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2009 Brochure from leading helmet manufacturer shows full 2009 UK range and accessories.

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  • arai historyThree generations of Arai Passion Back in 1937, a Japanese family founded (and still owns today) a company manufacturing high quality safety helmets.

    Arai Helmets started as a modest, manufacturing business for head-gear by founder Hirotake Arai and has developed into an international operation and a leading company in premium helmets.

    Arai Helmets Europe was founded in 1983 and is now exporting to 45 countries reaching as far as New Zealand, Africa, Turkey and the far borders of the whole of expanding Europe, with new export markets added regularly.

    The driving force behind this remarkable success is the sheer quality of the product itself. In this respect the family standards and virtues are guarded by the current president Michio Arai and his son and successor Akihito Arai.

    Arai will only produce helmets that offer the best obtainable safety and comfort to the wearer; it is as simple as that. Of course, Arai runs a profitable business, but profit will never be the deciding factor in the manufacturing of an Arai helmet.

    Making the best helmet, maintaining the lead in helmet technology and the sheer passion for the product is part of the DNA of Arai and is what makes each and every Arai helmet so special. Carefully and with great craftsmanship each Arai helmet is made by hand. Painstakingly checked over and over again, just to be sure that our customers get the best possible.

    It is this policy that has made Arai not the biggest, but the best known helmet manufacturer worldwide. Known for its sheer quality, its designs and its unsurpassed success in racing. Properties that have made Arai the favourite choice of not only professional racing drivers and Moto GP racers, but especially for every motorcyclist who demands the best when it comes to personal safety and comfort.

    Arai is a passion-driven business. From the specialist in the factory, hand making the base outer shell with great skill, to the trained and certified staff in the shops. Everywhere the Arai spirit and drive is present.

    for more information visit: whyarai.co.uk 03

  • 1our helmetsArais advanced helmet technology

    Arai helmets are different.

    An Arai helmet is not the product of compromise, of a profit point, or a board of directors. An Arai helmet is the product of passion. Over 50 years devoted solely to the art and science of designing and building the best helmets humanly possible. To reach that goal, advanced specialised technology is the key factor.

    Every Arai helmet is virtually 100% handmade in Japan. Each craftsman signs the helmet shell along the way. And every helmet is hand inspected at least three times during construction. Not every hundredth helmet, or every tenth one - every single helmet.

    The outer shell is the backbone of the helmet. Arai shells are made of several types and layers of resins blended together with Super Fibre in different combinations. The latest development is the astoundingly strong PB-SNC shell of the new RX-7 GP.

    The Ultimate Shell

    A peripheral belt (PB) laid on the top of the eye-opening of the structural net composite (SNC) shell increases the rigidity. This belt construction was devised during F-1 helmet development to reinforce the forehead area of the shell. The main material of the outer

    shell is Arais exclusive Super Fibre, now with increased fibre density. It is no less than 35% stronger in both anti-stretch and anti-compression ability compared to standard fibre.

    Special Materials

    An organic material named AR Mat which has a lower specific gravity is used in the shell. It has further been improved for superior bonding with the Super Fibre which helps to increase the shell rigidity even more. The PB SNC shell offers the ultimate combination between strength, lightness and flexibility. The SNC shell incorporates a structural net reinforcing material embedded between Arais exclusive Super Complex Laminate layers.

    The Difference

    Arais approach towards helmet construction is to use an extremely rigid and strong outer shell, with a soft and comfortable inner shell. A cheaper way to produce helmets is the other way round: a soft-thermo-injection plastic outer shell and a hard inner liner. But the rigid and hard Arai outer shell will spread the force of an impact over the total surface of the helmet; while the remaining energy is easily absorbed by the soft inner shell.

    Meeting both ECE and Snell

    No-one can predict the angle, severity, speed or conditions of a crash. Thats why, in our relentless efforts to upgrade and improve the protection of Arai

    helmets to the best of our ability, we build them to our standard, towards the ideal of what could happen instead of simply whats likely to happen. As a result of this effort a typical Arai helmet easily meets or exceeds international approval standards. But Arai is extremely proud that the new RX-7 GP helmet is one of the very first helmets to meet and exceed both the very demanding ECE 22-05 and upcoming Snell M2010 requirements.

    Superior Comfort

    An Arai doesnt feel good for just an hour or two. Its made to feel good all day. You cant always see the reasons why, but theyre there: lower weight from proprietary aerospace fibreglass, superb scratch-resistant visor, lower centre of gravity for better balance and less strain. Softer single-piece, multiple-density liners (whose technology has still not been copied in almost 20 years), ventilation systems that work in the real world, not just in drawings. There are no minor parts of an Arai helmet. Even the parts you will never see are subjected to the same attention, simply because we can see them.

    Simply said, Arais primary goal is not to be the worlds biggest helmet company, but the worlds best.

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  • ARAI




    Helmet knowledge and training base The AIC is a specialised centre.

    This is where not only all approval testing can be duplicated, but also hands-on training is offered for a full and in-depth understanding of the Arai philosophy and passion. Together with the unique collection of hundreds of racers helmets, the AIC facilities give Arai that extra edge in specialised helmet know-how.

    Arai is a firm believer in the concept that total understanding of your own product is the key to long-term success. The AIC is a completely new concept and a first in the helmet industry. Just as Arai was the first back in 1983 to offer the race service, first with the five year guarantee and first with the touring service, Arai is now the first to introduce this new and fresh way to inspire all that are connected with Arai.

    For testing, research and development purposes, all certified testing equipment is present at the AIC so all approval and homologation test procedures, including (ECE, Snell and FIA) may be executed to the

    official regulations and under controlled climatic conditions.

    Within the AIC, the Arai R&D department are also able to create new concepts and react much faster to changes in trends and demands of the market. An important factor is that testing can be done under European circumstances; from the freezing arctic regions through the unlimited speeds on the German Autobahn to the near tropical climate in the south of the continent.

    Another important role of the AIC lies in the training and technical education of Arai dealers. It is now for instance no problem to show how safe an Arai helmet in reality is by testing it to and over the limit. We cannot only compare any helmet with other products, but also reproduce test results from any institute in the world. Literally hundreds of dealers are trained every year in the AIC. After thorough hands-on training, they are certified for advanced service on Arai helmets.

    arai inspiration centre

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    Arai no. 1 in J.D. Power Survey for 10th consecutive year

    for more information visit: whyarai.co.uk 05

  • arai 200906

    A premium product with a premium serviceBacking up Arai in the UK is Phoenix Distribution, based in the West Midlands. Phoenix has imported Arai into the UK for the last 25 years and, in that time, has built up a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise with the brand.

    Phoenix operates the UK Arai Race Service, which can be found at all British Superbike rounds, TT, Northwest, Thundersprint, BMF Rally and at various dealer events throughout the country (check out www.whyarai.co.uk for full events list). Factory-trained technicians are always on hand to offer advice on helmet fitment, care and maintenance as well as offering the same Arai helmet service and care to your Arai that the racers receive.

    Arai Five Star Owning an Arai represents a major investment, and to ensure that every Arai customer gets the service and attention they deserve the Arai Five Star dealer network has been set up in the UK. Consisting of 75 shops nationwide, each carries the full range of Arai helmets as well as factory-trained professional staff who can offer advice on which Arai is best for the i