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  • Volume 4 Issue 2 Le Chevalier August 2018 p.1

    St. Bernadette Council 12164 480-905-0221

    Grand Knight’s Message WGK Richard Welp

    My Dear


    Our monthly

    General Council

    meeting will be held in the Parish

    Hall, as always, on the second

    Wednesday of the month - This

    month August 8th

    at 7PM.

    We had a Great Month Planning

    for 2018-2019.

    We are off to a great start!

    Our calendar of events for the

    year have been identified, with

    dates set, space reserved,

    coordinators identified, AND the

    calendar has been reviewed and

    approved with the Parish Office

    reserving space needs for our


    We established an information

    technology committee led by Ed

    Dunai assisted by Roberto

    Pastrana and Martin Perez to

    better communicate with all of

    you and you with us. Our

    calendar will be updated

    continually, providing ongoing

    opportunities for your pro-active

    assistance in our success. To

    include upcoming “Hold the


    Look for tutorial opportunities in the future to help

    better util ize this technology.

    I am thinking marketing and periodic social… What

    are your thoughts and ideas?

    Please review our ongoing calendar located on the

    St Bernadette Website www.kofc1264.org

    What are your upcoming events?

    Free Ice cream social – August 18 in the

    Parish Hall – Martin Perez is coordinating

    this event - Please join us with your family

    New Officer Installation - Saturday August

    25 – Jerry Wood coordinator – Mass at 5PM

    – Followed by a Dinner reception and

    awards. – Please attend

    Tootsie Roll Give Away – September 28 29 -

    Vinny Cefalu coordinator – Vinny will be

    looking for help giving away tootsie rolls –

    To Benefit of Children with Disabilities –

    plus we will be giving away tootsie rolls following Masses that weekend.

    Knights at the Ballpark – Diamondback

    Baseball on Saturday September 22, 2018 at

    7 PM Tickets are available at $25 each for

    all family members – This event is a

    statewide Knights opportunity. The Arizona

    Knights will be announced and maybe you will be on the big screen.

    Please send me your ideas for improving

    our council with social events. AND your

    talents and how we can leverage them.

    We are all working hard. Stay tuned more to come.

    I pray you get excited, participate – Raising your

    hand and pro-actively, and our team will succeed.

    God Bless All of You

    Vivat Jesus

    SK Dick Welp, Grand Knig

    St. Bernadette

    Council 12164


    Scottsdale, AZ

    Inside this issue:

    Grand Knights’ Report 1

    Knight of the Month 2

    Family of the Month 2

    Birthdays 2

    Saint of the Month 3

    Food for the Poor 4

    “Prayer for Refugees”


    Ev ents 7

    Calendars 9

    Good of the Order

    Prayer List 10

    Contacts 10

    The Assumption 11

    We’re on the WEB:


    Le Chevalier


  • Volume 4 Issue 2 Le Chevalier August 2018 p.2

    St. Bernadette Council 12164 480-905-0221


    August 2018

    Gene Arvizu

    Bob Bolin

    Christopher Butcher

    Dale Lewis

    Louis Matthews

    Terrance Miller

    Ken Minniti

    Nikolas Nikas

    Charles Polizzi

    George Shatto

    Dominic Svorinic

    Brian Weber

    Jerry Wood


    Adriano Altiveros

    Larry Bleichroth

    James Borst

    Ron Angelo

    Knight of the Month

    July 2018

    SK Martin & Josephine Perez

    Family of the Month,

    July 2018

    Coming Events:

    Ice Cream Social

    Saturday, August 18th


    after 5:00 Mass. FREE! Your

    Knights welcome you! Bring

    the children!

    Officers’ Installation

    Saturday, August 25th


    after 5:00 Mass in the Church.

    Awards Dinner in the Parish

    Hall directly after. BYOB!:

  • Volume 4 Issue 2 Le Chevalier August 2018 p.3

    St. Bernadette Council 12164 480-905-0221

    Saint of the Month Saint Bridget of Sweden

    (c. 1303 – July 23, 1373)

    Saint Bridget of Sweden’s Story

    From age 7 on, Bridget had visions of Christ crucified. Her visions formed the

    basis for her activity—always with the emphasis on charity rather than spiritual favors.

    She lived her married life in the court of the Swedish king Magnus II. Mother of

    eight children—the second eldest was Saint Catherine of Sweden—Bridget lived the strict life of a penitent after her

    husband’s death.

    Bridget constantly strove to exert her

    good influence over Magnus; while never fully reforming, he did give her land and buildings to found a monastery

    for men and women. This group eventually expanded into an Order

    known as the Bridgetines.

    In 1350, a year of jubilee, Bridget braved a plague-stricken Europe to

    make a pilgrimage to Rome. Although she never returned to Sweden, her

    years in Rome were far from happy, being hounded by debts and by opposition to her work against Church


    A final pilgrimage to the Holy Land, marred by shipwreck and the death of

    her son, Charles, eventually led to her death in 1373. In 1999, Bridget, Saints

    Catherine of Siena and Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, were named co-patronesses of Europe.


    Bridget’s visions, rather than isolating her from the affairs of the world,

    involved her in many contemporary issues, whether they be royal policy or

    the years that the legitimate Bishop of Rome lived in Avignon, France. She saw no contradiction between mystical

    experience and secular activity, and her life is a testimony to the possibility of a

    holy life in the marketplace.


    St. Bridget of Sweden, ora pro nobis!

  • Volume 4 Issue 2 Le Chevalier August 2018 p.4

    St. Bernadette Council 12164 480-905-0221

    Food for the Poor Project

    . Hello to all our volunteers.

    The new schedule was sent out Sunday, July

    22nd. Please mark the days you are

    volunteering. Thank you to all who will be

    volunteering more than once in the next two

    months. We have many volunteers on

    vacation. Thanks to all who said yes we’ll help

    with extra days. We went to WELCOME

    Wayne and Melanie Beighle, who came to our

    team with the good works of Don and Marilyn

    Robbins who referred their neighbor . THANK

    YOU! Our prayers go out to Brian Costello,

    father of Romain and Pat Voller, and Sue

    Staller, who just joined our team and will join

    us next month after surgery. I would like to say

    THANK YOU for doing the good works that St

    Mother Teresa Calcutta did. The little things

    that each person does add up to many big

    things with each volunteer. St Mother Teresa

    said, and I quote: "Spread love everywhere you

    go. Let no one ever come to you without

    leaving happier. If we have no peace, it is

    because we have forgotten that we belong to

    each other.” THANK YOU to all who continue

    doing the works of St Mother Teresa. Have a

    inspiring week everyone.

    Food For The Poor Project

    Chairperson and Committee, Santo Graziano cell: 602-321-1673 Larry Brainard, Robert and Jackie Franciosi, Mike and

    Susan Dalton

    I was hungry and you gave me food..

    I think with all my heart that if we were aware of what it means to have only one garment, to go to bed hungry night after night, we would live more simply and do more sharing..

    SK Santo Graziano

  • Volume 4 Issue 2 Le Chevalier August 2018 p.5

    St. Bernadette Council 12164 480-905-0221

    Prayer for Refugees and Victims of War Lord God,

    no one is a stranger to you and no one is ever far from your loving cae. In your kindness, watch over refugees and

    victims of war, those separated from their loved ones,

    young people who have left home or who have run away from home. Bring them back safely to the place where they

    long to be and help us always to show your kindness

    to strangers and to all in need. Grant this through Christ our Lord. Amen. —United States Conference of Bishops

    Today there are more than 65 million forcibly

    displaced migrants around the world, which is the hhighest number ever in recorded history. If settled in one particular place, they would be

    the twenty-first largest country in the world, growing at a rate of 34,000 persons per day, or

    24 people per minute. With good reason, our own times have been called “The Age of Migration.”

    While most often seen as a socio-political issue, migration is at the heart of oour spiritual

    identity. St. Thomas Aquinas, in fact, arranges the whole Summa Theologica around the principle that everything comes from God and

    returns to God (Exitus et Reditus). From this vantage point, Jesus’ “migration” to the sinful

    territory of our human race in the incarnation and his return migration to the Father through the paschal mystery can be interpreted as “The

    Great Migration” of human history.. The first to behold this gift were not

    scholars, politicians, or religious leaders but migrant gentiles. Coming from Babylon, Persia, or the Arabian desert, the Magi testified to the

    boundless love that would reach across all borders, to all peoples, and for all generations

    (Matt 8:11-12; 28:18-20). If the Magi migrated to Bethlehem today, however, they would encounter a 26-foot-high

    Wall that now separates the West Bank from Israeli-controlled land.

    This means that if Jesus were born in Bethlehem today, he would be born outside the

    walls of contemporary Isrrael, at the border, on the margins, in divisive territory, and under the shadow of an imposing barricade. Some local

    Palestinian merchants in Bethlehem have picked up on this theme by creating nativity

    sets that include a separation-wall that keeps the migrant Magi from paying homage to the migrant Christ child.

    The current political geography os the Holy Land sets up a striking contrast between the

    human tendency to erect walls and the divine movement to break them down (Eph 2:14). As we reflect on our own journey of faith, how

    might we grow closer to the God who bulds bridges instead of walls, makes strangers into

    friends, and transforms aliens into children of God? Fr. Daniel Groody

    Daniel G. Groody, CSC, is associate professor of theology and global affairs and director of the Global Leadership Program at the University of Notre Dame. He is the author of various books and articles on migration, spirituality, globalization, and


  • Volume 4 Issue 2 Le Chevalier August 2018 p.6

    St. Bernadette Council 12164 480-905-0221

    Building the Domestic Church strengthening our Parish

    Monthly Pancake Breakfast

    Third Sunday of every month between September and May $5.00 Family: $15.00

    Join us in the Parish Hall!

    Pancakes, Scrambled Eggs, and


    September 16th

    Grotto on the campus of Mount St. John, Bergamo, Beavercreek, Ohio

  • Volume 4 Issue 2 Le Chevalier August 2018 p.7

    St. Bernadette Council 12164 480-905-0221

    My dear Brothers: In case you didn’t receive

    the note I sent out from the website, we have an opportunity to earn $100.00 per volunteer

    is we can send volunteers to the AC4GC Oktoberfest. It’s an authentic Oktoberfest, whose

    first keg is tapped by the Mayor (Bürgermeisterin) of Peoria, the location of Centennial

    Plaza, where the event takes place. We would serve in the late afternoon until 10:00 PM

    under a great circus tent. We would be needed to set up on Friday, Oct. 5th, which would

    include placing tablecloths on the tables, setting up various vendors, even drawing beer and

    selling it (Warsteiner, an excellent German beer). Although October is a couple months

    away, AC4GC needs to have such issues as volunteers settled long before. It’s a very large

    event, and they cannot wait until the last minute to acquire volunteers. It’s also a reason

    that they donate to such groups as the Knights of Columbus. There was another group that

    served in the above capacities last year, but because I am a charter member and sat on the

    Board of Directors for the first few years, they’ve offered us this opportunity. We’re hoping

    for no fewer than 10 volunteers, but we’ll take as many as we can get. Please consider

    volunteering and let me know as soon as you can so that AC4GC will know that they have

    their needed volunteers, and we will know exactly how much our Council’s financial reward

    will be. Thanks for your contribution! Jerry

    Installation Dinner

    The Installation of the 2018-19 Officers will take place

    on August 25, 2018, right after the 5:00 PM Mass in the

    Church. If you plan to enjoy dinner and the ceremonies

    that follow in the Parish Hall, please RSVP to PGK Jerry

    Wood as soon as possible. We’d love to have the

    whole Council and the Knights’ wives and children

    there for this event. Meet your brothers and their

    families who received Knight or Family of the Month

    awards this past year. $10.00 donation for adults;

    children free. BYOB! Bring your own wine or other

    favorite libation. We have our BYOB liicense.

    August 25, 2018, right after 5:00 Mass

  • Volume 4 Issue 2 Le Chevalier August 2018 p.8

    St. Bernadette Council 12164 480-905-0221

    Is technology changing the way we live?

  • Volume 4 Issue 2 Le Chevalier August 2018 p.9

    St. Bernadette Council 12164 480-905-0221

    August 2018

    Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday



    31 1 Officers’

    Meeting 7:00



    3 4


    6 7

    8 Counci l Meeting

    7:00 pm


    10 11

    12 13

    14 15

    16 17






    23 24

    25 Officers’

    Installation and Dinner after


    26 27 28



    31 1

    September 2018

    Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday




    29 30






    5 Officers’ Meeting

    7:00 pm







    12 Counci l Meeting

    7:00 pm.

    13 14 15

    16 17 18 19

    20 21




    24 25

    26 27 28 29

  • Volume 4 Issue 2 Le Chevalier August 2018 p.10

    St. Bernadette Council 12164 480-905-0221


    Good of the Order Prayer List—July 2018 Brothers, please join us as we pray for the following Knights and their families .

    SK Ken McDonald

    SK Virgil Grzywa.

    SK Al and Johnna Minetti SK Al is back on the breathing machine.

    Rosie Pate

    Sergio Romero, SK Gene Arvizu’s cousin, who’s suffering from cancer.

    .Sharon Benson, injured in a boating accident.

    John Hall in rehab after suffering an injury

    Kelly Patterson

    John Merril l

    Deacon Roy Rucker

    SK Will iam Torresala.

    For the Pope, every Priest and Deacon and all the clergy.

    For the safety and good health of all our military, police, and fire fighters.

    For our government leaders who seem to be in a perpetual state of strife.

    For the good health of all Knights and their families and our own Knights who continue to find the

    strength to keep coming out to do God’s will.

    Officers, Directors, and Program Chairmen—2017-18

    Officers: Committee Chairmen:

    Grand Knight SK Richard Welp 602-826-1241 1st

    Degree Team SK Dan Conway 480-368-1427

    Chaplain Fr. Edward Gilbert 480-905-0221 Blood Drive Dennis Logue 602-595-1460

    D. Grand Knight SK Michael Dill 702-213-3737 Oktoberfest SK Gene Arvizu 480-272-9442

    Chancellor SK Martin Perez 602-418-6511 Social Committee Chairman needed

    Financial Sec. SK Michael Smalley 602-799-2256 Italian Dinner SK Will iam Torresala 404-668-9399

    Treasurer SK Gene Arvizu 480-776-4794 Food for the Poor SK Santo Granziano 602-321-1673

    Recorder SK Frank Scarpone 480-540-8460 Tootsie Roll Drive Chair needed

    Advocate Dennis Logue 602-595-1460 Rosary Sunday Chair needed

    Warden SK Vince Cefalu 602-350-9106 Free Throw Contest Dennis Logue 602-595-1460

    Outside Guard Ron Angelo 480-322-2035 Le Chevalier Graphic Design SK Don Tellis

    Inside Guard Conrad Franks 623-628-6392 Fr. Pete Memorial Golf Tournament SK Lou DeLuco,

    3yr Trustee SK Jerry Wood 602-568-2779 SK Richard Welp

    2yr Trustee SK Will iam Torresala 404-668-9399

    1yr Trustee SK Daniel Conway 602-524-7447 Information & Technology Manager SK Edward Dunai Editor SK Jerry Wood

  • Volume 4 Issue 2 Le Chevalier August 2018 p.11

    St. Bernadette Council 12164 480-905-0221

    Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary . The Story of the Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary On November 1, 1950, Pope Pius

    XII defined the Assumption of Mary to be a dogma of faith: “We pronounce, declare and define it to be a divinely revealed dogma that

    the immaculate Mother of God, the ever Virgin Mary, having completed the course of her earthly l ife, was assumed body and

    soul to heavenly glory.” The pope proclaimed this dogma only after a broad consultation of bishops,

    theologians and laity. There were few dissenting voices. What the pope solemnly declared was already a common belief in the

    Catholic Church.

    We find homilies on the Assumption going back to the sixth

    century. In following centuries, the Eastern Churches held steadily to the doctrine, but some authors in the West were hesitant. However

    by the 13th century there was universal agreement. The feast was celebrated under various names–

    Commemoration, Dormition, Passing,

    Assumption–from at least the fifth or sixth century. Today it is

    celebrated as a solemnity.

    Scripture does not give an account of

    Mary’s Assumption into heaven. Nevertheless, Revelation 12 speaks of a woman who is caught up in the battle between good and evil. Many see this woman

    as God’s people. Since Mary best embodies the people of both Old and New Testaments, her Assumption can be seen as an exemplification of the woman’s victory.

    Furthermore, in 1 Corinthians 15:20, Paul speaks of Christ’s resurrection as the first fruits of those who have fallen asleep.

    Since Mary is closely associated with all the mysteries of Jesus’ l ife, it is not surprising that the Holy Spirit has led the

    Church to believe in Mary’s share in his glorification. So close was she to Jesus on earth, she must be with him body and soul in heaven.


    In the light of the Assumption of Mary, it is easy to pray her

    Magnificat (Luke 1:46–55) with new meaning. In her glory she proclaims the greatness of the Lord and finds joy in God her savior. God has done marvels to her and she leads others to

    recognize God’s hol iness. She is the lowly handmaid who deeply reverenced her God and has been raised to the heights. From her position of strength she will help the lowly and the poor find justice on earth, and she will challenge the

    rich and powerful to distrust wealth and power as a source of happiness.

    St. Bernadette

    Council 12164

    16245 N. 60th Street

    Scottsdale, AZ



    (480) 905-0221


    Le Chevalier

    We’re on the Web!

    See us at:


    St. Bernadette, ora pro nobis!