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  • 1. Process Quality Management

2. How do you assess, manage and maintain your policies and procedures efficiently in terms of cost, effort and time? 3. IKON PQM - Customizable process and quality management platform for monitoring performance, managing compliance and mitigating organizational and operational risk.n FeaturesCustomized policy creation and infiltrationCustomized weighting matrix during upload of enterprisepoliciesCentralized and controllable updatesenterprise wide monitoring of staff activities related tostandards and operating proceduresComprehensive easy-to-read Keross Dashboarding andreporting, tailored to individual roles and functionsCollaborative task managementAlerts and notificationsPublish policies in multiple languagesaccess to globally accepted standards, regulations and policiesprovided by content partner truth to Power LLCn BeneFitssave money by reducing annual audit and consulting feesanticipate operational and technical risksave time and reduce demand on staff resources duringannual audit preparationempower managerial insight and response with real-timedashboards and reportsensure policy and procedure accuracysupport proactive quality assurancesimple enterprise wide process-improvement initiativesCost-effective service subscription modelsimple implementation 4. 1) Customizable online audit template with workflows 2) Post audit report view 3) Post action and workflow tracking 4) Dynamic easy-to-read Keross dashboarding and reporting 5. IKON PQM Bespoke enterprise intelligenceiKon PQm is a portal for conducting online audit activities as well as managing and maintaining enterprise progress in terms of regulations, policies and procedures. iKon PQm enables audit activities to be conducted more efficiently and accurately with centralized availability of major, internationally recognized regulations and policies. Progress and performance can be measured against industry indices and benchmarking, supporting long-term risk mitigation. iKon PQm empowers managers with appropriate assessment of next steps required for effective riskRobert Trusty management processes; namely, risk quantification in terms of current and future exposure, as well Director of as selection of relevant and effective risk management products, methodologies and services. InformationTechnology,CustomizaBLe n The National automatically upload your organizations customized standards and operational procedure manuals Constantly view and manage your progress, in real-time, and ensure full visibility ofInvestor staff activities in terms of adherence to and application of your internal policies and procedures internationally recognized policies and procedures, provided by truth to Power LLC, can be uploaded into your service view and customized to suit your unique business requirements enhance utilization of available procedures by applying the iKon PQm customized weighting iKon PQm is an extremely matrix as per your enterprise requirements. versatile solution that ensures our employees are versed inFunCtionaLity n Define, store, track, and monitor the progress, documentation, scheduling, and workflows how we do business and how that support your companys performance and quality management online repository whereand why our business units critical performance and compliance documents can be uploaded and retrieved, letting youoperate in the way we do. the track and control document versioning and revision a feature-rich search criterion supports your ability to monitor, identify and understand organizational and individual actions that impact service ensures we have the business performance and quality Compare and track changes to policies and procedures latest process and compliance Define, distribute, and track workflows related to performance activities and audit findings by updates and that we always assigning tasks to groups or operational users Support workflows with automated status and task notifications Build customized reports and dashboards to monitor real-time progress comply with our regulatory Control access to all resources with active provisioning by individual roles and responsibilities and certification requirements. as software, the system isContent Partner - trutH to PoWer LLC nresponsive to our needs Founded on core values of knowledge, utility, credibility, and community, truth to Power LLC (t2P) is an open research community dedicated to improving information governance by humans and seemingly harnesses and technology systems. t2P initiatives aggressively pursue: 1) the development of useful,the functionality for unbiased knowledge resources that help companies reduce operational costs and expose capital all eventualities. opportunities; 2) alignment of business disciplines, frameworks, and practices; and 3) Candid knowledge exchange for common professional benefit. T2P research deliverables are grounded in more than a decade of technology, compliance, and audit research by its founders, backed by the collective insight and experience of thousands of practicing community professionals. 6. our ComPany niKon Business inteLLigenCen Robust online reporting and predictive analytics empowers projections of future businesssynchronicity, at Keross, meansperformance. Continually anticipate, quantify and respond to emerging opportunity and risk success found through business remote business performance management Collaborative decision making tools for resourceand technical harmony, which is whyand project management Proactive monitoring via easy-to-read Keross Dashboard technologywe have architected our enterprisesolutions with the power, utility, iKon manageD serviCesnand flexibility of our proprietary Complete infrastructure management through the Keross network operations Centre provides complete infrastructure visibility as well as the ability to operate any part of your infrastructuresoftware as a service (saas) offering. from network to os to application autonomously. network operations CentreThe IKON service platform fulfillsthe mission of Keross to provide iKon manageD seCurityncustomers with products and advice Complete threat and vulnerability management offering you functionality to run security scansthat result in increased security, across your entire infrastructure as well as to obtain clear, well-defined roadmaps to manage all threats and vulnerabilities associated with your configuration.improved productivity and enhancedvisibility irrespective of your sector oriKon manageD voiCengeographical location. Rationalizing your communications infrastructure can help your business achieve significant cost savings, ensure your business has access to the latest voice technologies and ensure you remain focused on your core business. iKon will keep track of all aspects of your voice services, be it PABX or fully fledged call centre activity. IKON provides flexible Managed Voice Services offering dedicated full voice and device management through our noC, which is available 24/7.netWorK oPerations Centre (noC)n our noC is at your disposal 24/7 for assistance in troubleshooting or developing customized services ticketing. Our engineers are certified experts in the fields of network & telecommunications, system administration for Windows, Linux or uniX, Databases for sQL, oracle, saP as well as messaging.seCurity oPerations Centre (soC)n your entire infrastructure can be monitored and thus protected by our soC 24 hours a day, 7 days a week utilizing security specialists who are Ethical Hacking Certified. Keross Dashboard technology provides visuals on the details of your network security at a glance. 7. Paris inDiaDuBaisan FranCisCo Keross France sarLKssKeross LLC Keross north america 3 rue troyon, 75017 Da 10, sector 1Dubai international2638 Hyde street Paris salt Lake, Kolkata Financial Centre san Francisco, Ca 94 France700064 Po Box 506563 Dubai94109 t +33 9 51 38 12 96 indiaunited arab emirates usa F +33 1 77 75 92 84t +971 4 332 7573t +1 415 341 2566F +971 8 448 2537F +1 415 520 5531 Process Quality Management ContaCt +971 50 6508582us toDay+971 50 6150116 info@keross.com 8. WWW.KEROSS.COM