7-2: Eukaryotic Cell Structure

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7-2: Eukaryotic Cell Structure

Transcript of 7-2: Eukaryotic Cell Structure

  • 1. Unit 3: BasicCellStructure &FunctionMs. PetrucciBiologyFeatures of the Cell: TheOrganelles

2. Prokaryotic cell parts 3. Eukaryotic Cells: Animal Cell 4. Eukaryotic Cells: Plant Cells 5. Lets pick it apartoneorganelle at a time! 6. WaitWhats an Organelle? You tell me What is an organ? Think back to chapter 1 What is an organelle? specialized structure thatperforms important cellularfunctions within aeukaryotic cell. 7. NucleusContainsnearly all ofthe cellsDNA andwith it thecodedinstructionsfor makingproteinsand otherimportantmolecules 8. The Nuclear EnvelopeThe nuclearenvelope islayer of twomembranesthat surroundsthe nucleus ofa cell 9. The Nuclear PoresThe nuclearpores allowmaterial to moveinto and out ofthe nucleus. 10. ChromatinChromatin is thegranular materialvisible within thenucleus; consists ofDNA tightly coiledaround proteins. 11. ChromosomesChromosomes aredistinct threadlikestructures thatcontain the geneticinformation that ispassed from onegeneration to thenext. 12. Nucleolus 13. Ribosomes Proteins areassembled onribosomes Ribosomes aresmall particlesof RNA andprotein foundthroughout thecytoplasm 14. Endoplasmic ReticulumThe ER is thesite where lipidcomponents ofthe cellmembrane areassembled,along withproteins andother materialsthat areexported fromthe cell. 15. Rough ER1 2Which one isrough? 1 or 2?What makes therough ERrough? 16. Smooth ER1 2Which one issmooth? 1 or2?What makes thesmooth ERsmooth? 17. Golgi ApparatusThe function of the Golgi Apparatusis to modify, sort, and packageproteins and other materials fromthe ER for storage in the cell orsecretion outside the cell. 18. Vesicles 19. Specific Vesicle: Lysosomes &Peroxisomes 20. Central Vocuole Why are theseflowers red? Are their vacuolesin animal cells? 21. Mitochondria 22. Plastids: Chloroplasts 23. Cytoplasm and CytoskeletonFunctions of theCytoplasm The cytoplasm hasseveral importantfunctions, including suspending cellorganelles pushing against theplasma membrane tohelp the cell keep itsshape providing a site for manyof the biochemicalreactions of the cell 24. Centrioles 25. Plasma Membranehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moPJkCbKjBs 26. Cell Wall 27. What do Plant Cells Have thatanimal cells do not??http://www.cellsalive.com/cells/cell_model.htm