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  • 1. Company Introduction Fabless Semiconductor. Market = LED Lighting Market. Green Tech Focus Product = LED Driver ElectronicsIkon Semiconductor Ltd Confidential

2. The Team Conor McAuliffe - CEO 22 years in Semiconductor industryTechnical Co-founderAdvisoryBoardPaul Grogan - CTO 14 years in Semiconductor industryIkon Semiconductor Ltd Confidential 3. The ProblemMany bulky components. Complex design process. Physically large. Poor reliability. Ikon Semiconductor Ltd Confidential 4. The Product Ikon Semiconductor Ltd Confidential 5. Business Model and Customers Fabless SemiconductorLED Lighting Manufacturers LED Driver Module Manufacturers Ikon Semiconductor Ltd Confidential 6. LED Lighting Market Ikon Semiconductor Ltd Confidential 7. Key Market DriversLegislation and Regulations: Many governments have taken theinitiative to ban incandescent lighting. Beginning in 2010, the EUwill ban filament light bulbs across all 27 member states. Energy Efficiency: Solid-state lighting is extremely efficientcompared with incandescent lamps, and with improved efficienciesof new generations of LEDs, energy efficiency is likely to continueto be a significant driver in the future. Green Consciousness: The effects of global warming are takingpriority in policymaking circles. The world has accepted that thecarbon footprint of the economic activity has to be reduced. Price of Electricity: Lighting is a major user of electricity, and thecost of electricity can affect purchasing decisions.Ikon Semiconductor Ltd Confidential 8. Death of the Incandescent Legislation DrivenIkon Semiconductor Ltd Confidential 9. LED Replacement/RetrofitIkon Semiconductor Ltd Confidential 10. LED Replacement/RetrofitIkon Semiconductor Ltd Confidential 11. Market Opportunity2010 ~ 30 Million units2013 ~ 430 Million units Source: Strategies Unlimited LED Bulb Replacements (Millions of Units) 500 450 429 400 350 300 250 220 200 150 1008150 29 02010 201120122013Ikon Semi 1st product available hereIkon Semiconductor Ltd Confidential 12. Competition Ikon Semiconductor Ltd Confidential 13. SummaryGreen-Tech fabless semiconductor company. Silicon for LED low-energy lighting market. Large global market. Proprietary protectable technology. Experienced team.Ikon Semiconductor Ltd Confidential