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Kwintessential's company brochure outlining our localization services such as translation, interpreting, multilingual websites, business training and globalization strategies. Find out how we can help you "go global".

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1. Services Overview we think speak feel global 2. table of contents 2 The Kwintessential Vision - our goals and services 5 Translation 6 Interpreting 7 Transcription 8 Training 9 Localisation 10 Design 11 Contact Kwintessential 1 3. Kwintessential 2 The Kwintessential Vision Kwintessential aim to build a global brand synonymous with helping businesses thrive within the international, multilingual and culturally diverse marketplace. Our vision is to develop Kwintessential into the go-to company when it comes to business needs requiring expertise in languages and cultures. 4. Kwintessential Our Goals In realising our vision, our five goals are to provide: A consultative approach to business World-class customer service Top quality services and products Provision of services across a global scope Education to others in the work of our sector Our Services We drive our goals and vision through five key services: Our services achieve two goals: They help a client overcome an issue involving a different language/culture, or They help a client use language/culture to their competitive advantage in business For example, a client may need a translation in order to understand what a contract in French says in English, or they may need a French translation of their website in order to tap French sales. Similarly, some training in team-building may help solve current communication issues with international teams, or be used during the formation of a team to strengthen it moving forward. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1. 2. 3 5. 4 Translation Comprehensive range of translation services covering all world languages, all formats and all business sectors. Interpreting Global coverage for consecutive and simultaneous interpreters available for all needs, from business meetings to conferences to legal hearings. Training Extensive training and education solutions that deliver ROI through helping businesses thrive internationally; from cultural awareness to management to remote working skills. Localisation In-depth localisation services covering websites, apps, social media, video, e-commerce and marketing consultancy. Design Complete, hands-on design services covering typesetting, graphic design, digital and social media. Our unique selling point is in having a holistic view of the impact of globalisation on our clients businesses through each and every service we provide. We are able to tie them together, make sense of them and provide innovative solutions in response. Kwintessential 6. Translation is all about accuracy. Capturing meanings, intentions and intonations requires skill and experience. We are accomplished hands in the translation industry offering precise translations, efficient processes and dedicated customer support. For a trustworthy translation partner, Kwintessential will exceed your expectations. We provide: Translation in all world languages Experience of all formats (web, digital, print) Innovative, client-driven solutions Flexible billing options Stringent Quality Assurance measures ISO:9001 accredited systems Our quality is monitored and governed by three external bodies: We work with a range of clients across business. The legal, marketing, media, PR and manufacturing sectors are but a few we have extensive familiarity with. Our team are just as comfortable providing services to SMEs as they are in providing complex solutions for blue chip companies. To discuss your translation requirements, simply contact one of our team. Fantastic! Hilton Worldwide Translation Kwintessential :: Services 75 7. 6 Services :: Kwintessential Interpreters Interpreters are vital to the smooth running of international business operations. A multilingual population combined with an international business environment, demands versatile solutions. We are leaders in the provision of global interpreting services. Our team of professional interpreters provide consecutive, simultaneous and telephone interpreting services across all world languages, in all world locations. We provide: Professional interpreters International coverage Sector specific experience Flexible solutions Stringent quality assurance measures ISO:9001 accredited systems Our clients come from across business sectors and, to meet their diverse needs, we have teams of specialist interpreters across the globe. Our teams cover requirements as broad as business negotiations, court arbitrations, press conferences and live TV coverage. To discuss your interpreting needs, simply contact one of our team. Terrific. It was just what I wanted. Norton Rose ...very pleased with the service; efficient and prompt. Allen & Overy 8. ...fantastic, friendly, patient and organised. Endemol Transcription of audio and visual materials is a requirement for many businesses. Driven by either legal requirements or business processes, transcription demands speed and accuracy. Our transcription solutions are multilingual. We cover all world languages. Our Project Management team oversee transcribers based across key time zones; ensuring quick delivery of the most demanding of projects. We provide: Both transcription and translation Experience in all audio/visual formats Sector specific experience Flexible solutions ISO:9001 accredited systems Our knowledge of transcription stems from years of experience working with clients from the legal, medical and media sectors. Breaking news, legal evidence and medical trials are all demanding in different ways. We take pride in our ability to provide flexible and affordable solutions. To discuss your transcription needs, simply contact one of our team. Transcription 7 Kwintessential :: Services 7 9. Business Skills Personal Skills Office Skills Customer Services Sales Export 8 Services :: Kwintessential Training Our training and education solutions cover a complete range of business needs. All our courses share the goal of helping clients thrive within the international and culturally diverse marketplace. As world leaders in cultural awareness training, we offer a different approach to training which considers local as a key driver. Areas we cover include: Cultural Awareness Management & Leadership International Business Marketing GILT HR Communication We provide both bespoke and off-the-shelf courses, face-to-face and virtual platforms, international reach, multilingual delivery and professional trainers. With a wide and varied client base that includes global blue-chip companies, NGOs, small and medium-sized businesses as well as private institutions, we understand the mechanics of doing business internationally. We use this experience to serve the specific needs of our clients. To discuss your training needs, simply contact one of our team. Terrific. It was just what I wanted. Norton Rose 10. 9 Localisation Localisation services cover the process of adapting a product or service for an end user from a foreign country. It can be applied to a marketing strategy, video game, training programme or website. We work with clients in helping them address the subtle differences brought about by language and cultural differences. Our localisation services cover two aspects: 1) Language localisation: creatively adapting text and content into different languages. Areas to which we apply our expertise include: Advertising Marketing & PR Websites Software Social Media Digital Media 2) Internationalization: adapting websites, software, products and services for a global audience. We work with a range of clients across business. The ever-changing marketing, design, usability testing and advertising sectors push us to develop solutions which in turn benefit all our clients. To discuss your localisation needs, simply contact one of our team. Kwintessential :: Services 10/10 Social360 9 11. delighted with the service Mdecins Sans Frontires 10 Services :: Kwintessential Design in foreign languages is always a challenge, but at Kwintessential, we have talented multilingual design teams who embrace these challenges and provide the support needed for our diverse client base. An Arabic video, a Chinese website, a brochure in French, a Russian app or a newsletter in Spanish are all solutions we can provide. Our design services cover: Typesetting Graphic Design Print Digital Media Websites The Design Teams comprise Graphic Artists and Web Designers working across all world language and scripts. The marketing, social media, web design and PR sectors are all sectors that we have extensive experience in. To discuss your localisation needs, simply contact one of our team. Design 12. 11 Contact Kwintessential For more information on how we can help you, please contact us: (+44) 01460 279 900 @_kwintessential company/kwintessential/ Kwintessential Unit 1 Crewkerne Business Park Crewkerne Somerset TA18 7HJ UK