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Build and develop an authentic personal brand using this PDF copy of our graphic workbook - it's a graphic novel, a business book and a course all in one!

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  • 2. | +44 207 557 4375 | BRAND U: building a personal brand A graphic workbook Words and story by Jonny and Simon Arrowsmith Pictures by Luke Orrin Based on the Grow the People workshop Brand U!
  • 3. | +44 207 557 4375 | Published by Grow the People Press Tel: 0207 557 4375 Copyright 2014 Grow the People Ltd All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other non-commercial uses permitted by copyright law. For permission requests, write to the publisher, addressed Attention: Permissions Coordinator at the address below: Grow the People Ltd 2nd Floor 6 Flitcroft Street St Giles in the Fields London WC2H 8DJ Grow the People Press is a trading name of Grow the People Ltd. Ordering Information: Quantity sales. Special discounts are available on quantity purchases by corporations, associations, and others. For details, contact the publisher at the address above. Printed in the United Kingdom by Comic Printing UK First Printing, 2014 ISBN 978-0-9928666-0-0
  • 4. | +44 207 557 4375 | Whats this all about then? Welcome to our graphic workbook Brand U! This book is something a little different; part graphic novel, part business book, part workbook. Its something that we hope is unique, interesting, and fires the imagination. Personally, its something were passionate about, something true to who we are at Grow the People. Lets start by telling you what were not going to do. We wont give you interview tips, tell you how to dress for success, or show you how to use body language effectively. There are plenty of great resources available that can give you that kind of information. Were not going to claim we can make you into something youre not - we cant make you into a celebrity superstar, unless of course its your destiny to become a celebrity superstar. And if you are a celebrity superstar, theres a PR company out there that will want to help you become an even bigger superstar. If you want to be successful in life, the way the world experiences you matters. How you define success, is of course up to you - making it to the top of your chosen career path, living a certain lifestyle, finding your personal happiness (or being a celebrity superstar). Whatever your definition, youre communicating who you are constantly to the world around you. Doesnt it therefore make sense that you should have some influence on the way youre broadcasting those messages? The term personal brand makes some people a bit uncomfortable, they might think its a bit of a gimmick, or that its about projecting an inflated or false image to the world. We hope to show you that when personal branding is done right, its actually about focusing on whats really going on for us as individuals and presenting that to others in a compelling way. Building and maintaining a personal brand is about creating your story with authenticity and living that story with consistency. The aim of this book is to help you extract and build your personal story to find Brand U - the ingredients that will support you to be more successful on your chosen path. This book is made up of three elements. Theres the story of Ian and Barbara, two employees who attend a workshop with a difference. There are sections where we break down their experiences, discussing models and tactics that will help you find your core values, build confidence, and improve your awareness of how you operate in relation to others. And then there are the break out pages, where we invite you to consider your own brand through exercises and questions. We encourage you to join in; make notes, explore the models, mull over the questions we raise, and then review your thoughts and findings. So if youre ready, lets go meet The Prof, our guide to discovering Brand U! 4
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  • 11. | +44 207 557 4375 | From corporate brand to personal brand The worlds best and biggest brands are the ones that tell the most engaging stories. They inspire followers to become advocates: people who become participants in what that brand represents. Think about giants like Apple, Coca-Cola, or Virgin, or smaller, yet just as impactful brands like Innocent, Johnny Cupcakes or Zipcar. Theyre not just selling a product, theyre selling an idea. People are buying into those ideas and sharing the brands story with others, people they feel will make best use of that brands products and services. At the heart of this success is a set of core values that inform how the brand operates, both internally and externally with its customers. A great idea for a product doesnt necessarily mean it will capture the interest of the buying public. However, by setting strong brand values, a coherent mission for what needs to be delivered, and a clear vision of where that business is headed, a brand has a set of guiding principles to support them and their advocates through even the most difficult times. These values have to truly represent how the business operates; they cant be a generic shopping list of values. They have to be backed up with actions if the brand is to thrive. Consider this corporate value: Integrity - we work with customers and prospects openly, honestly and sincerely. When we say we will do something, we will do it; when we say we cannot or will not do something, then we wont do it. This was one of the values articulated by Enron need we say more? (Apologies if we do need to say more, please feel free to Google Enrons story!) In contrast consider one of the brand values from car-share company Zipcar: Obsess about the member experience - build trust and confidence among our member community by delivering leading convenience, dependability and service excellence The Zipcar value is far more likely to tell a prospective customer what they can expect from the brand promise. The value (and in particular the word obsess) also allows a Zipcar employee to fully understand how to behave. There is little room for ambiguity and yet enough space for flexibility of action clear brand parameters. 12
  • 12. | +44 207 557 4375 | It may seem odd to think of ourselves in the same way as these organisations, but the parallels are compelling. If we want to influence the way the world experiences us, we have to tell an engaging story too. And of course, it isnt enough to merely tell it. It has to be a story that has truth at its heart, a story that can grow and adapt with its surroundings. We need to learn how to tell our stories to an audience whose attention-span is shortening and in constant demand from other sources. And we have to be able to live and breathe our stories day-by-day. It is important to acknowledge we cannot control the response to our brand, personal or corporate. How others respond to us is something that they control, and we must accept that not everyone is going to buy into our story. What we can do is create the best opportunity for our brand to be experienced as we would want it to be; for our brand to have the impact that matches our desired intent. The best chance of t