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Transcript of Ancillary Research

1. My piece of A2 constructed ancillary 1 conforms to the conventions of genre theorists Chandler andNeale. Whilst using theorist Laceys repertoire of elements which can be broken down into 5areas: setting, character, narrative, iconography and style.My work conforms to Chandlers conventions of content through the technical and audio codes andthe design and layout. An example of this is the use of black and white photography which brings outthe complex tones of the image and subject. This is a convention to the genre content because themain focus is not on a character; its more about the eye catching abstract photography. The typeface I used, for both the back and front of the CD digi pack, is also a convention of the genre as itsalternative rock/Indi the typeface is simple, bold and clear. I found in my research that this bold typeface is found more in my genre than typefaces such as:In terms of the mise en scene of the CD, the main focus is on the surreal subject not the location thepicture has been taken, which is unknown. This is a convention of the genre as the quirky subject isthe main focus not a conventional band or artist for genres such as pop.One of Neales theories is about instances of repetition and difference in genre, which I have appliedto ancillary for the CD digi pack. I have done this through the subject of my cover which could beregarded as the character from Laceys theory of repertoire of elements. Similar to other work Iveanalysed there is a connection made between the audience and the artwork on CDs which iscreated mostly by the eye contact of the character in the picture. However in my work I dont have aconventional character therefore the attention of my audience has been captured and drawn in bythe abstract photography which the audience question what they are looking at. Some examples ofhow to draw in the audiences attention:How I have tried to replicate this in my own work: 2. Another example of repetition and difference is that the CD cover, back and CD all collaboratetogether as a whole piece which all CDs do. The layout of the piece is formally balanced butbreaking this convention is the albums title.I have also applied Neales theory of mental machinery to my work as I have recognised what myaudience want and produced my work to fit this predisposed idea thealternative rock/Indi audiencehave. Design conventions include: the bold type face, simple layout and the unconventional surrealimagery, these all are directed at my target audience and would appeal to them. My genre doesnthave a generic character as other genres CDs may have. Therefore my subject on the cover is moreopen to interpretation of what it is and for future posters or adverts they will recognise the imageryjust as people would recognise a band or artist.