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Transcript of Building A Personal Brand

Building a Personal Brand

Building a Personal Brand Through Social MediaJoshua Tabin, President of Mosaic CFOChief Rainmaker and Shaman of Startup Houston

The old view of my self

Social Media Josh

Social media allows how you represent yourself to blossom and bloom

An roadmap for social mediaFirst, join the following social networks:FacebookLinkedInTwitter

Next, connect the dots among your existing contacts in each network

Finally, start socializing

The social networks worth a damnFacebookPrimarily friends, family and old acquaintances allows your personal interests to come to light

LinkedInA must for professional networking, it is the de-facto site for making professional connections

TwitterBlogging is a full time job so unless you plan on devoting significant time to it, join Twitter and micro-blog instead (limited to 140 characters telling your network, and the whole Twitter-verse, what you are doing)

Connecting the dots & making choicesQuantityQualityPlus: multiple network connections will allow you to reach far and wide to people several degrees away from you

Minus: tenuous relationships do not tend to garner long term brand appeal: acquaintances versus friendsPlus: introductions from close connections are more valuable than cold calls

Minus: your reach will be limited to a few degrees away from close ties

Get out there!Very few profit from collecting connections

You need to turn links into true connections by making an effort to get to know new people

An introvert in social situations will be able to use these tools to make connections with people of similar interests allowing for a more safe social environment

Watch out!Resist the urge to join every network that pops upnot everyone is a first mover or needs to be

Feel okay about declining weak connections that dont seem to make senseyou own your presence in your network

Social media is a tooluse it!Nothing compares to in person contact, so dont expect social media to change that.

What social media provides is a way to better target, solicit and address new market opportunities, personally and professionally.

The world is flatter than everget out and see for yourself.

NOW GO GET SOCIAL!!!Joshua Tabin & &