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    Cra smanship is a key facet of Ford Vignale cars. From the special paintwork to the elegantly styled seats and meticulously selected leather.

    See from page 30.

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    Its my pleasure to introduce the Ford Vignale magazine. In this issue we have a feature on the Ford Vignale Mondeo, already in selected FordStores across Europe and the Ford S-MAX Vignale concept car, the production version of which will be in selected FordStores next year. But in addition to these, I honestly believe that with the Ford Vignale brand we are witnessing a new approach to the driver experience.

    Ford Vignale reflects a philosophy weve developed at Ford about what you, the discerning modern driver, want from your car. Luxury but also efficiency, an experience thats sophisticated yet smart. In other words, Ford Vignale is there to support the lifestyle of people like yourself. For whom time is at a premium, but who dont believe that means you have to compromise on the good things in life. I know because I feel the same way myself.

    The Ford Vignale experience is about more than the car. Its also about a premium service that includes your own personal Vignale Relationship Manager and Service Specialist. Removing the potential inconvenience of, for instance, arranging and getting to your next service, which frees up time for more life-enriching experiences.

    So its no coincidence the magazine youre holding is so focused on time. From time-saving tips for the modern city, to how one of Europes top chefs deals with time, stress and teamwork. But also how to spend all that saved time, for example with a (time-efficient) trip to one of Europes hippest cities.

    In design terms, I feel both the Ford Mondeo Vignale and Ford S-MAX Vignale reflect perfectly a contemporary, premium lifestyle. Talking of design, this issue includes an interview with Ford designer Sonja Vandenberk, where she discusses her work on the design of the Ford Vignale specifically the colours and the materials and reveals where, in everyday life, she discovers inspiration.

    Back on the time theme, its also no coincidence Charlize Theron is our cover interview. Shes a prolific actress who still manages to take career breaks. We could probably all learn a thing or two about time management from this iconic yet down-to-earth star.

    I hope you enjoy reading this magazine as much as we did putting it together. For me it marks the dawn of a fresh chapter in Fords history, the Ford Vignale chapter. Im delighted youre here to experience it with us from the outset.

    Jim Farley CEO Ford Europe

  • In anticipation of the Ford S-MAX Vignale, here is the Ford S-MAX Vignale concept car. On the one hand, sporty, spacious and equipped with the very latest innovations and smartest technology. On the other, designed right down to the smallest detail with painstaking commitment to the finest traditions of craftsmanship.

    Your chance to get a closer look starts on page 38.

    Vehicle shown may not represent full UK or Ireland specification.

  • 4 Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E

    AT YOUR SERVICEFamous Valencia chef (and Ford Mondeo Vignale driver) Ricard Camarena and FordStore Vignale Relationship Manager Pablo Vidal share their passion: serving customers. Plus: Three Vignale Relationship Managers tell all about the very special Ford Vignale services.


    FORD VIGNALE TO THE MAXWith its seven seats, the Ford S-MAX Vignale concept car is spacious but this car is also a perfect combination of beauty and technology.38

    WORLD OF FORDAutomotive and mobility news & trends.08THE AUTONOMOUS CARStep by step Ford is working towards the car that drives itself. 26 MAKING TIME COUNTHow innovators are finding ways to give you more of lifes most precious commodity.53

    MOVEMENTWhere film, fashion, dance and Ford Vignale come together.44

  • Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E 5


    CHARLIZE THERONOn her life as an exceptionally busy actress and activist and how she takes time to relax.

    MATERIAL MANHe is a major source of inspiration for the Ford design team: Peter Zumthor, the master architect whos also a master craftsman with a deep appreciation of the finest materials.

    HARMONY IS THE KEY WORDFord Vignale designer Sonja Vandenberk about her endless search for the finest materials and the perfect paint in order to create the beautiful car. Plus: Ford Vignale craftsmanship its all in the detail.


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    COOL CITYCompact; brimming with great culture; restaurants and shops; a vibrant nightlife Copenhagen has it all. 46

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  • Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E 7

    From 19th until 23rd May, Valencia celebrated the Ford Vignale Valencia Sailing Week. Ford Vignale is proud to support and be the logistics partner of this prestigious event, which takes places in the hometown of Ford Vignale Valencia. This is where the Ford Mondeo Vignale is built in the Almussafes factory and production will commence shortly on the Ford S-MAX Vignale.Being the host of the first race of the 2015 52 Super Series (the monohull inshore race class) feels natural for Ford. The key attributes of the competing boats theyre lightweight, fast and innovative are closely related to the high-end technology that benefits a Ford Vignale.The presence of Ford in the world of sailing is not new. In the 1970s, Ford sponsored the legendary America s Cup, the worlds oldest boat race, which dates back to 1851. When the 32nd and 33rd editions of the America s Cup were held in Valencia, Ford was also present as a logistics partner.Ford looks back at a thrilling sailing week in Valencia. It saw the Swedish team of Rn Racing win the the first race of the worlds leading 52 Super Series a competition between 12-strong international teams in a total of five races. After 11 rounds in the Valencia waters, the TP52 world champions of 2013 scored a total of 45 points. Following the Cascais Cup, the overall winner of this years 52 Super Series will be crowned.



  • 8 Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E

    My favorite things in life dont cost any money. Its really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time

    - Steve Jobs

    Smart luggageAfter an exhausting flight, the last thing you need is to wait by the luggage carrousel for

    a suitcase that never arrives. So Samsung and Samsonite are working together on their own

    line of smart luggage. Every piece of luggage will be equipped with a chip that can be tracked

    by a smartphone using GPS technology. So its whereabouts will never be a mystery again.

    Smarter luggageLosing your suitcase is also impossible when you use Dufl. Dufl is, in the makers own words, a premium baggage handling service. When you subscribe you get a suitcase that you pack

    with the clothes you normally take on a business trip. Dufl then stores the bag for you. Every

    time you fly to a meeting, you share your schedule through the Dufl app. Your bag with your

    clothes is sent to your hotel and picked up afterwards. The contents of your suitcase are then

    cleaned, ready for the next trip. Pretty convenient. (10 US dollars a month for storage, 3-day

    shipping costs 99 US dollars). The Dufl services are not yet available in Europe.

    And the winner is

    redAlready more than 1.1 million

    Europeans have configured their Ford Mustang online. Their

    favorite exterior paint colour is clear: Race Red. Absolute Black comes second and Deep Impact

    Blue third. In China, too, Race Red is top of the list, while in the United States Black is the chart


    The sound of artThe Connected Canvas is not your average work of art hanging on the wall. Its not only nice to look at, its also great to listen to. The canvas is a speaker that can stream your choice of music or when you select the Play Art Mode, music

    and sounds composed by its artist. Prices start at

  • Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E 9

    A stressful day not at the officeThe Ford European Commuter Survey produced some remarkable findings. 5,503 commuters in Barcelona, Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris and Rome were asked what is more stressful: your job or getting to it.

    Saving upFord is pushing the limits of downsizing. Experiments at

    the Ford European Research Centre in Aken showed that the 1.0-litre EcoBoost-engine can reduce fuel

    consumption by up to 6 per cent by using cylinder deactivation technologies. In smooth driving conditions there is no need for all cylinders to work simultaneously.

    One of the cylinders will turn off temporary, which will lead to greater fuel efficiency. Even for an aggressively downsized engine such as the 1.0-litre EcoBoost, a

    significant improvement in vehicle fuel economy is found by exploiting cylinder deactivation explains Andreas

    Schamel, Ford director, Global Powertrain, Research & Advanced Engineering.


    26 per cent found commuting stressful, compared to only 23 per

    cent who found work stressful.

    Earlier research had already

    discovered that commuters in Rome travel on average 111

    minutes per journey, followed by

    104 minutes in London and 100

    minutes in Madrid. Ford

    conducted the survey as part of Ford Smart Mobility, Fords plan

    to help change the way the world moves through innovation in connectivity, mobility, autonomous

    vehicles, customer experience and

    big data.

    According to Andreas Ostendorf,

    Vice President Sustainability,

    Environment & Safety

    Engineering, Ford of Europe, the

    survey findings show that its time

    to rethink how we deal with

    commuting. For many people, it

    can feel like theyve done a full day

    before they have even set foot in

    the office. Society is becoming

    increasingly urban, with cities

    growing in size and number and

    we need a transport infrastructure that can keep pace with that

    expansion. Protecting the freedom

    of mobility requires more than just

    new train routes and roads. We all

    have to work together on a network

    of interconnected and sustainable


    What is more stressful?


    Commuterstravel time



    Rome London Madrid

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    Version: 1 76-80 Whitfield Street, London, W1T 4EZ | Telephone:+44 20 7019 0019

    Experience the perfect space for work, play and relaxation with the New Business

    Class on Singapore Airlines. An all-in-one business panel with in-seat power supply

    keeps you plugged in, while convenient stowage areas keep your belongings

    within easy reach. The 28-inch wide seat features new reclining positions for

    maximum comfort and transforms into a fully flat bed for a good nights rest.

    Every feature is thoughtfully designed with you in mind.

    New Business ClassI NTU IT I VE LY DE SIG N ED A ROU ND YOU

  • Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E 11

    Worlds most innovativeFord has been declared Most innovative volume brand 2015 at the Automotive Innovations Awards.

    The competition was stiff, with 53 automotive brands competing, but Ford won the award for its safety and driver assistance systems, including innovations such as Active Park Assist and Active City Stop. The new Ford Focus was first in its class, while the Ford Mondeo achieved a top-3 ranking in its segment.

    Tiny engineBig winner

    The Ford 1.0-litre EcoBoost did it again. For the eighth time in

    just four years it is awarded for its drivability, performance, economy, refinement and

    technology. The Ford 1.0-litre EcoBoost is named the Best Engine Under 1.0-litre at the

    2015 International Engine of the Year Awards. After being

    crowned Best New Engine in 2012 and overall winner in 2013

    and 2014, it is the fourth consecutive win at the Engine of the Year awards. According

    to the jury - a panel of 87 automotive journalists from

    35 countries - Fords 1.0-litre EcoBoost remains one of the

    finest examples of engine downsizing. The three-cylinder

    1.0-litre EcoBoost engine is available with 100 PS, 125 PS

    and 140 PS.

    Handle on MobilityThe Ford Smart Mobility plan has recently been extended to include The Handle on Mobility experiment.

    This experiment investigates how

    electric bicycles can help daily

    commuters travel faster, safer, healthier

    and with less stress. The study will also

    focus on how businesses in city centres

    can use e-bikes to deliver their goods or

    services faster. Two different e-bikes

    - one designed for commuters, the other for businesses - were used in the experiment. The commuter e-bike, for

    example, can easily fold into the trunk of

    your Ford while charging. Using SYNC

    compatibility, the bike can also

    communicate with its user. Faced with

    congestion up ahead, the driver simply

    parks their car and switches to their

    e-bike. The built-in app lists possible

    journeys then provides step-by-step or

    turn-by-turn navigation. Not only bike

    journeys will be shown. When necessary,

    other modes of transport, such as trains

    can be recommended. The app also

    updates the route as circumstances change.


  • 12 Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E

    AT YOUR SERVICE Ricard Camarena, owner of four restaurants and

    gastronomic guru is considered the best Michelin-starred chef in Valencia. During a spin in a Ford Mondeo Vignale,

    handed to him by Vignale Relationship Manager Pablo Vidal, he reveals the secrets of craftsmanship,

    creativity and leadership and explains how to manage time and still offer a high quality experience.

    You might not think so, but Ricard and Pablo have many things in common. Not only that they both live and work in Valencia. They are

    both full of passion, wanting to be the best in

    their field and they both grew up surrounded by

    the things theyre doing now. 41 year-old Chef

    Ricard Camarena had to prepare lunches and

    dinners at home when he was only eight years

    old because both his parents were out working

    all day. While 34 year-old Pablo Vidal, Vignale

    Relationship Manager in Catarroja, 10 minutes

    south of Valencias city centre, grew up amongst

    the Ford cars that his father sold throughout his

    career and as a little boy admired the Probe,

    Puma and Scorpio gleaming in his fathers


  • Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E 13

    Ford Vignale Relationship Manager, Pablo Vidal guides chef Ricard Camarena through the ins and outs of the Ford Mondeo Vignale.


  • 14 Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E

    Both young men push themselves to make sure

    their clients return, leaving their showrooms

    completely satisfied after their latest experience.

    Its important, explains Ricard, that people

    see that youre devoted to them. When they

    come to your restaurant, they come for you.

    That means that you have to dedicate to them all

    the time they need and want. You have to show

    passion for them. I cant be at all my restaurants

    at the same time, but all of my team are

    representing me and have to act the same way as I do towards the client.

    A view not so different from the Ford Vignale

    way of thinking. When I get a new client, says

    Pablo, I spend all the time with them that they

    need. If thats an hour, its an hour: the client

    decides how long it takes. I make them feel

    comfortable. First offering them a drink, then

    explaining everything they want to know.

    CookingThis morning Pablo Vidal picked up Ricard

    Camarena at his home to drive him to the

    FordStore and hand over a brand new Ford

    Mondeo Vignale. The top chef then enjoyed a

    ride through Valencia, stopping at the spots

    where he can find, touch, taste and buy the

    essentials of his culinary art. First the beautiful

    Central Market where he buys fresh fish, meat,

    and some fruit and vegetables. Then to just

    outside the city to the huerta, the big vegetable

    gardens where specially-selected farmers grow

    organic vegetables for him. I tell them the exact

    moment I will want them to harvest the courgette, aubergine or cucumber and the size

    they need to be. Camarenas cooking is based

    on using vegetables as his primary product.

    Ricard Camarena: Its important that people see that youre devoted to them

    Ricard Camarena selecting vegetables for that evenings dinner.

  • Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E 15

    A local farmer holding up a cucumber flower.

  • 16 Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E

  • Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E 17

    The materia prima is very important, the

    product has to be perfect, explains the chef.

    The selection of the product, the way you touch

    it and use it, that is an artisans work. The

    product is different every day, so you have to

    treat it differently; its alive. A machine couldnt

    do that.

    Instead of a machine, Ricard has his talent, and

    a wonderful team of 60 workers across his four

    restaurants: the Michelin-starred restaurant

    that bears his name, the more informal Canalla

    Bistro around the corner, the gastro bar in the

    Central Market and the brand new Habitual,

    just near the lab where he develops new recipes.

    I select my team first on their personality. They

    have to be able to work in a group, to be social.

    Its a hard job, I work 16 hours a day, but it gives

    me huge satisfaction.

    As the leader, hes the one who controls

    everything. Or almost. I decide on the food we

    make. Im the leader, yes. I think thats

    something natural, you cant learn that. But Im

    not a leader who yells in the kitchen, whos

    always angry... When you shout, its a sign youve

    lost control. You have to support your team,

    pushing them a little bit, but very naturally.

    Time is the jewelDuring those 16 hours of work, Ricard

    Camarena doesnt have much time for other

    things. During his leisure time he wants to

    maximize the time with his wife and two sons.

    Which makes the Ford Vignale concept ideal for

    him, claims Pablo Vidal. Vignale drivers can

    call me on my direct number. Ill visit their home

    or office to pick up their car for a service or

    repairs. Ill liaise with the repairmen. Theres no

    middle man, no waiting time. In fact theres

    even a 24/7 hotline for Vignale customers.

    Thats our idea of time is the jewel.

    Pablo has a degree in business management and

    worked in a bank and an advertising agency

    before recently joining Ford. His experience in

    clients servicing helps him in this new job.

    I spend time with the client, welcome them into

    the special Vignale lounge and provide solutions to their needs. Everybody cares about time,

    because its very valuable.

    The Ford Vignale concept Time is the jewel

    means Ricard Camarena doesnt have to

    sacrifice the rare but precious moments he has

    with his two sons, in the morning when he takes

    them to school. But Im still learning to manage

    my time perfectly, he says. I can always use

    some help with that.

    Pablo Vidal: I spend all the time with a client that they need

    Ricard Camarena: Im still learning to manage my time perfectly

  • 18 Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E

    I give customers spaceAndreas Peters loves tranquility and space and he ensures his customers get both at Autohaus Tobaben in Hamburg.

    I like to play golf. Im not really good at it, but what counts for me is the relaxation and nature. For a while you can forget the world.

    It gives me energy and inspiration for my personal life and for my work at Autohaus

    Tobaben in Hamburg. Its a flexible family-

    owned company and Ive enjoyed working there

    for nine years now. As a Relationship Manager

    Im responsible for Ford Vignale.

    The role suits me perfectly. You have to be able

    to recognise what people want and give them space to make their own, well-considered

    decision. I see it as a form of service. Its in my

    nature. Sales managers who force a sale shoot

    themselves in the foot. The customer will leave

    feeling unhappy and probably wont return.

    Recently, I had to buy a couple of new golf clubs.

    I could have done it easily online but I got such

    good advice in a shop that I bought them there.

    I felt welcome.

    I think its the same when buying a car. Anyone

    interested in Ford Vignale should feel welcome

    in the Vignale Lounge. They should be able to

    appraise the car, touch it and feel free to ask

    important questions. This takes time, but

    everyone gets that from me.

    Theres so much to discover in this premium

    lounge. Materials, colours, comfort, technical

    aspects you name it. A customer might possibly

    miss a few things on his or her own, but together

    we can ensure that exploring Ford Vignale

    becomes an experience.

    Three Vignale Relationship Managers tell who they are and what makes their job so special.

    ANDREAS PETERSAutohaus Tobaben, Hamburg, Germany

  • Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E 19

    Its all about respectPierre Vitr loves to take client services to a higher level. He also enjoys planes, both flying them and jumping out of them.

    Feeling part of the wind thats what I like most about parachute jumping. Far from being a solitary sport, its all about sharing

    emotions with friends who are jumping with you. The funny thing is that you dont even have

    to speak. Back on the ground, you feel like you

    have journeyed together forever.

    It is a similar human interaction with clients

    that makes me passionate about my work as a

    Ford Vignale Relationship Manager in

    Saint-Ouen-lAumne near Paris. Getting to

    know clients better to understand personal

    tastes and needs its all very rewarding to me.

    I always try to give them the same feeling theyd

    have in a luxury hotel, where the staff recognise

    you immediately and put flowers in your room.

    If its done with sincerity, clients feel special and


    I always try to think of little gestures that can

    make our service truly personal. Like sending

    clients a photograph of the very first moment

    they sat in their brand-new car and drove away.

    Or pre-programming the car radio with music

    stations that I know my client will like.

    It is all about respect, not only for the clients

    tastes but also for their time, which is obviously

    very precious. Ford Vignale encompasses several

    high-level services that accommodate that, like

    collecting the clients car for servicing and

    returning it. I personally even like to think in

    terms of offering a time bubble to clients who

    come to our showroom. It is similar to when

    I play with my two boys at home: the time I give

    to them is exclusively dedicated to our personal exchanges, and nothing else can interfere.


    PIERRE VITRCourtoise Automobiles,Saint-Ouen-lAumne,France

  • 20 Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E

    I join the dotsAs a busy father of two, passionate snowboarder and Vignale Relationship Manager, Stacey Connelly knows the value of saving customers time.

    Im father to two adrenalin junkies, aged 10 and six and Im also passionate about my hobbies, which include travel and snowboarding.

    Im equally passionate about my work as a

    Vignale Relationship Manager.

    Saving my customers time is important to me.

    On the service side, home visits do that. But its

    also about building a relationship with my

    customers and knowing their circumstances

    and preferences. With me as their single point of

    contact they dont have to explain their issue

    three times. Just tell me and Ill join the dots.

    In that way, service and time-saving go hand in


    I love keeping up with the latest developments

    in design and technology. Thats one of the

    reasons Im so excited about the Ford Mondeo

    Vignale. The new design lines, grille, cockpit

    the whole styling is so absolutely bang-on.

    At my dealership we always try to give great service to all customers, obviously. But with Ford

    Vignale, that commitment and attention goes

    further. We address a customers individual

    problem with a personalised solution.

    Ive lived in Barnsley, in Northern England all

    my life and I dont need to go to a luxury brand

    store to enjoy great customer service. Ive got

    two basset hounds and when I walk over to my

    local pub for a quiet drink, the landlord can see

    me coming through a window opposite the bar.

    When I arrive, my favourite pint is on the bar

    waiting for me and the landlord is standing with a dog biscuit in each hand. At that moment,

    I feel like Im the only customer who matters.

    Thats the feeling I want to create for my Ford

    Vignale customers.

    STACEY CONNELLYTrustFord, Barnsley,United Kingdom

  • Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E 21

    We will offer the cherry on the cake

    Ford Vignale customers have access to a world of exclusive services. One of these is the special Ford Vignale One Call Service: a dedicated support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to resolve any enquiry or potential concern. The service is available to all Ford Vignale customers throughout the 21 markets in Europe.

    Christian Gondek is a Ford Vignale One Call Manager in Germany and has been

    working for Ford for 11 years. The Ford

    Vignale is all about premium cars, so we

    approach our customers in a premium way. Ford Vignale One Call is unique: we are the

    only automotive brand to offer such a premium

    service. We have specialist advisors who can be

    contacted 24/7 via a single phone number. All

    team members have a business or technical

    degree and experience in customer service. We

    genuinely cherish and appreciate the time a customer spends with us and our main focus is on meeting Vignale customers needs and giving

    them an enhanced experience. For example, we

    can offer advice on our cars, or organise a test

    drive or add service assistance. And we can also

    arrange a visit to a FordStore at which point

    we dont just give the customer the FordStore

    number, but we actually arrange an

    appointment, at a time that suits him/her best,

    right there and then. We will offer the so-called

    cherry on the cake.

    Florence Jaz works as a Ford Vignale One Call Manager in France. She joined Ford four

    years ago. I think this is such an exciting

    project. We launched the Ford Vignale One Call

    Service together with the introduction of

    Ford Vignale. We have spent the last few months

    refining our processes and implementing the

    project on different levels. Our main goal is to

    satisfy the Ford Vignale customer, whatever his/

    her request. Ford Vignale customers are often

    busy people whose time is of the essence. So we

    make things easier for them. A request or

    problem reported at the Ford Vignale One Call

    Service is handled as quickly as possible and by

    just one advisor from the initial call right through until this Ford Vignale customer is

    satisfied. We try to make it personal: Ford

    Vignale customers will get to know the person

    on the other end of the line and wont be shunted

    from pillar to post. If necessary, the Ford

    Vignale One Call advisor can quickly get in

    touch with the customers Vignale Relationship

    Manager at the FordStore or dealer to help in

    handling his/her request. Ideally we hope to get

    very few calls, as that would suggest our Ford

    Vignale customers are happy. But if someone

    does need us, well provide them with a very

    high level of service and frequent contact.


  • 22 Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E

  • Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E 23

    Style & substance Charlize Theron

    Ferocious as the bald and bold Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road, Charlize Theron turned 40 this summer. But the multiple award-winning actress doesnt care about getting older: Im just going to let it happen. My life is in a really good place.

    Although Charlize Theron started her career as a dancer and model, shes not afraid to get ugly in movies. She gained 30lbs to

    convincingly play serial killer Aileen Wuornos in

    Monster (2003), a role that won her the Oscar for

    Best Actress. And when she decided to shave her

    head for her part as the fierce Imperator,

    Furiosa, in George Millers post-apocalyptic

    action movie Mad Max: Fury Road she handled the electric clippers herself.

    To survive in this underworld place, Furiosa

    just has to be almost forgotten as a woman.

    So I thought: What if I shave my head? I didnt

    have clippers, so my friend bought me some. He said: You should do it. So 45 minutes later, it

    was off and we sent a selfie to George Miller.

    He wrote back: Awesome, Furiosa!

    The extreme haircut had an unexpected

    advantage. Suddenly, I was 20 minutes early

    for everything in my life, she laughs. Its

    unbelievable how much time we spend on

    our hair!

    DirectOriginally the South African-born Theron

    moved to the US to pursue a career as a dancer

    and model but she was forced to quit dancing

    due to a knee injury. She was discovered as an

    actress by an agent who witnessed her creating a

    scene in a bank when she couldnt cash a $500

    cheque from her mother. Im nice and polite,

    but I dont know when to shut up. I am honest

    and direct and sometimes people can take that

    kind of harshly.

    I learnt not to plan too much ahead because you cant control your destiny. So Ive never had a five-year plan


  • 24 Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E

    Shortly after being signed she landed a small

    part in 2 Days in the Valley (1996) and soon after starred in The Devils Advocate (1997) and The Cider House Rules (1999). A star was born in just

    a few years. She was and is considered a

    natural. Directors love her for her discipline, her

    focus on her role, her sound suggestions for

    changing scenes and dialogue. She knows what

    acting is: not so much a glamorous job as plain

    hard work. Teamwork.

    Nowadays, the much sought-after actress

    alternates parts in big budget movies like Snow

    White and the Huntsman (2012) with low-budget

    movies like the thriller Dark Places (2015), an art

    house drama about a woman surviving the

    brutal killing of her family as a child. Its a

    trauma thats chillingly close to the bone for

    Theron: when she was fifteen she witnessed her

    mother shoot and kill her abusive father in


    Dark Places examines what trauma does to a

    child. I had a very traumatic experience in my

    life but Im not haunted by it. I had a mother

    who led me through the grief, shock and anger

    and guided me towards not being a victim. She

    taught me to be a strong woman. Above all, my

    fathers death taught me that life is short and

    you have to make the most of it. I learnt not to

    plan too much ahead because you cant control

    your destiny. So Ive never had a five-year


    ActivistTheron definitely didnt plan to fall in love with

    the 15-year-older Sean Penn, who recently

    directed her in The Last Face. Wed known each other for 18 years before our relationship

    turned romantic. We were just really good

    friends, so I really didnt see it coming. We took

    it slow because we were aware that we could

    lose the friendship. The couple split up this

    spring and are once more what they were throughout those 18 years: really good friends.

    Charlize is also a happy mum since adopting

    her son Jackson in 2012. You dont realise that

    you have so much love inside you until you become a mother. Now life is about finding a

    balance between having the life I want and

    being there for my son.

    Besides being an actress and a mother, she is

    also an activist. She shares her love with the

    world through her many good causes. In 2007

    she created the Charlize Theron Outreach

    Project, to support African youth in the fight

    against HIV and AIDS. A year later she was

    named a United Nations Messenger of Peace by

    UN Secretary General Ban-Ki-Moon for her

    dedication to improve the lives of women and

    children in South Africa and to prevent and

    stop violence against women and girls.

    Charlize Theron with her friend for 18 years, Sean Penn, who directed her in The Last Face. For a year and a half they were also a couple.

  • Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E 25

    Apart from that, Theron is an active member

    of animal rights organisation PETA and

    appeared in an anti-fur campaign. She has

    also marched in pro-choice rallies and is a

    supporter of same-sex marriage. She has

    publicly stated that she refuses to get married

    until same-sex marriage is legal in all of the


    The fact that she turned 40 in August doesnt

    bother Theron at all, although Hollywood has

    very rigid ideas about the expiry date of

    actresses. The younger we are, the more

    valuable we are. But our faces and bodies

    change. Thats life, and Im just going to let it


    But at 40 she still doesnt have to wait for movie

    parts. She is starring again as the evil Ravenna

    in The Huntsman, the sequel to the successful

    Snowwhite and the Huntsman. She stars in

    The Last Face as a director of an international

    aid agency in Africa who becomes involved in a

    political and social revolution. Next year, shes

    in Brain on Fire, a drama about a young womans rapid descent into insanity. Her track record of

    over 40 movies proves that she can play


    She sees her time as very precious. Disciplined

    as she is, she works with a daily, weekly and

    monthly schedule, dividing attention between

    her child, her acting, her good causes and,

    yes, a few chosen hours when she relaxes. How?

    By taking a ride on her Harley Davidson.


    Monster (2003)Theron won a well-deservedAcademy Award plus a GoldenGlobe for her chilling portrayal ofreal-life serial killer Aileen Wuornos who got the death penalty for murdering seven men. North Country (2005)She received another Oscar andGolden Globe nomination for her roleas a miner who filed and won thefirst sexual harassment case in theUS. This much acclaimed movie was based on a true story.

    The Huntsman (2016)Theron will return as the evilRavenna in this prequel to thesuccessful Snow White and theHuntsman (2012), based on the famous fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm.

    Brain on Fire (2016)This movie also is based on a true story - about a young womans rapid descent into insanity.Charlize Theron owns the movie rights and will produce the movie.




  • 26 Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E

    The autonomous car is on its way. Ford is entering the final stages of development at its Research & Innovation Center in Palo Alto in the heart of Silicon Valley. So how will your future car one that steers, navigates, brakes and accelerates without your interference change mobility?


  • Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E 27

    In January this year Ford introduced Ford Smart Mobility to the world. This affirms Fords plans to accelerate innovation in

    connectivity, mobility, customer experience, big data and autonomous vehicles. Theyre all

    equally important because theyre all related,

    but the idea of a self-driving car particularly fires

    the imagination. What has always been science

    fiction is now on the brink of becoming reality

    a car that takes over all of the controls and

    brings us quickly, safely and comfortably to our


    2020Ford CEO Mark Fields declared earlier this year

    that it is likely the first autonomous car will be

    seen on roads as early as 2020. However, well

    have to wait until 2035 or 2040 before

    technology and legislation are so far developed that you can get in your car, fall asleep and wake

    up only when youve arrived at your destination.

    Ford certainly has the knowledge and

    technology to be the first to deliver a fully

    automated vehicle. After all, it already has

    semi-autonomous vehicles on the road today.

    However, it is not the companys ambition to be

    first by doing whatever it takes. We may or may

    not come out with a fully autonomous vehicle in that timeframe, because our approach is that

    when we do, we want to make sure that its

    accessible for everyone and not just, lets say,

    luxury car customers, says Fields.

    ResearchImmediately after announcing its Smart

    Mobility programme, Ford opened a research

    centre in the beating heart of the high-tech

    world: Palo Alto, Silicon Valley. The main goal is to drive innovation. With some 125

    researchers, engineers and scientists, its one of the biggest automotive research centres in

    Silicon Valley. All the key themes declared in the Ford Smart Mobility programme are being

    translated into relevant research in this new leading facility. For the research on autonomous

    driving, Ford has formed an alliance with the

    world-famous Stanford University, also located


    The newly opened Ford Research and Innovation Center will operate in an externally facing, highly collaborative way with Stanfords engineering department. Chris Gerdes, professor of mechanical engineering in the department, will lead the tests. His approach to testing with automated vehicles is far from cautious, as in most cases, Professor Gerdes believes like Ford that to test the driving limits of automated vehicles, you need to push the envelope. Already he has shown that an automated vehicle on a racetrack can be just about as good as a trained race driver. Gerdess lab likes to improve vehicle safety by improving the vehicle itself or by upgrading the skills of the driver. Also route planning and prediction algorithms are being developed.

    The autonomous car constantly sends and receives data via sensors so it knows exactly whats going on in the world around it.


  • 28 Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E

    in Palo Alto. Ford will deliver the Fusion Hybrid

    Autonomous Research Vehicle to the universitys engineers for next phase of on-road


    Safe and efficientThe autonomous car will increase passenger

    safety enormously. When all cars are connected

    to each other, are aware of each others exact

    locations, can tell the road conditions and

    understand traffic situations, accidents are

    unlikely to happen. And what about road

    efficiency? Autonomous cars are safe to drive

    much closer to each other than humans are capable of. So every inch of the road will be in

    use, reducing the chances of traffic jams to a

    minimum. Inner cities will be less congested and

    less time spent on the road will reduce the use of energy sources.

    Beyond the practical benefits, according to Ravi

    Shanker, an analyst at the research division of

    leading investment bank Morgan Stanley,

    autonomous cars could contribute $5.6 trillion

    in annual savings globally. Its a mind-blowing

    amount that says everything about the positive

    impact of autonomous driving.

    A lot of technology required for a fully self-driving car is available right now. It is likely that your new car is equipped with adaptive cruise control. When the systems radar sees that the distance and speed of the vehicles ahead are decreasing, it adjusts the speed of the car to maintain a safe margin. Automatic steering a great example of autonomous driving exists, too. Ford was one of the first manufacturers to equip its cars with active park assist systems. Another intelligent system that helps the driver is traffic sign recognition. Speed signs can be identified automatically and the

    objects in front of the car. The system constantly calculates the braking force required to avoid a collision and automatically applies full braking force when needed.When in the future your car wants to drive all by itself, it will depend on radars to act as its own eyes on the road. Some current Ford models such as the new Focus, all-new Mondeo and upcoming new Ford Edge are already equipped with BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) a radar that triggers a warning when another motorist is in your blindspot. The additional cross-traffic alert uses radar to help alert drivers to oncoming traffic when reversing out of a parking space.

    driver will be warned accordingly. It is not unlikely that your car is fitted with lane-keeping system with lane-keeping aid, which helps prevent you drifting outside

    your intended driving lane. Active City Stop is designed to lend a hand at low speeds. The technology uses a forward-looking radar sensor to detect


    1 2 3 40 mph70 mph

    Adaptive cruise control

    Lane-keeping system

  • Oris Aquis Depth GaugeAutomatic mechanical movement

    Patented depth gauge function Unidirectional,

    revolving top ring with ceramic inlay

    Water resistant to 500 metres

    real watches for real people

    5341-AudiMagazine-215x280.indd 1 18-03-14 11:41

  • 30 Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E

  • Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E 31

    Harmony is the main thing

    Combining authentic craftsmanship with the latest technology is the essence of Ford Vignale. Sonja Vandenberk, Chief Designer for Colour and Materials at Ford of Europe, tells the story behind the concept.

    The search for inspiration accompanies Sonja

    Vandenberks every waking moment. Whether

    shes walking down a street, driving her car, or

    watching TV, she always keeps an eye out for

    interesting objects and products. Shes fascinated

    about how a product is made, how it works and if

    it can somehow provide food for thought in her role as Chief Designer, Colour and Material, at

    Ford of Europe.

    Sonja has been designing, sketching and making

    things since she was a child. She grew up in

    Flanders, Belgium and inherited a keen eye for

    visual details from her father, a photographer.

    I would see something, for example a toy, but

    instead of wanting to have it, I wanted to make it

    myself. So I did: I created my own toys from a

    very early age.

    The fact that she is a renowned designer today

    comes as little surprise to her parents and others who know her well. But before she reached that

    point, she took a detour. Like many young girls,

    she dreamt of becoming a vet and even started

    studying veterinary medicine. But she quickly

    realised she had made the wrong choice.

    Instead, she switched to psychology and was

    particularly enthralled by the lectures on the

    relationship between art and psychology.

    And suddenly it clicked: this is my world, this is what I want to do, she says. After completing her studies in design Vandenberk moved to London and became the

    editor of an architecture magazine. Through

    that position she learned about the Royal

    College of Arts, which was offering a course

    about transportation design.

    Like a living roomAnd thats how I got interested in cars,

    especially the interior of cars. I realized how

    important the inside of a car is for a driver and


  • 32 Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E

    how much time we spend in our cars. Its like a

    living room. At that time there were so many

    developments going on in car design and the interior of a car started getting more attention.

    It was such a good moment to be a designer in

    the car industry and still is. Especially new

    developments like the self-driving car offer great

    potential to create a living-room atmosphere

    inside the car.

    She moved to Germany with her boyfriend, also

    a car designer. She met other car designers who

    specialised in the field of colour, which piqued

    her interest. Then she got the chance to join

    Ford of Europe as a car designer and

    immediately said yes.

    Designing a car requires teamwork. Thats rule

    number one in our field: Youre never a solo

    artist. Its 100% teamwork. We have brainstorm

    sessions where individual ideas can be pitched.

    Then we challenge each other: someone has an

    idea, someone else puts another spin on it, a

    third person says: how about doing it that way?

    This collective inspiration is the best part of

    my job.

    Dreaming designShe continues, At Ford of Europe,

    I immediately had the feeling that I was in the right place. I work with very good designers, but

    what is perhaps even more important is the atmosphere on the workfloor. For a designer,

    atmosphere is very important and here its very

    open. The designers wake up and go to sleep

    thinking about their projects. They dream design.

    I often have to say to myself: go home now, its

    time to call it a day.

    In October 2013, Vandenberk became Chief

    Designer, Colour and Material, Ford of Europe.

    Shortly after her team started working on a new

    and prestigious project: the Ford Vignale.

    Being a designer for the Ford Vignale involves

    constantly searching for balance, creating

    perfect details, and finding the right materials to

    realise those goals. It boils down to answering

    the question: how can we surprise our

    customers? As a team were constantly

    searching, trying things out, testing, and


    It was through this process that the hexagon used for the upholstery but which has become

    the icon and trademark of Ford Vignale

    originated. You start drawing and making

    sketches. First in a traditional way, using the

    diamond form. Then we took a step further until

    the hexagon emerged. We stretched it and

    eventually it got a life of its own.

    Sonja summarises her passion and mission as a

    designer: Ford Vignale is an experience, an

    adventure. Ford Vignale should involve all the

    senses. The handicraft and craftsmanship that

    go into making the Vignale the stitching, the

    lines, the materials play a very important role in

    this. But above all the Ford Vignale must evoke

    a feeling of harmony, whether youre looking at

    the exterior of the car or sitting inside it.

    Harmony is the main thing we are trying to

    achieve as designers.

    Glamorous An important way to create harmony is through the choice of colour and paint, and Vandenberk

    is particularly proud of the colour Vignale Nocciola. The colours of a Vignale should

    bring out the details and care that go into

    creating the car, and Vignale Nocciola does just

    that. It perfectly acccentuates the accents and

    shape of the car and gives all that chrome a wonderful metallic sparkle. The mineral mica

    has been mixed into the paint through a special

    process which gives the car a wonderful radiance. It makes the car look more


    Craftsmanship is another important source of

    inspiration for creating harmony and surprising drivers. We are creating a completely new

    concept of craftsmanship by combining it with

    the latest technology, explains Sonja. For

    example, the stitching is computer generated

    which creates perfection. But the driver should

    still have the feeling of being surrounded by

    traditional, handmade materials for example

    the impression of feeling the nice, soft leathers of

    a handmade bag or leather band of a wristwatch.

    Thats Ford Vignale: a fine feeling of authentic

    craftsmanship combined with the best materials

    and the latest technologies.

    Thats Vignale: a fine feeling of authentic

    craftsmanship combined

    with the best materials and

    the latest technologies

  • Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E 33

    The paintThe sophisticated Vignale Nocciola metallic paint colour is offered exclusively on Ford Vignale models. Referencing the brands origins, Nocciola is the Italian word for hazelnut. All Ford Vignale cars have metallic paints and they all undergo a special treatment to make them brighter and more premium in appearance.

    The seatsThe seats were inspired by the centuries-old tradition of leather craftsmanship, with the quality customers might normally expect of an upmarket bag from a brand like Chanel or Ferragamo.Each seat is elegantly tailored rather than merely covered. The quilted panels create a distinctive sense of occasion, while tuxedo stitching enhances the quality appearance.

    The leatherThe leather has been carefully selected to be soft to touch, comfortable to sit on and luxurious to the eye. Ford chose a full grain luxury Windsor Leather. This undergoes a rigorous selection process, yielding only the finest quality hide. Natural markings are minimized, letting the true beauty of the leather shine through.In full grain leather of this quality, the hair cell is still visible in the top grain surface of the hide. The hide is lightly finished to provide a smooth, semi-aniline-like surface that still meets Fords strict durability requirements - giving the leather an exclusive high-end natural appearance.Additional conditioning steps are added to ensure an even softer and more luxurious hand feel.

    High quality leather is used even in those places less readily seen or felt. As a result, Ford Vignale seats require 110% more leather than the leather seats in most other cars. The leather that covers the instrument panel has been chosen to create an elegantly harmonious ambience. All hides that meet the rigourous Vignale standards are transferred to the cutting room, where a team of highly skilled operators splits every piece of cut leather to a controlled thickness. One of the final and most fundamental steps in the process is the pressing of the finished parts, which are exposed to the sun to ensure a consistent surface appearance is maintained over time.

    The hexagon panelThe distinctive hexagonal panels require the very highest level of technical skill. You will notice, for example, how the perforations and stitching work harmoniously and consistently together within each individual panel area. Only trimmers with considerable experience can achieve work of such precision.

    Vignales craftsmanshipA few highlights

  • 34 Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E

    Swiss architect Peter Zumthor is a source of inspiration for architects and designers around the world. Fans rave about his great craftsmanship, vast knowledge of materials and their properties, and incredibly creative use of those materials. His craftsmanship and his love for materials have also made him a source of inspiration for the Ford Vignale design team.

    Material man

    Kunsthaus Bregenz, Austria

  • Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E 35

    His statement about his architecture and what all architecture should be is simple, almost down-to-earth: When I start, my first

    idea for a building is with the material. I believe

    architecture is about that. Its not about paper. Its

    not about forms. Its about space and material.

    Zumthor has always been refreshingly

    straightforward about the role of architecture

    and tends to dismiss attempts by journalists or

    academics to tie abstract intellectual notions to

    his work. This has of course a lot to do with his

    relatively humble background he started as a

    carpenter apprentice. It may also account for his

    strong local roots in the Swiss Canton of

    Graubnden. Despite his global reputation and

    many international commissions, to this day

    Zumthor has his studio in the tiny Swiss village

    of Haldenstein (official population 1,001), where

    he works with 30 or so staff. One of todays

    greatest architects is a very humble man

    although one with very firm beliefs.

    Zumthor believes strongly that architecture is an

    emotional experience and that buildings should

    not be intellectualised about, but felt. So perhaps

    its no coincidence that throughout his career

    many of his most praised buildings have been

    not only located in the part of Switzerland where

    he grew up, but also designed to serve an

    integral role in those small communities. These

    include a primary school in Churwalden, an old

    peoples home in the Cantons capital, Chur, the

    art museum in Chur, and the modest but

    wonderfully understated St Benedicts Chapel,

    built in Sumvitg to replace the mountain

    villages original chapel, which was destroyed in

    an avalanche.

    All these buildings are admired by fellow

    architects and much more important to Zumthor enjoyed by the people who live and

    work in these buildings.


    Hannover Expo, Germany

  • 36 Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E

    Saint Benedicts Chapel, Switzerland

  • Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E 37

    Unpretentious sensitivity Many feel Zumthor developed his deep understanding of construction and sensitive use of different building materials during his first job

    as a conservationist architect for a Swiss local

    authority, where he was working on the

    preservation of historical monuments. True or

    not, it is a quality that continues to inform his

    work to this day as can be seen in one of his

    most prestigious current projects, the Zinc Mine

    Museum in Allmannajuvet, Norway.

    Allmannajuvet is a remote forested canyon along the river Storelva. In the late 19th century, it was

    the site of a large zinc mine and is today an annex of the regional museum. Zumthors

    design brings together at least three of the

    recurrent themes in his work: sensitivity to a

    sites local historical significance, for the mine is

    a key part of local industrial heritage. And an

    unpretentious focus on the pragmatic:

    Zumthors building will make the area accessible

    to greater numbers of visitors. Last but not least,

    respect for the local setting; for example, in the

    I dont only think of the

    place, he says. I visit it,

    because its a physical


    corrugated roofs of the buildings, which

    complement perfectly the canyons craggy

    terrain. It is, again, beauty made simple,


    Physical experienceZumthors emotional approach to projects also

    explains why he feels its crucial for him to

    become familiar with the site for a building

    during the planning stage. I dont only think

    about the place. I visit it, because its a physical

    experience. This determination to ensure his

    buildings remain sensitive to their surroundings

    can be seen in one of Zumthors most famous

    international commissions, the Kunsthaus

    (Art Gallery) in Bregenz, Austria, a glass and

    concrete cube overlooking Lake Constance.

    He explains: From the outside, the building

    looks like a lamp. It absorbs the changing light of

    the sky and the haze of the lake. It reflects light

    and colour according to the angle of viewing,

    the daylight and the weather.


    Born 1943 in Basel, Switzerland. Son of a cabinet maker. At 15

    became a carpenters apprentice. Studied at local art school and as

    an exchange student at New Yorks Pratt Institute.

    Opened own architects firm in 1979.

    Rapid success soon led to prestigious international commissions.

    Today considered one of the worlds greatest living architects.

    Major awards include Pritzker Prize (2009) and RIBA Royal Gold Medal (2013).

    Throughout career has taught at leading universities from Los Angeles to Munich.

    Since 1996 Professor of Academy of Architecture at the Swiss Italian University.

    Therme Vals, Switzerland

  • 38 Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E

    Next year the Ford S-MAX Vignale will be launched. But today, the Ford Vignale Magazine can bring you a preview of it: the Ford S-MAX Vignale concept, a car that paves the way for the showroom version. This thoroughbred Sports Activity Vehicle shows how a seven-seat car can be sporty with coupe characteristics.


    The exterior of the Ford S-MAX Vignale concept accentuates the sporting DNA of the S-MAX. After noticing its characteristic

    profile and the dynamic arc of its roof, your eyes

    are drawn to the confident, elegant grille with its

    distinctive Vignale hexagonal design, featuring

    a darker matt metallic finish and polished

    aluminium surround. Other distinctive Vignale

    elements at the front of the car include the unique fog lights and dynamic adaptive LED

    Elegance comes first: a long, sleek design finished by a gently sloping sporty roofline.

    Vehicle shown may not represent full UK or Ireland specification.

  • Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E 39


  • 40 Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E

    headlamps with LED day running lights.

    The side mirrors have chrome cappings and

    integrated indicator functions and for extra convenience they are heated and equipped with

    a memory function. For the finishing touch, the

    Ford S-MAX Vignale concept car comes

    complete with premium 21-inch painted alloy

    Vignale wheels.

    Modern luxury Take a look inside: seven seats divided over three

    rows and lots of space. But on top of being a

    highly practical people carrier, the Ford

    S-MAX Vignale concept radiates an ambience

    of refinement. The stylish hexagonal quilting,

    the tasteful chrome and leather details everywhere around: call it presidential. Even the

    floor mats exude sophisticated luxury.

    The sense of luxury is enhanced by the exclusive

    Ford Vignale embossed soft-touch leather seats.

    The drivers seat is adjustable in 10 different

    ways, has a memory function and provides the

    ultimate in comfort. The Sport design seats are

    even perforated to keep the driver and front

    passenger cool on warm summer days while in winter the integrated heating function will come into its own. Technology is all around to provide

    advanced functions like car-to-car

    communications. Tablet device-docking stations

    Stylish Ford Vignale references for that finishing touch.

    The side mirrors have integrated signal functions.

    The design says it all: the Ford S-MAX Vignale concept car is a true Sports Activity Vehicle.

    Vehicle shown may not represent full UK or Ireland specification.

  • Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E 41

    On top of being a highly practical people mover, the Ford S-MAX Vignale concept radiates an ambience of refinement

  • 42 Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E

    Detail elements and the use of colour are inspired by the latest trends in furniture design, such as high-end sofas. This means hand-stitched pearlescent leathers and sleek, contemporary lines. Craftsmanship is applied throughout

  • Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E 43

    are sited on the seatbacks directly ahead of

    passengers in the second row and the intelligent flexible seating concept uses thin seat technology

    to maximise space for passengers.

    The latest trendsFollowing current fashion trends, a darker

    interior colour palette complements the lighter exterior. Detail elements and the use of colour

    are inspired by the latest trends in furniture

    design, such as high-end sofas. This means

    hand-stitched pearlescent leathers and sleek,

    contemporary lines. Craftsmanship is applied

    throughout the interior. Behind the steering

    wheel and across the passenger side of the dashboard, woven texture-embossed aluminium

    is used. Metallic textures stylishly contrast warm

    tones, while a brush-painted panel above the

    central display features aluminium Vignale

    lettering. The interior feels like a lounge, not

    least because of the single-coloured leather that

    extends from the dashboard all the way back to

    the rear luggage compartment.

    The sound of silenceAll of that luxury offered by the Ford S-MAX

    Vignale concept car can be experienced in

    almost complete silence. Acoustic glass keeps out

    the unwanted external noise of motoring while Ford Active Noise Cancellation filters out any

    potential diesel engine sounds. You could even

    whisper commands to the onboard Ford SYNC

    with Voice Control and Touchscreen system and

    be understood. This concept car promises a lot

    for the production version of the Ford S-MAX

    Vignale when it arrives next year at selected FordStores in Europe.

    A warm welcome: the minimalistic dashboard and centre console offer an array of hi-tech features.

    Presidential luxury: the stylish hexagonal quilted individual backseats.

    Vehicle shown may not represent full UK or Ireland specification.

  • 44 Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E

  • Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E 45

    MOVEmentFilm, fashion, dance and Ford Vignale united

    MOVEment is a series of seven short films that combine the talents of well-known design houses (including Prada, Calvin Klein Collection and Alexander McQueen), pioneering directors, and renowned choreographers and dancers.

    The MOVEment project was presented this spring with London-based Sadlers Wells, one of the worlds most famous ballet theatres, and Ford Vignale.

    The VIP premiere event at Sadlers Wells was also the

    first public unveiling of the Ford Mondeo Vignale.

    MOVEment is a concept of Jefferson Hack; and it is not

    just another idea but a long-term ambition of his.

    Jefferson Hack is an icon in London creative and

    cultural circles. Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, he came

    to London to study at the London College of Printing. At just 19 years of age he founded the magazine Dazed & Confused (now Dazed ), developing this project within the Dazed Group, which also publishes the magazine

    AnOther Magazine. But Jeffersons main focus is not just on publishing content but on inventing new, progressive

    ideas in journalism, film, photography, television and

    digital media. In short, Jefferson Hack is a creative

    whirlwind, and initiating MOVEment was just one

    more of his many fruitful creations.

    The idea sprang from a desire to see choreographers and

    designers working together in the medium of film and

    thinking about the body in relation to the camera.

    The designers involved in the project created bespoke

    costumes. The result: seven films that deliver a timely

    and inspiring update on the long-standing dialogue

    between fashion and dance. As Jefferson explains his

    idea, There has always been an incredible historical

    dialogue between fashion and dance. Because they are

    both art forms that deal with the body. For the video age that we are in, I wanted to make a survey uniting the best of fashion, dance and film for a series of

    performance pieces commissioned for the screen. Some matches were blind dates and some were existing

    relationships, but all were paired to bring something

    new and original to the table.

    Right from the start, Ford Vignale was a partner in the

    MOVEment project. With good reason: the project

    provided a perfect partnership to explore and express the themes of quality design and craftsmanship, two

    crucial elements in the philosophies of both Ford

    Vignale and MOVEment. Besides this collaboration

    Ford Vignale also had a very special partnership with

    one of the performances, a film made by three highly

    accomplished artists: choreographer Jasmin Vardimon,

    director Matthew Donaldson and milliner Stephen

    Jones. Stephen Jones has for decades been one of

    Britains icons of style and culture. His distinctive,

    radical aesthetic has made him the worlds most

    celebrated milliner and in 2009 he curated an

    anthology of hats for the Victoria & Albert Museum

    that broke worldwide attendance records. The Ford

    Vignale is an integral part of this film, with a Ford

    Mondeo Vignale enjoying a co-starring role, and Ford Vignale designer Erika Tsubaki and the Ford Vignale team collaborating in the realisation of the performance.


  • 46 Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E


    Bertrams Guldsmeden Hotel

    Touchdown With typical Danish transport efficiency, trains

    leave Kastrup airport for the city centre every five minutes and whisk you to downtown

    Nrreport Station within 15 minutes.

    Check-in Visiting one of the worlds design capitals, you

    could kill two birds with one stone by staying at

    the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, the premium choice of our selection. Every detail of this 1950s

    stainless steel icon, from faade to furniture to

    forks, was dreamt up by architect Arne




    On a more mid-range budget? You can still get

    your design fix at the Bertrams Guldsmeden Hotel at Vesterbrogade 107. Were talking less industrial, more hyggeligt cosy but with a kind

    of Zen-like Danish cool.

    For a more modest price, try the simple but

    stylish Hotel Sct Thomas at Frederiksberg All 7, in an ideal location between trendy

    Vesterbro and Vrndedamsvej, the heartbeat of

    foodie Copenhagen. Stylish, yet a lot of value for


    Time to hit the town Freshened up, its time for a quick aperitif.

    Vesterbro, with its many hipster bars is buzzing

    on Friday nights. We really love the minimalistic

    Mikkeler Bar at Viktoriagade 8 B-C, brainchild

    of an award-winning microbrewery, and

    Lidkoeb with its spacious Danish design, real

    fireplaces and luxurious leather sofas.


    48 HOURS IN COPENHAGENThe City of Spires might have been built for the modern short break. Compact; brimming with great culture; restaurants and shops; a vibrant street and nightlife Copenhagen has it all. But cramming the most into your weekend while still managing to unwind does call for careful planning. Fasten your seat belts


    Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E 47

    Kdbyens Fiskebar

    Salon 39

    ...before dinnerEvery visiting foodie knows about Noma (see

    seperate story on page 51) but its just one of so

    many great places to eat in Copenhagen. Here

    are two more with a local spin:

    Kdbyens Fiskebar at Flsketorvet 100 serves possibly the best seafood in town. Meanwhile Peder Oxe at Grbrdretorv 1, on one of Copenhagens oldest

    squares, has a contemporary interior in a

    high-ceilinged setting, which reflects a menu

    thats traditional with a modern twist.


    Before turning in It has probably been a long week, but before

    turning in, swing by one of Copenhagens many

    superb late-night bars. Like Salon 39 at Vodroffsvej 39 in Frederiksberg (officially a

    different city) for a whiskey-based cocktail

    accompanied by vinyl jazz records in this

    laid-back, atmospheric bar.



  • 48 Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E

    Hit the shopsRe-energised after a good nights sleep, we

    recommend a morning of retail therapy. In

    Copenhagen going shopping means going

    designer shopping. Everywhere you turn, youll

    spy hip designer shops and part of the fun is discovering your own gems. But ensure your

    times well spent: why not do your discovering en

    route to one of these landmark design addresses?

    Pakhus 48, Klubiensvej 22, is a permanent design exhibition space with showrooms for

    iconic brands like GRID, Fritz Hansen and


    Designer Zoo, 137 Vesterbrogade. This former sausage factory is home to more cool designers than you can shake a stick at, selling

    everything from furniture to ceramics, jewellery

    to knitwear.

    CoffeeAn hour for shopping 10-11 and then two hours

    for coffee why dont you make coffee/breakfast

    your highlight of the morning?




    If youre serious about your coffee, youll want to

    make time for The Coffee Collective. With three

    completely different outlets across town, these

    guys aim high in terms of how they serve and source their coffee.

    Think lunch, think smrrebrdNo trip to Copenhagen is complete without a

    smrrebrd (open sandwich) and a visit to

    Aamanns, near the National Gallery, is no

    dutiful wade through touristy stodge. Here

    youll get a delicious modern version of this

    Danish classic.


    Murder and intrigue Almost as much as design, Denmark now has a

    name for quality TV. So why not see a bit of

    Copenhagen while simultaneously visiting

    locations from your favourite series? Nordic Noir Tours offer two Saturday afternoon tours: one of Borgen locations and one that combines

    The Killing and The Bridge sites.

    Cocktails, anyone?Following a quick hotel pit stop, its cocktail

    time! The locals love a cocktail (as the

    abundance of places serving them testifies). Two

    of the best: Granola at Vrnedamsvej 5 and Ruby, a genuine old speak-easy hidden behind an unmarked door at Nybrogade 10.



    Pakhus 48


    The Coffee Collective

  • Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E 49

    Copenhagen at night

    ...dinnerNeed a change from last nights culinary

    sophistication? Hit Burger & Bun at Flledvej 9.

    Classy burgers, a hip interior and (only in

    Copenhagen) run by a Michelin-starred chef.

    ...the mermaids callingNow youve completely unwound, its time to

    pump up the heart rate again. Copenhagens

    club scene may be small but its high quality.

    Gravitate to the Meatpacking district for action

    that ranges from the intimate Jolene to the massive 850m2 KB3. With its 13-metre bar, it shouldnt be

    problem getting served. And if you want it a more underground vibe,

    ask in the bars.



    Burger & Bun

  • 50 Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E

    A breath of fresh air If it proved a longer night than planned, follow a

    lie-in and slow breakfast by clearing your head

    with a stroll through the parks of genteel

    Frederiksberg. Theres even Copenhagens

    excellent Zoo.

    A final slow bite Combine your morning in Frederiksberg with

    lunch on Vrnedamsvej, the ultimate foodie street. Or strike out for Copenhagens primary food market on Papiren (Paper Island).



    Finally, some food for thoughtComplete your stay with a visit to one of

    Copenhagens many great museums. Start at the

    recently renovated Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, as stunning as the art it contains and then take a 15-minute stroll

    through stre Anlg Park to The Hirschsprung Collection housed in a beautiful neoclassical building.


    Must we go? If theres time before your flight, a great place for

    a final late afternoon drink is the wine bar at

    Ved Stranden 10, situated on a lovely canal.

    Water, tranquillity, style: its the classic

    Copenhagen as a final souvenir.



    When it comes to environmental issues, Copenhagen is the envy of almost every city in the world. But what makes it so green?

    Well, ambition for a start. The municipalitys is serious about its intention to be carbon neutral by 2025. By then, commercial buildings must reduce electricity consumption by 20% and residential buildings by 10%, and heat consumption must fall overall by 20%.

    Its also a collective mindset. The realistic expectation is that 10 years from now, 75% of all trips in Copenhagen will be made by foot, bike or public transport. Of course, cars remain a key part of the transport jigsaw of any city. So Copenhagen aims to have 20-30% of all cars running on biofuel by 2025.

    A wonderful thing about the city is that you feel the greenness everywhere you go. From cyclists on every street to water quality that allows swimming facilities at various inner harbour locations. So dont forget your swimsuit!


    Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art

    Hirschsprung Colletion

    Frederiksberg Gardens

  • Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E 51


    Is the worlds best restaurant located in Copenhagen? Many gastronomic experts think so. And whether it is or not, a visit to Noma (a conflation of the Danish words for Nordic and food) is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Chef Ren Redzepi works with his very talented and international team on exotic, eccentric and, above all, local dishes (for instance, snail-shaped snail mousse nestled among the petals, and beets with onion ash). Redzepis kitchen looks more like a laboratory.

    Want to visit this culinary heaven? Be patient! The waiting time is about six months.Check out the menu and decide for yourself.

    Directions? Ask anyone and theyll point you with pride towards their local world-beater.






    r Brin



    kel H




    l Her


  • 52 Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E

    # INLOVEWITHSWITZERLAND since the journey became the reward. Lisa Baker

    101_15g_01_ins_winter_15_16_der_weg_hoch.indd 1 01.07.15 14:38

    Book now at or call 00800 100 200 30 and prepare to fall in love!

    Haut Val de Bagnes, Valais

    052_MySwitzerland_FORD2-215_280.pdf 1 29-07-15 14:54

  • Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E 53


    Time is the one commodity that you can never have too much of, the one thing that everybody treasures. In todays high-octane, highly urbanised world companies and other organisations know that if they can only find ways to free up your time and enhance the quality of that time by making life more convenient and pleasurable, theyll be providing a service that every consumer will value. Here are just a few of the smarter time-saving and time-enhancing initiatives appearing on the horizon.

    Smartphone, smart solutionIn Seoul, South Korea, where people are said to work some of the

    longest hours anywhere on the planet, supermarket giant Tesco has

    introduced virtual grocery stores. Posters in metro stations display

    rows of everyday supermarket products, each with its own QR code.

    On their way to work, commuters simply scan the codes of the

    products they want using their smartphone and their groceries are delivered to their home so they are waiting for them when they get back from work.

    The trial boosted Tescos online sales by 130% and it is now being

    rolled out across South Korea, with plans to introduce it in other

    cities including London. Whats more, research suggests that people

    prefer this virtual shopping to online shopping because it retains

    something of the human element of real shopping, thereby

    achieving what we all want: saving time and enjoying an effortless


    How innovators are finding ways to give you more of lifes most precious commodity.



    o S


    L 8:


  • 54 Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E

    If it doesnt make sense, dont do itOf all the worlds business leaders,

    Brazilian Richard Semler, CEO of

    Semco, stands out for his radical thinking.

    Semco will do anything to hack back the

    bureaucratic jungle that stops its people

    being able to just get on with their work

    and lives. This includes many time-

    saving elements, large and small,

    including commuting. Semco has several

    offices across Sao Paolo, but instead of

    going where youre told, employees can

    check which building is easiest for them to

    reach and work there. If the traffic is

    terrible that day, just work from home.

    Then theres the Rush Hour MBA.

    Instead of employees sitting in Sao Paulos

    terrible evening rush-hour traffic, Semco

    has introduced two-hour lectures on

    everything from business practices to

    astronomy to Spanish history. People then

    drive home once the traffic has cleared,

    with time to think about what theyve just


    The unstoppable rise of the urban bikeAcross the globe major cities and their policy makers are embracing the

    bicycle. At the last count, bike-sharing schemes existed in 712 cities

    globally, with some 800,000 bikes available from more than 37,000


    In London, more than 10 million

    journeys were made in 2014 using a

    bicycle hire scheme that has 10,000

    bikes and more than 700 docking

    stations, and plans are now underway

    for east-west and north-south bike

    super-highways. The Paris Vlib

    remains the worlds largest scheme outside China. With 173 million

    journeys made in 2013, there is now one Vlib bike for every 97 Parisians.

    In New York the privately owned Citi Bike scheme has nearly 100,000

    annual subscribers, who on average make some 35,000 trips rides a day.

    The scheme will soon be expanding into upper Manhattan, Brooklyn and




    e P








    L 18


    712 cities 800,000 bikes 37,000 stations

  • Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E 55

    How big data is making a big differenceAll around us, Analytics (the smart use of Big Data) is revolutionising how companies do things.

    It might not sound sexy, but the improvements will create time and space in all our lives. Take a

    simple supply chain. Analytics software can optimise vehicle loading so that 5-10% fewer truck

    and delivery van trips are needed to supply our shops and supermarkets. Real-time fleet routing

    then reduces the miles those trucks have to cover by another 10%, cutting costs and helping the

    environment. Suppliers can also better predict when theyll deliver your purchase, so you dont

    have to take a day off work next time you buy a washing machine.

    And when youre out shopping, your favourite store can send your phone a message with

    directions to a nearby branch and a special offer for a product that an algorithm has worked out

    will fit your taste and budget perfectly. Some see it as big brother, others as a

    big help. Either way, the experts agree: this is only the start of the

    analytics revolution. And no one exactly knows whats coming


    The modern way to hail a cabWith unofficial cab services like Uber

    subject to controversy and legal wrangles,

    its good to know that traditional taxi

    services are also moving with the times.

    Hailo, for example, is an app available in

    cities such as Barcelona, London and

    Tokyo. No longer do you have to stand on

    the kerbside in wind and rain, waving your

    arm in vain as passing cars splash puddles over your best suit. Hailo lets you call a cab

    to where youre waiting by hooking into the

    official local cab scheme, so theres no

    chance of hailing a dodgy driver. You can

    pay by card or cash and it emails you a

    receipt for your expenses. Simple but



    lo B






    & T


    O 12


  • 56 Ford Vignale M A G A Z I N E

    Thinking outside the metal boxFord is also doing its bit. For some time now, the

    smarter car manufacturer has realised that when people have fast-paced, complex modern

    lives, they increasingly need mobility solutions

    that can meet their many varied needs. With this

    in mind, Ford earlier this year launched Ford

    Smart Mobility, a series of experiments (initially

    25) designed to anticipate what customers will

    want and need in tomorrows transportation


    Experiments now running in cities across five

    continents include:

    Prototype ebikes that have a nine-amp-hour battery and can go up to 15mph. The bikes draw on Ford automotive-inspired

    technology, such as a rear-facing ultrasonic

    sensor to warn of approaching traffic, and fold

    easily into Ford vehicles. Its the ideal way as

    a commuter to keep yourself moving through

    even the worst rush-hour gridlocks.

    On-demand car sharing, a service initially in London where you can, for

    example, hire cars on a pay-per-minute basis

    and make one-way trips across the city. By using a fleet of Ford Focus Electric vehicles

    and Ford Fiestas with EcoBoost powertrains,

    the scheme helps reduce congestion and pollution even further.

    Parking spotter, which is being tested in Atlanta, USA and puts driver-assist sensors

    that most Ford vehicles already have to work

    for everyone. As you look for a parking spot

    around the city, the sensors search for open

    parking spaces and share that information

    via a cloud database that other drivers can

    access. Once youve located an open space,

    you can reserve it and navigate to it. Simple

    and social.

    Getting aboutProbably the handiest outdoor apps remain

    the ones that help get you from A to B in the minimum time with the least stress and the most reliability. Public demand means those apps are

    getting better and better. Take New York Citys

    Exit Strategy. This little commuter wonder incorporates various earlier smart concepts such as Citymapper, which helps you use different transport modes to get to your

    destination most efficiently; Londons First off

    the Tube, which tells you which station entrance to use, carriage to get on and exit to

    take; and traditional smartphone street

    navigation apps like Google maps and iPhone maps to get you from A to B quicker than ever. It has interactive subway and bus maps,

    a street map with addresses overlaid, and

    optimum subway entrances, platform position

    and exit. It all works underground, signal or no






    RK 18











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  • 2153,5 107,5

    M A G A Z I N E




    Cra smanship is a key facet of Ford Vignale cars. From the special paintwork to the elegantly styled seats and meticulously selected leather.

    See from page 30.

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