayer: private and liturgical, ordinary or mystical, always personal.

    Quote: "Lord, you have granted me your secret friendship by opening the sacred ark of your divinity, your deified heart, to me in so many ways as to be the source of all my happiness; sometimes imparting it freely, sometimes as a special mark of our mutual friendship. You have so often melted my soul with your loving caresses that, if I did not know the abyss of your overflowing condescension, I should be amazed were I told that even your Blessed Mother had been chosen to receive such extraordinary marks of tenderness and affection" (Adapted from The Life and Revelations of Saint Gertrude).

    St. Gertrude the Great, ora pro nobis!

  • Volume 5 Issue 1 Le Chevalier July 2019 p.4

    St. Bernadette Council 12164 480-905-0221

    Food for the Poor Project Hello, and good week to

    all our volunteers,

    I want to thank all our

    volunteers for spreading

    love through their

    thoughts and prayers and

    action in the works that they take each

    time they volunteer. Action is way of

    reaching out in love to help, support,

    and encourage the homeless at St

    Vincent De Paul Becker House. St

    Mother Theresa advised others ''Spread

    love wherever you go; let no one ever

    come to you without being happier.''

    Thank you all for spreading your love to

    our homeless brothers and sisters. We

    are an example of prayer in action as

    we reach to others in love. Have a good

    week everyone.

    Food for the Poor Project

    Chairperson and Committee,

    Santo Graziano, cell: 602-321-1673

    Larry Brainard

    Robert and Jackie Franciosi

    Mike and Susan Dalton

    “The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy,


    patience, kindness, generosity,

    faithfulness, gentleness, self-


    Gal 5:22-23

    Wishing you a blessed and fruitful


  • Volume 5 Issue 1 Le Chevalier July 2019 p.5

    St. Bernadette Council 12164 480-905-0221

    Pictures for you—

    Figure 2: Fr. Ed bids SK Jerry Wood farewell with a well-placed "holy punch" at his Farewell Reception.

    Photo: Wm. Torresala

    Figure 4: Fr Ed, always positive, greets parishioners at his Farewell Reception. Photo: J. Wood

    Figure 1: 4 th

    Degree Sir Knights serve for the last time in the “old” Regalia at Fr. Kline’s Installation Mass. Photo: Janet Bleichroth

    Figure 4: Fr. Ed, always positive, at his Farewell Reception. Photo: J. Wood

    Figure 3: Fr. Kline, St. Bernadette's new Pastor, together with Fr. Felt, St. Bernadette's founding Pastor. Fr. Felt celebrates his 50-Year Jubilee as a Priest this year. Photo: Janet Bleichroth

  • Volume 5 Issue 1