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1. WHATS BUSINESS HEALTH CHECK? A Business Health Check is a measurable assessment tool which accurately identifies areas of improvement whilst at the same time providing suggestions of possible improvement in those areas. 2. NEED OF THE DAY This tool is not just aimed at struggling businesses, but for all businesses wishing to stay current and improve its operations and ultimately, its bottom line. 3. The process used by IKON is based on a set of predetermine d questions. The results obtained will indicate specific outcomes. 4. The process in itself is fairly simple. Utilizing this tried and tested tool with its range of carefully designed questions allows you to benchmark your business against market leaders in your industry. From here, the IKON will investigate specific areas of improvement within the business using the resources best suited to the unique area identified. 5. Internal Service Quality External Service Quality Financial Performance 6. Try our Business Diagnostic Tool to evaluate Health Check of your business 7. These three sections are intrinsically linked for any business as the following model shows us: Internal Service Quality External Service Quality Financial Performance 8. Internal service is everything that the employee sees. In order to have well developed external service quality, a business must usually have well developed internal service quality. External service is everything that the customer sees. it must have well developed external service quality. in order for a business to deliver a consistently healthy financial performance This model demonstrates that: 9. Essentially, the internal and external service areas are all inputs or causes of a result. The financial performance is the output or the effect driven by the quality of the inputs. Both external and internal service quality sections include areas such as people suitability, the efficiency and effectiveness of processes & tools, and the quality of direction and the general environment. Your report will give you some directional guidance as to how healthy each of these sections is, based on hard data as well as the opinions that you have provided. 10. The report essentially gives you two key pieces of information for all of the above. It will calculate certain key measures based on the numerical information. The report will also provide a relative measure of most parameters so as to be compared or benchmarked against a typical business average 11. Reading that is within the red zone, is highlighting a real or a potential issue that MAY need further investigation and ultimately attention. A reading in the amber zone is indicating that this parameter may just need watching and improving. A reading in the green zone shows a probable sign of good health for that particular parameter or section. The imagery used is a dial icon like this which shows a needle with red, amber & green scale background 12. Once the business health check has been completed it will identify the key areas of improvement needed prioritize these areas into measurable projects with clearly defined and desired outcomes 13. Often it becomes difficult for business owners to realize that they need to adapt their business and accept that the methods they have always used, no longer work. This business health check takes a snapshot of a business and allows the owner to stand back and take a look at the full picture. Businesses and the business environment are constantly changing and your business needs to stay up to date. 14. The business health check is designed to speed up existing processes, but should not be regarded as a quick fix. Instead, it is a strong indicator of the processes that needs to be taken as often as possible. 15. Business owners need to constantly measure and adapt their business processes a detailed health check is the perfect tool to analyze a business