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  1. 1. Globalization and Localization - examples of Sino-Dutch collaboration and innovation in agri & food - Dr Aalt Dijkhuizen President Dutch Topsector Agri & Food FBIF Shanghai, May 2015
  2. 2. In coming decades: A strong increase in population (plus 2 to 3 bn) Further increase in wealth (+ 3 bn in middle class) Which means: An enormous increase in the demand for food A doubling in the demand for high-quality protein (vegetables, dairy, meat) The broader context The next 40 years more food has to be produced than during the past 4,000 years!!
  3. 3. State Visit President Xi to the NL (March 2014) Wanted to be informed about the success of the Dutch agri & food model Was impressed and asked for more collaboration to: increase food security & improve food safety
  4. 4. The Netherlands Small country in size (42,000 km2), densely populated (17m people) Second largest exporter of food & flowers in the world Major sectors: horticult. (greenhouse) and livestock (dairy, pork, poultry) Key-characteristics: highly productive, very efficient, knowledge-intensive Top-class farmers: added value per ha 5 times the European average Strong agribusiness: 4 companies in world top-40 Leading in science: Wageningen UR #1 worldwide in food & agri domain
  5. 5. Golden triangle: the key behind the Dutch success Private Industry Government Knowledge Institutes Short lines High commitment Public Private Partnerships Food, Agriculture & Horticulture part of the Dutch topsector policy
  6. 6. Three examples of SinoDutch collaboration Sino-Europe Agric Development Center SEADC: Applied research in horticulture Sino-Dutch Dairy Development Center SDDDC: Research & innovation in dairy Holland Center Agri & food business support B2C through e-commerce
  7. 7. (1) Sino-Europe Agric. Development Center Started in 2011 ( as part of longstanding relationship with Fujian Gov. Partners: Fujian & Dutch Government, Wageningen UR, private industry Located in Zhangzhou Development Zone, Fujian Provence (at the Wageningen Road!) Focused on applied research and innovation in horticulture to fill the gap between university research and practice Now broadening to food processing i.c.w. Food Valley NL
  8. 8. (2) Sino-Dutch Dairy Development Center Launched in 2013 ( Partners: Royal FrieslandCampina, China Agric. University, Wageningen UR Aim to increase productivity and improve food safety in dairy Integrated chain approach From Grass to Glass, focusing on all stages of the dairy production chain
  9. 9. Training Activities included in the SDDDC are: Dutch Dairy Experience Exposure Research PublicationsExpertise Centre
  10. 10. (3) The Holland Center business platform Launched in 2014 ( Initiaters: Topsector Agri & Food in NL and CHIC Group in China Members: leading agribusiness companies in the NL Key-activities: tailor-made matchmaking (B2B) and e-commerce (B2C)
  11. 11. The Holland Center e-commerce approach Work together with partners such as Tmall, No.1, JD etc. to set up Holland Mall on the available platforms Build up own Holland Center e-commerce platform ( and leverage on the Holland brand Joint Holland brand and e-commerce approach to strengthen and present Dutch agri & food products (incl. beverages) in China To be launched after summer
  12. 12. To conclude Many opportunities to collaborate in agri & food (incl. beverages) between China and the Netherlands China: big cons. market; domestic production to be increased / improved NL: highest productivity and 2nd largest exporter of food in the world Successful (innovation) examples in place to build on Holland Center happy to serve as an intermediate to help develop business, set up e-commerce and get things going
  13. 13. 2015/06/21-28 Study tour to Holland Explore the success of Holland Food & Agriculture Contact person: Jenny Liu 021-6707 7847 18610016037